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-----Immidiatly after 'Judas on a Pole'------

Brennen looked around at her team, her family, and smiled as Hodgins gave Zack another good-natured punch in the arm. They were all crammed into a small booth at the diner, Hodgins and Angela closest to the window across from each other, Cam and Zack next to them and Booth and Brennen on the end, both practically falling out.

Angela raised her beer in the air and the rest of the team followed her lead.

"I propose a toast. To Dr. Zackery Addy, our favorite quirky, brilliant, slightly socially awkward but very professional, scientist. Zack, I knew you could do it." She leaned over and gave him another kiss on the cheek as the team clinked their bottles.

Booth looked over and saw Brennen smiling easily. He was glad for the happiness in her eyes, the sadness that that had possessed them a few seconds ago outside was gone without a trace.

Brennen looked at Booth again from across the table and caught his stare. She mouthed 'what' to him and he raised his eyebrows. 'Nothing', Booth mouthed back. She glared playfully at him and he gave her a small charm smile.

Angela, who'd seen the entire exchange, kicked Hodgins under the table.

"Ow." He looked at her and she gestured toward Booth and Brennen at the end of the table. But by the time he looked Booth and Brennen had slipped back into their cool 'were just partners' exterior.

"Well thanks you guys." Zack's grin had yet to diminish even slightly, "I hate to go, but I have to go clean up my house."

"Why?" Hodgins reached for another fry from the plate they all were sharing.

"My family decided they wanted to come celebrate with me this weekend, they'll be here within the hour." Zack glanced sideways at Hodgins, whose fry had stopped halfway to his mouth.

"They what?" Hodgins almost screamed. Zack scrambled to get past Dr. Brennen who barely managed to get out of the way as both he and Hodgins ran out of the booth, Hodgins chased Zack outside while screaming something about, "Forty people? Are you nuts?"

"You know what? Cam, Booth, could I get out? I may have a solution to this." Angela grabbed her purse.

Brennen raised her eyebrows as Angela scooted out of the booth. "What? His stuffs at my house anyway." She grinned and practically skipped out the door.

Booth and Cam settled back into their seats, smiling.

"I've got a good feeling about those two." Cam sipped her coke.

"Really? Hodgins and Angela? Why didn't I know about this?" Booth furrowed his brows at Brennen and then at Cam.

"I guess you're not as observant as you think Booth." Brennen smiled and Booth shook his head.

"Yea right Bones." He raised his eyebrows. "I'm observant enough to know that you should go home and get some rest. You need a ride?" His searched her face. He knew the happiness in her now was genuine, but he also knew it wouldn't last.

She was still reeling from having to watch her family drive away, again. He wanted her to go home and get some sleep.

Cam watched Booth's face and could've slapped him for the tenderness she saw in it as he gazed at Brennen.

Instead, she reached over and placed her hand on his inner thigh.

"Seeley I…"

Booth jumped up from the booth in reaction to Cam's touch, and then glanced at her apologetically.

Brennen shut her mouth, as she was about to protest getting a ride home, and stared up at him in confusion.

"Uh, sorry Bones. I just remembered that I have Parker this weekend so...I have to go." He turned to Cam, then to Brennen, fidgeting slightly as if trying to make a decision. "Yea. I have to go."

He turned and left quickly, leaving the two women staring at each other.

"What was that all about?" Brennen seemed slightly amused as she reached for another fry. "He acted like he was running from us."

Cam sighed. And looked at Brennen. She really was as oblivious as she seemed. Cam wished she could be like that.


Booth pulled up in front of Rebecca's house and hopped out as the little boy rushed him.

"Hi daddy!" He hugged his father's legs and Booth lifted him into a hug.

"Hey buddy."

Rebecca walked down the sidewalk toward them and held out Parker's bag. "All his stuff is in there."

Booth put Parker down and took it. "Thanks."

"And, Drew and I are going out of town for the weekend, so I won't be around. Here's the number of our hotel." She handed Booth a piece of paper.

"C'mon Daddy!" Parker started toward the car.

"Parker. Come back and say 'goodbye' to your mother." Booth called after his son, who turned on his heel and rushed back at his mom.

"Bye Parker." She knelt down, kissed him on the forehead, and then rubbed the lipstick off his face. "I'll tell Drew you said goodbye, okay?"

Parker nodded and took his father's hand. "Are you gonna get me pie? I like pie. And ice-cream too."

"I don't know buddy. We'll see." Booth lifted Parker into his SUV and strapped him in.

"Don't spoil you're dinner!" Rebecca called out as Booth's door slammed shut. Parker just grinned and waved.

Rebecca watched them drive off.

It was one of those days. One of the days when she wondered if they all wouldn't have been better off is she'd said 'yes'.


Booth laid Parker on his bed.

"Mommy makes me take a bath before bed." Parker said groggily as Booth pulled his clothes off and changed him into pajamas.

"Well what mommy doesn't know won't hurt her okay?"

Parker sort of nodded as his head fell on the pillow, asleep before it even touched the fabric.

Booth smiled, turned out the light and stood in the doorway, watching his son breathe.

"Love you Parker." He moved to shut the door when he heard Parker whisper.

"Love you more Daddy."

Booth just shook his head, and wandered back out into the living room smiling. He didn't mind having to clean up the remains of their chicken dinner or putting away the playstation console or attempting to find the missing Shoots'n'Ladders game pieces.

After all, his son loved him.

As he began to pick up the rooms, his thoughts kept wandering back to Bones and their conversation outside the diner. Had he really been ready to kiss her if Zach hadn't tapped the window? Probably not.

Definitely not. He shook his head to himself.

What then?

She'd just seemed so innocent and heartbroken. Her eyes that deep shade of blue-gray and when he lifted her chin to look at him. He just wanted to do anything that would make her feel better.

Would kissing her really have made her feel better? Would it have made me feel better?

Booth was almost done with the dishes when his cell phone rang loudly in his coat. He ran over to the couch to get it before Parker woke up.


"Major Seeley Patrick Booth of the United States Army Rangers?"

Booth stiffened. "Yes."

"Do not attempt to trace this call. Report to 3453 West Heere St. at 0500 hours tomorrow." Then dial tone.

Booth carefully closed his phone and sat on the edge of the couch. That was a summons if he'd ever heard one.

He ran a hand through his hair and looked down at his phone.

They said when he retired from the Army that his skills as a Sharpshooter might be called upon again one day.

He'd always hoped they wouldn't be, he didn't want to be responsible for taking lives on that level again. But now it seemed those words were about to come back and haunt him.

What was he about to be pulled into?

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