Double Solitaire

"Join me in a game?" The blond-haired Nobody asked, his British acent audible, making him sound almost elegant.

" No. You cheat," the pink-haired Nobody answered, brushing a stray piece of hair behind his ear. The blond-haired Nobody frowned in disappointment, but the his face lit up with sudden inspiration,

"Come along, Marluxia, no stakes, I promise." The blond-haired Nobody grinned, shuffling th deck of cards that had materialized in his hands, causing the candles on the marble counter top to flicker.

"Luxord, I told you, I'm not interested." Marluxia answered with a tone of finality. Luxord said nothing, as Marluxia watched the candles flicker as Luxord continued to shuffle his cards, it almost seemed like a nervous habit...

"Marluxia, please join me in a game." Luxord sighs, causing the candles to shudder under the sudden gust, "How about Double Solitaire?" Marluxia looked up at Luxord, his brows furrowed in annoyance.

"Solitaire is meant for those who feel lonely... Double Solitaire is an oxymoron. I'm not playing with you, seeing as I have better things to do... Don't you?" Marluxia snorted, getting up and walking out, leaving Luxord standing there, still shuffling his cards. Luxord sighed as he sat down and set up for a game of Solitaire,

"No... I don't."