Author's notes:

Author's notes:

Lenna: Well, this is our first attempt at an alternate universe fic, so it might be a little… weird…

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Hurt of love, reborn as an Angel


It happened a long time ago, in Tiehlek.

Beautiful country, where happiness and love ruled. A kingdom that grew to be almost legendary for its unending splendor, commanded by the great Queen. Wise and stern, but gentle like a flower – she had always been a wonderful leader. A peerless example of perfection. A warm-hearted person, known for her courage in battle and compassion for anyone, even the humblest girl within her kingdom. With the appearance of a fragile blossom, she had the resolution of a true ruler in her eyes.

Nadeshiko. The mother magician who was able to build an empire from the ashes where men had left women.


Cruel, heartless cold beings, which knew no love, humanity or kindness. Evil creatures who made every female suffer under their impious domination. They left them devastated, without any faint flicker of hope in their dull eyes. Women who gave their lives for the men they loved, women who were killed by the ones they had sworn protect. Women who were fooled by their unending lies.

*¨*Flashback eleven years before*¨*

She stared at her hands. She stared endlessly at her pale, trembling hands. Those hands which already made so many people suffer. So many people die. Die innocently under the childlike stroke of an unavoidable destiny.

The once strong hands were now covered with a red fluid. A thick liquid that stained her clothes and body. It dripped form the tip of her long, graceful fingers. The hands that still had the gentle touch of a woman, and yet were so strong. They weren't fragile anymore. The hands of a warrior. Callused along the years, firm and powerful.

They were now shaking helplessly, as she gazed blankly at them. Her smooth, silky hair covered partially her eyes. Green like the spring, as beautiful as pure emeralds. Glistening with tears, tears that kept flowing down her adorable cheeks. Tears of anger, tears of sorrow, tears of pain. Crystalline drops of water that dripped off her chin and onto her dress, mixing with the red blood.

The pale pink dress that her cousin sewed for her. Ripped, torn, ragged, tattered, dirty. Dirty with blood. Dirty with tears. Tears that still fell, even though she knew not one single male was worth them.

She cried for her family.

She cried for her friends.

She cried for her love.

She cried for herself.

She pitied herself. She was ashamed that she wasn't able to save one of the most important persons in her life. What were all those powers for, if she wasn't able to save the persons she really treasured? Her dear cousin and best friend. Killed mercilessly under men's control. Murdered pitilessly during an unfair battle. During the atrocious war that brought terror to the life of every female in her country.

Finally, it was over. Men had given up, since the country was devastated and destroyed, and couldn't bring fortune anymore. They left for their own homeland without taking any glance back, without caring that they had almost annihilated every single woman.

Five magicians and three fairies. The only survivors, she thought, a frown coming to her face. They would have to go on by themselves, and recreate their demolished motherland.

The previously trembling young woman closed her eyes, determined. At this moment, she made a promise. A promise she swore wouldn't be broken. She promised to herself that she would reconstruct Tiehlek. She would re-erect the place where she was born, and transform it into a country of happiness.

Without men.

Standing up with difficulty, Nadeshiko stumbled to two little girls who laid unconsciously on the ground. They were badly wounded and hurt, blood soaked their ripped clothing. They were still alive, doubtlessly the stupid males believed them to be dead.

One of them had dark black, almost violet hair, flowing smoothly down her back. Only five years old, and already suffered so much… Nadeshiko gently picked the daughter of her cousin up, looking at her face. A painful, heartbreaking expression on her lovely features, as blood stained her forehead and chest.

The other child had short honey-brown hair, with two bangs framing her delicate face. Many of the silky locks were tinted red. Blood red, Nadeshiko thought bitterly. Her own blood, in an attempt to protect her daughter from a magical attack a wizard had called upon to kill her.

Nadeshiko: Together… Together we will rebuild Tiehlek… - Nadeshiko whispered quietly to Sakura, stroking gently the girl's face.

*¨*Flashback end *¨*

And now, eleven years after the sorrowful and almost impossible promise, Nadeshiko could finally smile. She smiled without regret, without any lament. She had fulfilled her dream, and Tiehlek was a powerful and beautiful country. Only one thing worried the great Queen…

Thanks to their magic, the five magicians and three fairies were able to guarantee that only women entered their country. Children were born because of their powers as well, since men weren't allowed to come to Tiehlek. But would her country be able to keep going like this? Only with magic?

Sakura was now sixteen years old. A pretty girl, and yet so lonely. She had never in her life met a male of her species, and for sure wondered how a man would be. However, meeting a boy would be just as dangerous as stepping into a cage filled with venomous snakes. Nadeshiko shook her head, angry.

No, she wouldn't let her daughter fall in the same trap she had fallen herself. When she was sixteen as well, Nadeshiko fell in love with a handsome boy. He said he loved her back – ha, what a lie. He left her when Sakura was four years old, and for what? To join the cruel, heartless men who tried to kill her!

And after all the time that passed, Nadeshiko still couldn't forgive herself for falling in love. She still loved him, even if she didn't want to admit it for herself. She loved the man who tried to kill her, and couldn't do anything about it. Two silent and yet so bitter tears left Nadeshiko's emerald eyes. No, she wouldn't let her daughter suffer what she was forced to experience.

She wouldn't let Sakura fall in love.


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