Ok here to say my Disclaimer today is….. ROBIN!!!!

Me: Hello Robin

Robin: Um… hi.

Me: I have a question to ask you

Robin: Okay

Me: What the hell is wrong with you in my other stories!!!?!!

Robin: Um.. Well.. Um.. I..

Me: No answer huh, just say my Disclaimer and I won't do anything too dramatic.

Robin: Ok, Disclaimer: Ill-Love-You-4ever does not own the Teen Titans, if she did I wouldn't be such an idiot. Hey!!

Me: You'll get over it! Pushes Robin into closet with Red X, Slade, and Dr. Light. We'll miss you Robin!! Hear random sounds in background of Robin getting beat up.

Summary: What happens when you, your crushes, and enemies get locked in your high school with a killer. Well that's what happens to the Titans. Read, review, and all that will get you cake!!


Starfire: Kori Anders

Robin: Richard Grayson

Raven: Rachael Roth

Beast Boy: Garfield Logan

BumbleBee: Karen Beecher

Cyborg: Victor Stone

Kitten: Catherine Montez

Red X: Xavier Red


Kori's POV

I was walking out of the school with my friend Rachael Roth to my car to get my bag. We had dentition because of "Mrs. I'm the slut of the school" A.K.A Catherine Montez. We had been sitting in the back when Catherine yelled we threw a pencil at her. Lucky us, we got a dentition because of that and Catherine got one for sudden out-burst. As long as we go down, she's going down, too. We walked back into the school and entered the dentition room.


Richard's POV

Thanks to Garfield's little practical, me, him, and our other friend Victor have dentition hall. Sometimes I swear Garfield wants us to get dentition. I walked to my locker and grabbed my books. Garfield and Victor came up behind me.

"Dude it was an accident. I didn't mean to get you both in trouble." Garfield said. I glared back at him. Me and Victor hadn't said a thing to him since the "Accident". We walked past him into the dentition room. Garfield running behind us.


Karen's POV

I can't believe I got dentition . Me, get a dentition. I swear I should've punched in Xavier's face when I had the chance. I get caught cause Xavier is passing notes to me. I sighed. As long as he got it with me I was happy and he did get it. I picked up my bag and entered dentition hall.


Dentition Hall

Richard's POV

I came in and saw people I never expected to see in here. Rachael Roth, Karen Beecher, and KORI ANDERS!! Shoot I never thought she would up in here, well I thought I would never end up in here either.

"Mr. Grayson take your seat." I heard my teacher say. I sighed and took the only available seat, which was next to Kori.


Kori's POV

I felt someone sit next to me. I turned to see the one boy that made my heart flutter, Richard Grayson.

"Hi" Richard said to me.

"Um.. Hi." I stuttered. My face went cherry red from embarrassment. He just smiled and laughed. Well I had three more hours in here, maybe I should make the best of it. So for those next three hours I talked to my friends and mostly Richard.


Three Hours Later

Regular POV

"Okay guys, you can leave in five minutes, I'm going on out now." The teacher said and left

"Well I'm leaving now." Catherine said while standing up.

"What, you got an appointment to get face-lifts?" Kori asked looking at her. That comment caused everyone to laugh. Catherine glared and walked out of the room. The rest agreed they would leave to. When they got down to the front door they saw Catherine pulling on the door handle.

"What's wrong?" Xavier asked.

"The door's locked and won't open." Catherine said. Victor came over next to her and made her move. He began to pull on it, but it wouldn't open.

"Man, she's right. It won't open." Victor said. Barfield started running around frantically.

"What will we do? How will we get out? What will we eat?" Garfield yelled. Rachael started getting annoyed and stuck her foot out causing Garfield to fall.

"Okay you two, knock it off! We got to stick together cause One. We're locked in a school and Two. We can't get out." Richard said. They all nodded in agreement.

"So should we split up and find a way out?" Kori asked.

"Yeah I think that would be good. Here's who is in a group. Me and Kori, Rachael and Gar, Victor and Karen, and Xavier and Catherine." Richard said.

"But Richie I want to be with you! "Catherine whined.

"Well you'll get over it." Kori said. Catherine was about to say something, but was cut off by Richard.

"Stop it you two. Let's get started." Richard said. They got into their groups and went off into different directions to find a way out.

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