Saix paid no mind to what was going on around him, as far as he was concerned, it had nothing to do with him. Unfortunately, Nobody noticed his inattentiveness and elected to pick on Saix.

"Well, Saix, what do you think of my theory?" Xemnas asked, rapping his fist on the table. Saix looked up at him, his deadpan expression showing no emotion.

"Superior?" Saix responded as the rest of the Organization (only the original 6 members at this time, as well as Saix), turned to watch the confrontation that would obviously occur here... again.

Xemnas was been inexplicably hard on the new member, and while many of the members could understand the lack of trust, most thought that constantly picking at the new one would break him down, or he would run away, and create an Organization of his own.

"How do you expect to understand your non-existance if you don't pay attention, Number VII?" Xemnas asked, mostly out of mimicked annoyance. To be honest, Xemnas admired the Nobody, he admired Saix's ability to show only anger, and the emotions connected to it. Saix was perhaps more steeped in Darkness than any other member.

"There's no need to explain these things to me, I'll learn them on my own time." Saix responded, already getting annoyed with Xemnas' insistance that understanding the being he had become when he left his heart on that battlefield. He did not want to hear that he had no emotions again, he did not want to hear about how to control the Darkness. Saix would rather pose his own questions, for example, If we can manipulate Darkness, why can't we manipulate Light? and, Once our Heartless are destroyed and our Hearts go to Kingdom Hearts, what does the Great Heart do with them?
Saix doubted that Xemnas even knew the answer to those questions.

"Saix," Xemnas sighed, using Number Seven's real name, "Is that really what you would rather?"

"Yes," Saix responded, "and I'd rather our meetings be private, if we argue, at least we won't have our fellow members staring at us." He issued to the rest of the Nobodies present, who instantly all straightened up.

"As you wish." Xemnas responded, "This meeting is adjourned."

Xemnas and Saix left a group of mystified Nobodies in their wake as they went off to go about their own business.

"The Superior has never obeyed anyone before," Xaldin hissed, "Not even when he was Xehanort."

"This might warrant further research..." Vexen muttered, taking out a notepad and pencil, hastily scribbling something down.

"Is everything research with you?" Xigbar asked, throwing his hands in the air, "I mean, sure it's weird and freaky, but that doesn't mean that it needs to be researched." Vexen looked at Xigbar with utmost disgust and walked out, taking his notepad with him.

"It is interesting that the Superior is acting extremely out-of-character around this neophyte... What do you think, Lexaeus?" Zexion asked, turning to the giant of a Nobody next to him.

"Mmm..." Lexaeus grunted and nodded in agreement.

"Maybe he's in love?" Xigbar joked, and instantly every single Nobody in the room (including Vexen, he had come back to get his pencil) looked at Xigbar as if he were crazy. "I was just jokin' aroundBut, I mean, he can't love him, right? No heart, right?"

But what he said stuck with his fellow members for the next few weeks: Could The Superior be in love with this neophyte?