Author's Note: I joined a group on livejournal: week, there's a new prompt. Incorporating this prompt, you have 100 words to write a drabble. No more, no less (not that I think anyone would come after you if you were a couple words off). You should check it out and maybe post some stuff nudge nudge. As for me, I'm having some serious issues.

Enough with the ads. You can't even escape their evils on the internet anymore...

"Oh were, oh were, has my little dog gone?" Sirius smiled at his play on words. Lame, he knew, but he was in high spirits. Until he found the note, that is.

The note that ended his life.

The note that proved to him that he should have told him sooner.

He found Remus in the bathroom, red covering the tub and still more burning forth in life-wrenching glory. Sirius finally told him what he had meant to tell him that evening. No response. No hope. No purpose.

Sirius straightened. "Oh were, oh were can he be?"

No more smiles.

P.S. I know how to spell "where." Really, I do.