Chapter 9

Harry sighed as he looked at the figure next to him. It had been a year since he had agreed to be Draco's mate. They had both managed to graduate Hogwarts without anymore incidents. Harry spent every free moment with his Ceraberus and while his old friends try to make amends with him, he had stayed away from them. He knew he was being petty but for him they had used him, and he would never forgive them for that. He was also pretty sure that one of them was the reason for putting Draco in the Hospital Wing.

"Don't think too much Harry." Draco muttered as he turned to snuggle even closer to Harry's body.

"Morning to you too Kitten." Harry smiled, he had never been happier then having Draco by his side. "And how is our little kitten? Is he up and moving this morning?"

"She is doing well, decided to let me sleep in this morning." Draco stated with a smile. "It's a she." Draco smiled.

"We have to get up, remember Pansy wanted us to meet her for lunch, she's been pouting about how when the little kitten is born we won't be able to hang out with her."

"Sis will be fine after her daughter is born. She's due in four months." Draco muttered as he slowly pulled himself up. "She is just feeling a little abandoned because

I'm having my daughter before her, and brother is busy setting up their new 'secret' home in France or somewhere. She thinks he is having an affair."

"Really? Is he having that much trouble leaving the country?" Harry asked as he stood. "Perhaps I should lend him a hand."

"That would be good. But we have to get ready otherwise we'll be la…" Draco paused as he placed a hand on his swollen stomach. "Looks like someone don't like it when we talk about someone other then her," Draco smiled.

"He just loves the attention." Harry added with a smirk. Ever since they found out Draco was pregnant they had been arguing over the sex. They had already decided on the names of their little kitten, which ever sex it turned out to be.

"Let's get ready Kitten." Harry said as he leaned over and kissed his mate.

"Draco, love, it's been so long." Pansy squealed as she hugged him.

"Pansy it's only been two days" Harry stated; he received a heated glare from the girl.

"Sis…how are you? And Brother? How is he?" Draco questioned.

"He is fine…though I wish he would spend more time around the house. He knows that I don't like being by myself." Pansy pouted. "But me and the little one is just fine. Have you heard from Sev lately? Last I heard from him was when he mated with Professor Lupin."

"Yes, they are both doing fine. Uncle thinks he found a way to stop Remus' transformation during the Full moon." Draco smiled then winced.

"Draco are you alright?" Pansy asked.

"I'm fine. She just wants some more attention, that's all." Draco replied. "Harry…didn't you want to meet Blaise today?" Draco questioned.

"Yeah…but…" Harry looked at Draco. He was getting concern about the pains Draco had been feeling all day, for some reason he didn't think it was their child calling for attention.

"I'll take care of him. Don't worry yourself hun." Pansy smiled. "We are going to be fine here. All we are going to do is have lunch and talk."

"Alright." Harry agreed reluctantly as he turned towards Draco and gave him a peck on the cheek. "Love you kitten. Take care."

"Love you too Harry." Draco smiled as his ears twitched, and with that Harry apparitated away.

"So tell me Draco…how does Harry treat you?" Pansy asked. Draco sighed; she asked him this every time they met, with Harry gone.

"He treats me like a King." Draco replied. "I couldn't have asked for a better mate."

"That's good…so how do you like the pregnant life?" Pansy asked. "For me, my kid won't let me sleep in past six without wanting me to throw up my dinner."

"She has been fine. My kitten was like that towards the beginning but not anymore." Draco said as he winced. "Although she has been very active to…" Draco started before clutching his stomach.

"DRACO!" Pansy screamed. "What's wrong love…"

"I…I think it's time…contact…Harry and Madame Pomfrey." Draco said, tears forming in his eyes.

"Alright." Pansy said as she noticed the tears. "I need you to calm down. It won't do either of us any good if we both start to panic. I can barely deal with myself."

"But…But she is two months early." Draco replied.

"Just calm down, I'll be back in a minute." With that Pansy stood up and ran to the fire place. When she returned Madame Pomfrey was with her.

"Where's Harry?" Draco asked frightened.

"I left a message with Blaise's Secretary. I think the two of them are out for lunch." Pansy replied. "But let's get you onto a bed. We can't have my little niece delivered on the ground." She joked, all she got was a small smiled from Draco.

"Austria?" Harry asked as he looked over at Blaise.

"Yes. It will be perfect. Neither Pansy or I feel comfortable in England anymore." Blaise sighed. "I already have a home there. I inherited one from my mother's family. Although most of them reside in Italy, they gave me all the resistance outside of Italy. I have had the House elves there clean it up. The problem I've been having is transferring all of our accounts to the Austrian branch of Gringotts."

"I could help. My name still has some sway with the people here. Although I can't promise you much; after they discovered I was to mate with Draco, most of them put me on their hit list. You would think killing Voldemort would have given me a free pass." Harry chuckled. "Maybe we should move as well. I believe the Malfoy have a home in France."

"They do." Blaise said. "When Draco was younger the three of us spent a summer there. Draco told me if he had to live anywhere it would be there. It would be a nice surprise for him."

"Maybe. But I don't want to stress him; after all he is going to have our son soon." Harry smiled as he thought of his Ceraberus. He had tried to ignore it, but there was a pull in his heart that he hadn't felt in a long time.

"Hey! Earth to Harry. I got to get back to the office. You can floo back to our house there." Blaise smiled.

"Why do you work Blaise?" Harry asked as he paid the check. "I mean you and Pansy must have inherited a lot of money from your families."

"We did, but it gives me something to do. I also do it get out of the house when Pansy's mood swings are at the worst. Plus most of our money comes, believe it or not, from Muggle companies." Blaise answered.

"I see." Harry replied. "So it doesn't really matter where you have your home then."

"No not really." Blaise smiled.

"Mr. Zabini."

"Yes Sarah?" Blaise asked as he looked at his secretary.

"Your wife called about half an hour ago. It seems as if Mr. Malfoy-Potter has just gone into labor."

"Oh that's nic…WHAT!" Blaise exclaimed. "Harry we can…" he turned to see Harry already gone. "Sarah cancel all my appointments for today and tomorrow; family emergency." With that he too disappeared.

Harry rushed into the room. "Draco!" HE exclaimed.

"Harry…I'm sorry…she's two months early…I don't know why." Draco said as tears fell from his eyes. Pansy was by his side trying to calm him down.

"Draco…Kitten…it isn't your fault…I need you to calm down." Harry said as he leaned over and kissed Draco on the forehead. "Pansy I can take it from here." Harry said. "Thank you for being with him."

"It was my pleasure Harry." Pansy smiled.

When Pansy left the room, she wasn't all that surprised to see Severus, Remus and Blaise there. After all they were a family, one slightly unconventional one, but a family none the less.

"He is doing fine…" She was interrupted by a scream from the other room, everyone shot her a look. "If you were giving birth, I hardly doubt that any of you would be quiet about it."

"So what happened Pansy?" Severus asked.

"We were having lunch when he suddenly got a sharp pain. He told me to contact Madame Pomfrey and Harry. I did, and then you all came." Pansies explained as she sat down on Blaise's lap and rest her head on his shoulder. "I really hope he has a girl." She muttered.

"I guess this would be a bad time to mention that we are moving huh?" Blaise asked as he looked down at his wife.

"Where to?" Pansy asked as she looked up.

"Austria. I have a house there that I inherited from my mother's family. I know how much you hate England so I thought…" Blaise started.

"I love you." Pansy smiled.

"Love you too Pansy." Blaise replied.

"Aw. Young love" Remus smiled looking at Severus. Severus just rolled his eyes as he sat down, worry drawn on his face for his godson.

Three hours later Harry came out of the room, a huge smile on his face as he carried two bundles.

"Everyone I want you to meet little Narcissa Lillian Potter and her older brother Sirius James Potter. Kids, I want you to meet your family. They are a bit unorthodox, but they will love ya." Harry introduced. Pansy was the first to come up to the kids.

"She looks just like Draco." She gushed. "And he looks just like you."

"Yea, but she has my eyes, and Sirius has Draco's." Harry smiled. "But I should be getting them back to Draco. He'd have a fit if he knew I took them out of the room while he was sleeping." With that he took the two kids with him and brought them to his mate.

"Wait Potter." Severus called.

"Yes Snape."

"How's Draco doing?"

"He's fine, exhausted but fine. It seems as if Ceraberus only needed to carry their children for five months not the seven which is generally used for wizards." Harry smiled.

"I see."

"Draco…thanks you so much." Harry said as he laid down next to his love, their two children next to them.

"I didn't do anything that you needed to thank me for." Draco replied as he touched his daughter's hair.

"Yes you have Draco." Harry smiled. "You gave me love, when I thought no one loved me. You gave me the one thing I have wished for since I was a child. You gave me a family. You gave me everything I ever wanted and more. I love you so much; that I don't know what I'd do if you left me."

"I love you too Harry. To me, you and our children are my everything. I'd give my life to protect all of you." Draco smiled.

"So tell me Draco. What do you thinking about moving to France? According to Blaise your family has this home there. I was wondering if you wanted to make it our permanent residence."

"Yes." Draco smiled. "I'd like that very much Harry. I'd like that very much."


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