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Cafeterias. They were the most relaxed place in school. You go and have lunch and talk to your friends. But now, it was a horror to the four teens that were now using it as a hide-a-way. Kory and Karen walked over to a table that was farthest away from the door. It was near the entrance of the kitchen. The boys on the other hand, watched silently out the door, waiting to see if who would pass by. Kory stared out the window that took up most of the cafeteria wall. No sign of light could be seen. Karen was nervously playing with her fingers as she looked everywhere. She was very paranoid by their situation. Then again, who wouldn't be?

"It's creepy in here." Kory mumbled as she stood up from the bench. Richard turned and looked at her. She was right. It was creepy. Normally he loved the cafeteria, but tonight, it seemed to be a door way to hell. Xavier turned and walked toward the kitchen and peaked in. He noticed multiple kitchen utensils, sharp utensils. Xavier shuttered at the thought of being attacked by one of those.

"Not as creepy as those knives in there." Xavier never really had a way with words. Probably why he couldn't keep a girlfriend. He earned glares from the other members of the group.

"Sorry." He mumbled to them. He then noticed the tears on Karen's cheeks.

"What's wrong Karen?" He asked. The other two looked and sure enough, she was crying. Kory threw her arms around the girl's shoulders and hugged her. Kory was good at picking up on people's feelings. She figured Victor was the cause of this. But of course she would have been crying too if Richard would have been the one in Victor's place.

"Oh Karen! It's going to be okay!" Kory said. She was lieing. She didn't know if everything would be okay, she could just hope and try to cheer up Karen. Karen smiled up at Kory.

"Thanks." Karen muttered to the red-head.

"I just wonder where Gar and Rachel are.." Kory said.

With Gar and Rachel

Rachel and Garfield didn't move. Their breathing had stopped. The sound of the footsteps were circling them. They heard a low growl come from behind them. And in the first time for a while, Rachel had tears on her cheeks. Gar's hand had found it's way to her lower-back. He kissed her in the dark. She kissed back too. She was afraid that she would never see him again. She had developed feelings for him over the years, but they hadn't been shown till now. Gar pulled her closer to him and as soon as he did, the lights flickered on reveling three figures and Rachel screamed.

With Kory,Richard,Karen,Xavier

Rachel's scream had reached the cafeteria. Kory gasped.

"Rachel. Gar" Kory said. Her eyes had tears. She ran toward the door. She had to go find them. Richard was quick to grab her.

"Kory! You can't go!" Richard yelled to her. He had to get it through her head. He didn't want her to get killed.

"Those are our friends out there. I"m not about to let them die too!" She screamed. She was crying now. Richard watched those emeralds glitter in the low-lights of the cafeteria. She was beautiful.

"Kory... I know that. I want to help too, but I don't want you to get hurt or killed. I Love You!" He said. She leaned up and kissed him.

"I love you too!" She said to him. The two behind them watched as they smiled. Xavier looked at Karen. He definitely felt left out. But before he could open his mouth, Karen responded.

"Don't think about it."

"Then what are we supposed to do?" Kory questioned to Richard. Before Richard could answer her question, he heard shouting from behind. He found Xavier and Karen were the shouters. But he would shout too if what was in front of them had been in front of him.

With Gar and Rachel

Catherine, Victor, and an unknown man was in front of them. He heard the unknown man snarl. He had been the one that had growled. Rachel and Gar examined the unknown man. He had shaggy brown hair that covered his pitch black eyes. The chilling white skin that he had looked as if he had spray painted it. It send shivers down their spines. He had rows of sharp teeth, each looking like crocodile teeth. His clothing was ripped in various places. In his hand was a machete. Catherine was empty handed and Victor had a butcher knife.

"Gar, I love you." Rachel whispered. This would be the last time they would get to be together. She just knew it.

"I love you too Rachel. But I promise we'll get out of this together." He said back. He pushed Rachel behind him at the trio approached them. Catherine ran quickly at them to try to restrain them, but Gar was quicker. He whisked Rachel by her wrist and pulled her by Catherine who hit a table and toppled over it. Victor was there quickly to recover for Catherine. He had his butcher knife raised in his hand to hit Gar, but Rachel swept her foot around his ankle and he fell. Gar pushed Rachel out the door and ran through it too, but while shutting it. The unknown man grabbed Gar's ankle. Gar screamed out as he hit the floor. Rachel immediately had Gar's hands. Rachel tried to shut the door while holding Gar's hands. Gar's ankle was caught in the door. He was struggling to pull his ankle from between the door and wall. Rachel was pulling as much as she could.

Gar let out a bloody murder scream as a sharp pain went through his ankle. Finally Gar was able to pull his ankle inside the other room. He looked at his ankle. Blood was slowly dripping onto the floor. He touched and flinch. One of the zombie/monsters had hacked at his ankle with one of the objects they had. He could see his bone now. Tears were in his eyes, but he was holding back. He wanted to be strong for Rachel.

"Gar." She cried out. She put her arm under his and pulled him up carefully.

"Come on, we have to fin the others."


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