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Summary: "I'm new to this whole backseat mumbo jumbo." Post Fallen Idols; Nick/Greg


by e-dog

The magazine was snatched from his hands most unforgivingly. Greg was about to gripe at the jerk who interrupted his much needed break, but found himself smiling back at the Texan grinning down at him. Greg waved for his mag and sighed, "Okay, no more girly mags in the breakroom. I get it."

"Still reading these, huh?" Nick frowned, flipping through the pages carelessly.

"I don't do much reading, if you know what I mean," Greg winked, folding his hands rather proudly in front of him.

"Humbug," Nick stated simply, dropping the mag on the table.

As witty as Greg was, this little word had him completely stunned. He glanced up at Nick's retreating form and repeated, "Humbug?"

There was no reply. Nick had already disappeared back into the labs.


Minutes ago, after pulling into the diner parking lot, all Greg had on his mind was steak and eggs.

Now he couldn't get enough of the intoxicant warmth emanating from the body above him. He was back in his younger days, a romp in the backseat of his car. Well, he didn't really do a lot of romping as much as he did groping. This technically wasn't his car either. This was Nick's car. An SUV with a nice, leather interior and just barely enough room for two grown men to fumble and play. Teeth nipped at his neck and he gasped for a bit of air. It was getting really hot in here.

No, seriously. The temperature was through the roof! They should've cracked a window before starting this.

"You okay, man?" Nick whispered against his skin, the words vibrating.

"Fine," Greg grinned. Dark, heady eyes met his and he repeated, "Just fine."

"So," Nick drawled, lazily planting a kiss there. And there. "I'm new to this whole backseat mumbo jumbo."

Greg couldn't keep from gulping. "Yeah?"

"Yeah," Nick confirmed, his voice getting deeper, if that was even possible. "I figured seeing how lucky I was to snag a guy with such experience, you could show me the ropes."

Greg was fairly certain he didn't have to show Nick Stokes anything. Another searing kiss on his lips only further proved that notion. It was time to confess the true nature of his backseat follies. Only, Nick wasn't allowing for much air intake and Greg couldn't seem to get his mind to work in a reasonable fashion. Finally, Nick pulled back and grinned goofily, "Humbug, Greg. A word synonymous for bullshit."

Greg did his best to maintain his image, "I got a lot of play!"

Nick couldn't stop grinning, "Right, which is why you have girlie mags to hide your creeping blush every time I enter a room."

"I don't blush," Greg argued weakly.

"No?" Nick countered, hovering his lips over Greg's mouth. His hands started to roam. "Then what are you doing now?"

Greg chuckled uncomfortably, "You know? This is getting less and less romantic."

Nick laughed lightly at his boyfriend's increasing irritation. It took a great deal to annoy Greg and deep down he secretly loved getting the former lab tech all riled up. Finally, Nick pulled back and gave them both some much needed breathing room, "It's really hot in here. Not sure why I found the backseat of a car so appealing as a teen."

"I know," Greg groaned, sitting up. His lower back was screaming at him, their previous positions not ideal for any kind of make-out session. As Nick fumbled with the door handle, a thought came to Greg and he smiled, "You know, I do know a thing or two about fold down seats."

Nick stopped trying to escape the cramped space and turned his head back around to Greg, a slow smile forming on his lips. Greg drew Nick to him, capturing those lips once again.

Fold down seats. Greg was going to have to thank the guy who invented those.

The End