Missing You

"Y'know, it's not healthy to just sit there all day without eating," Xigbar commented, looking the Organization's newest and youngest member, Roxas. Roxas made a noncommital grunt and went back to staring at the portal.

"I hate it when you're all pouty like this, Roxas. I know you're worried about Axel, but he'll fine, you'll see!" Demyx said, leaning against Xigbar. "C'mon, Xaldin's cooking cupcakes, and they smell really good!" Roxas looked up at the two Nobodies, and smiled sadly.

"You two go on ahead, I'll catch up." Demyx looked disappointed, and Roxas realized that if he didn't want IX to cry he was going to have to think of a good excuse. "Umm..."

"C'mon, Dem, if the kid doesn't wanna come eat cupcakes, he doesn't hafta', all the more for us anyways." Xigbar grinned, clapping his hand on Demyx's shoulder. Demyx brightened up immeadiatly.

"We'd better hurry, if we want them to be fresh!" Demyx tugged eagerly at Xigbar's sleeve, and Xigbar nodded and flashed his trademark smile.

"Later, little dude!" Xigbar waved as Demyx dragged him away. Roxas waved half-heartedly back.

Ever since Vexen's portal went out, followed shortly by Larxene's, Roxas hadn't left his spot in Proof of Existance. And he had watched as Lexaeus' portal went out too. Half of the members sent to Castle Oblivion were never coming back... And Roxas was worried that by the end of it all... Not a single member was going to return. Including Axel.

And even as he thought and worried, Marluxia's portal went out. The Lord of Castle Oblivion had fallen, and now his subordinates were doomed to follow.

Several members had flitted in and out throughout the course of of the day, some paying respects, some just checking up on the situation. Xaldin had come up earlier with lunch for Roxas, well aware that the boy wouldn't leave his post until Axel returned or was declared M.I.A.

And there goes Zexion... Even the smartest one was gone. Axle wasn't as smart as Zexion or as strong as Lexaeus or as fast as Larxene... What hope did he have?

"Axel, don't be brave... Just come home."

"Zexion, Bamunu Sukusi, Ad Dokuroko Makisu. Tosure ni supi." A voice had whispered behind Roxas, and Roxas wasn't at all taken by surprise. Saix always showed up minutes after the death of a member, and he always muttered something like that and then he'd leave. And Saix did leave, but not before whispering something else, "Axel, tondo ib bulebu... Nlu eua."

And Roxas was alone with his thoughts once more. He shut his eyes and drew his knees up in front of him. He didn't cry, though, because he couldn't.

"Chin up, Roxas, everything's alright." That familiar voice called, and Roxas could already see the smile on HIS face. Roxas looked up and saw that familiar grin, and the bright red hair. "Didja' miss me?" Roxas sprang to his feet and embraced the taller Nobody, and they shared a passionate kiss.

"Yeah, I missed you a lot."