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Summary: AU. My Name is Yuki Saint-Clair, I am the Beauxbatons Triwizard Champion. I am also Harry Potter, the baby who destroyed the Dark Lord 16 years ago. This is the story of the end. Or maybe the beginning? Darkness is coming.

Noir et Blanc

Chapter I: Marked for Greatness

By The Morrigu

It was early morning on All Hallow's Day, when a shriek of surprise echoed throughout the manor of the Saint Clair Family. Madam Blanc, the housekeeper, had just opened the main doors to let some fresh air into the foyer, when she happened upon a strange sight. A baby, with a blanket that looked as though it had seen better days. The woman immediately got her wits about her, and her nurturing instinct instantly kicked in. She bent down and picked the child up, embracing it like a mother would. She went inside, so as to keep the child from the cold before it caught something.

The woman's heels clipped against the floor as the manor came alive around her. Walking throughout the corridors of the manor, servants were making last minute checks of the manor, making sure it presentable to the family. A wonderful aroma was wafting through the hall from the kitchen, where the cooks were creating a welcoming breakfast for the family whom would be arriving home that day.

Madam Blanc's eyes narrowed when she saw a cluster of girls up ahead, whom were all standing around giggling about the latest nonsense as usual.

"Girls! They are due within the hour! No time for standing around. Move." She hissed, causing the girls to jump, and then rush off obediently.

Madam Blanc absently smirked to herself; everything had to be perfect. The Master had stated as such when he had left a week ago to visit her Mistress' family, and to bring her Mistress and their daughter back. The two hadn't been to the manor for almost two years, having spent that time with Lady Nariko's family in Japan. This was why everything had to be perfect. Her eyes then drifted to the baby, the one smear on the perfection she was trying to make. She had now reached the drawing rooms and proceeded to unlock the door using her master key. As she entered, the fire immediately came to life and she walked across the room. With a wave of her wand, a cradle was conjured, and lowered the baby into the mass of silk and cotton bedding.

She now took her time to look at this little problem. The baby looked to be between one and two years old, the same age Little Mika was the last time she had seen her. By the blue sleepwear the baby wore, she could make an accurate guess that the child was male, without checking. He had black hair, which was stuck up in every direction. The child's eyes were closed in sleep. She frowned now, and bent down to examine the child closely. Wetting a rag, she wiped it on the child's forehead, cleaning the blood off it; thus revealing a scab in the shape of a lightning bolt. Her eyes widened, as she saw what the implication was.

This child was not ordinary. At all. She frowned to herself, but her musing was interrupted when the tolling of a distant bell was heard. The family had arrived.

"Kaa-san!" murmured Mika, yawning, as she trudged up steps to the manor. "Why is it morning here?"

"Time difference." Replied Nariko, reaching down and picking up the child. "France is in a different zone to Japan."

"Why?" inquired a curious Mika, as the four year old clung to her mother.

"The Earth spins, and sunrise occurs in Japan much earlier than in France. Thus we have time zones." came the baritone voice of Adrian Saint Clair as he walked behind his wife and child up the stairs.

Mika made a noise of acknowledgement and giggled when they reached the top.

"Do I get to see my room?" she questioned, grinning.

"Soon, little one." Stated Nariko, as the doors opened and Madam Blanc stood waiting for them.

"Welcome home, sir, ma'am." Stated Madam Blanc, curtseying to them both.

"It's good to be back, Gisele." Replied Nariko, embracing the startled woman who towered over Nariko's small stature.

"The Chalet has missed you in your absence, ma'am." Said Blanc, offering the couple a warm smile. Nariko stepped back, frowning at the woman.

"What is wrong?" she asked.

The housekeeper hesitated, before appearing to come to a decision.

"There is something that I think you need to see."

Nariko nodded her head, before turning to a maid.

"Lucile, please show Mika to her room. Arigato." Said Nariko, as Mika moved to follow the maid to her room.

The other servants stood around, curious. Yet, one look from Madam Blanc sent them scattering off to attend their duties around the manor.

"Come, he is in the West Drawing Room." She said, and the Master and Mistress followed her, sharing a puzzled glance as they went.

"He?" questioned Adrian, a slight accent to his voice.

"Oui." Replied the housekeeper, as they turned onto a different corridor. "I found him this morning. Gave me quite the fright, as he was most definitely not what I was expecting to find then I unbolted the main doors this morning."

They eventually turned a corner, exiting the long gallery they were walking down to where the drawing room was located, and the housekeeper opened the doors, leading them in. She gestured to the cradle, and the couple looked over it.

"That's a baby." Stated Nariko plainly, shooting a look to Adrian. "How did a baby get onto this property? The wards prevent all magical travel into the place, and you can't get in here the muggle way without it being authorised by the guards." She frowned to herself, her dark, almost shaped eyes narrowing. She sat down on the chair beside the cradle, casually moving her brightly coloured kimono out of the way.

"You say you found him outside?" probed Adrian, as he sat beside his wife, cane on his knee.

"Oui. Out in the cold, with nothing except the blanket. He still hasn't woken up." announced Madam Blanc nervously.

Nariko frowned, as she bent forwards, ghostly touching the scab.

"This will be a cursed scar. Form due to overexposure to dark magic. To survive such a thing…" Her eyes widened, as they sought out her husband. "A baby marked for greatness. Adrian, I want him."

Such a statement caused her husband to lean back, a faint look of amusement lining his face.

"Why?" stated Adrian. "He could have family out there, worried about him."

"Then why would fate give him to us? A child marked in such a way. We are more capable of helping him walk whatever path he must follow than any other family." Murmured Nariko, as she lifted the child from the cradle, and held him in her arms. He stirred slightly, and opened his eyes tiredly. Emerald green eyes looked out into the world, and Nariko kissed the child on his forehead.

Madam Blanc's breath caught in her throat, as she stared at such a heart-warming scene. The baby was gently rocked back to sleep by Nariko as she hummed a tune under her breath. She turned her pleading eyes to her husband, who was rubbing his temples tiredly.

"You want a son. No, you need a son." Whispered Nariko, her eyes focusing on the baby. "Here is your son."

Adrian nodded his head mutely, before turning to Madam Blanc, who stepped back slightly.

"You do not speak of this to anyone."

The woman nodded her head in accord. Whether she had been ordered to or not, that child would need all the help he could get, especially if he was fated to be something great. She wasn't about to impede him in that, not at all.

"Welcome to the family, Yuki Raidon Saint-Clair." whispered Nariko, as Adrian left the room to prepare the ritual, to make the boy theirs. His.

Lily Potter clutched the pillow to her chest, as tears cascaded down her cheeks. Her eyes were rimmed red, from a mixture of distress and lack of sleep. She sat on a bed in the Hospital Wing, her legs pulled in tight to her chest, while she stared at the blank wall in front of her without really seeing it at all.

Her son. Her baby. Gone. Right before her eyes, as the tyrant that was Voldemort entered their home, and did away with the one shining hope in her life. She continued to sob to herself, her sobs quiet, and heart wrenching as they echoed across the hospital wing.

Madam Pomfrey remained in her office, unsure as to what to do to help the woman. There was only so many calming potions and dreamless sleep potions the body could take, and Lily most certainly couldn't have any more, not in her state. Eventually, Poppy Pomfrey exited her office, and walked over to the woman, and laid a hand on her arm.

"Lily." She murmured soothingly. "Shhh. It will be alright. James and the Headmaster will find him."

Lily's sobs quietened, as a pair of blood shot emerald eyes, identical to that of her son's, gazed at the woman in front of her blankly.

"Why am I still alive?" she whispered, her eyes downcast. "Why was I given the choice to live?"

Poppy's eyes widened, as she sat down on the chair beside the woman, wondering what precisely she meant.

"James is only alive because he hit his head during the duel, knocking himself out." Stated Lily bitterly. "But I was ordered to move out of the way. When I didn't I was forcibly removed from where I stood. Poppy…it was…" She trailed off, her eyes focusing on the pillow, seeing something above and beyond what was really there.

"What happened?" asked Poppy. No one knew what had happened twenty-four hours ago at the Potter Home at Godric's Hollow. The house had blown up, and from the wreckage, an unconscious James and Lily were brought from it. But the body of Harry Potter, the couples' fifteen-month-old son, wasn't in the wreckage. James had immediately left the hospital wing upon reaching consciousness, and was going through the wreckage, searching for their son with the rest of the Order and their friends.

Lily was to remain behind, as she was so distraught about what had happened, about what she had seen. She was the only one with the answers behind what happened in the playroom at their home. She hadn't spoken about it; except stating that she didn't want to sleep, afraid that she would see him again. It had scared her, hurt her on such a level that only mother's can reach. A hurt that only comes around when a mother's child is put into jeopardy.

Another reason for everyone's worry, and treatment for Lily was because she was three months pregnant. Poppy was to keep a close eye on the woman; with the terrible ordeal she had just gone through, chances of a miscarriage had increased dramatically. Losing one child, whether confirmed or not, had already hit her hard. Losing two wasn't something that Poppy dared to think of.

Lily seemed to have pulled herself together while Poppy was lost in her own thoughts, and she began to speak.

"We thought it was Peter at first." She whispered. "He was out Secret-Keeper. But, when he made no move to announce his presence to us, like he always did, we knew something was wrong. I ran upstairs with Harry, and put him in the cot. I knew we couldn't apparate out, or use the portkey. Wards had been erected to prevent me doing that, so I stood in front of his cot to protect him. I could hear fighting downstairs, but I didn't want to think about what was happening. I hoped that James would come upstairs, yelling at me that he was gone. But it never happened. There was this silence, and then I heard footsteps on the stairs. So unlike James'."

She broke off, her eyes were a lot more focused this time, and Poppy spoke to her.

"You don't have to tell me, why not wait for the others to get here…" she began but Lily cut her off.

"No, I need to say this. I need for someone to understand."

Poppy frowned to herself. But let the woman continue.

"The door opened, and there he stood. He came in, and demanded that I move, to let him kill my son. But I begged him, I pleaded, I tried to fire spells at him, but he batted them away with an ease that I am not sure if even the Headmaster could." She whispered, her voice becoming quiet. "He then threw me to one side and turned to Harry. He watched him for a second, before muttering about there being 'one down, one more to go.' Then, he cast the curse."

Poppy's eyes widened, as she stared at Lily in sorrow.

"I am so sorry Lily." She said quietly.

"It didn't work." Announced Lily with equal quietness.

Poppy froze, as she stared at Lily's features in surprise.

"The curse failed? He didn't cast it properly?" questioned Poppy.

"No." replied Lily. "The curse hit Harry. Green light surrounded him, but Harry was still stood up in his cot, watching him. I wasn't the only one surprised. It was like he had absorbed it, or something." Lily trailed off. "Then, it was flung back at him, and it hit him head on. It was this that caused the house to blow up. His body just imploded upon itself, while…Harry just…disappeared. The support beams were falling, and he wasn't in his cot. It was like he never existed. Like the curse worked, but in a way which had never been seen before. He's gone, and it was all my fault. If only I had stopped him before he could do that." She began to hyperventilate, but before she could continue, the door to the Infirmary opened, and the search party entered, their faces sombre. James and Sirius led them, with the Headmaster bringing up the rear. Between them, they held two things. The first was a piece of Harry's blanket, which had blood on.

However, the second was tattered robes. Robes which didn't belong to either Lily or James.

"Lils.." began James, as he sat on her other side, holding her hand tightly, and looking between the nurse and his wife with confusion.

"These robes belong to Lord Voldemort." Stated Dumbledore, his eyes focusing on Lily. "The blood on this blanket belongs to your son. Lily, what happened?"

Poppy watched the woman, who seemed to have tuned everyone out. James' gaze was sad, as he enveloped his wife in a hug. Poppy realised that Lily wasn't going to speak, and Poppy would have to recount her tale to the assembled group. Looking towards the two items in question, Poppy spoke.

"Harry Potter defeated You-Know-Who." She said simply, watching their responses carefully. "The Killing Curse failed, and backfired upon He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, thus causing the house to be destroyed."

The Order watched her in shock, as though waiting for a punch line, but none came. Dumbledore was give her a searching gaze, which flicked over to Lily, and the Nurse nodded her head.

"It seems as though we owe all of our lives then, to a fifteen month year old child." Announced Dumbledore.

The next day, the papers announced the defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort at the hands of a fifteen month year old child, by use of Ancient and unknown magics. The child had then disappeared, and no record of the child has been found, anywhere.

Many hundreds of miles away, in the south of France, a dark haired woman held a baby in her arms, a baby who had just undergone a ritual so as to make him hers. She opened the paper on the first page, to be read the headline. Her eyes flicked to the baby in her arms, and a sad smile appeared on her face.

"Gomen, but Harry James Potter is no more. He is Yuki Raidon Saint-Clair, my son, and not some Boy-Who-Lived."

In the subsequent years, the search for the Boy-Who-Lived proved to be fruitless, and was the largest man hunt in the history of the world, including the Muggle world who was involved as well. Every year, a magically aged picture of the boy was posted around the world, on Muggle News, in the Wizarding Papers. There were answers of course, most of which appeared fruitless. Many of them weren't ever followed up on, such as a tip of a baby being found on the grounds of one of the most influential families in the world. After all, such a thing couldn't hold any link to the missing Boy-Who-Lived, could it?

But when the boy's Hogwarts letter came back, unopened, it became apparent that any further searches would be futile. If even the Hogwarts' owls couldn't find the boy, then who could?

September 1st 1997

Yuki Raidon Saint-Clair apparated to the Wizarding Station, a mere few miles from his home. His younger sister, Sakura, held onto him at the elbow. The two of them looked around at the hundred or so teenagers who were boarding the carriages at this station. Yuki began to make his way towards their carriage, his sister following him dutifully. Yuki loaded both of their trunks into their carriage, and the siblings entered.

At seventeen, Yuki stood at the impressive height of six foot two. He was a few inches shorter than his father, but that was due to the petite frame of his mother, who stood at a little over five foot. He had wide shoulders, and a slim waist. His body wasn't build, but rather lithe; a body of someone more suited for speed rather than strength. His skin was tanned, inherited from his grandmother's Hispanic origins. His features were of a Japanese descent, inherited from his mother and her family. His almond shaped eyes were bicoloured, one a deep, dark blue like his father's, and the other an emerald green, of his natural mother or so he was told. His hair was a brown-black, and reached his mid back, in a slightly controlled amount of waves, which was held back away from his face with a band.

His strong frame contradicted that of the teenager next to him, whose petite frame was a direct consequence of having Hoshi Nariko, world famous priestess and overall anarchist, as a mother. Her skin was of a pale porcelain, her features almost identical to their mothers, including the woman's dark eyes. Her hair was a pitch black colour, hanging in perfect ringlets. She wore the latest fashions like none other that he knew, and was, in his opinion, the perfect little princess. She had been born and raised to be a well accomplished young lady, who was to flitter through society with perfect ease. Whereas, her two older siblings were to conquer and direct such society.

Right now, the girl was flicking through the fashion magazine with a quill, occasionally circling and crossing out something she didn't like.

"Yuki." She called to him, bringing him out of his reverie of observing her.

"Oui?" he asked.

"Have you spoken to father recently?" she asked, her voice melodious, as she continued to flick through the magazine, without looking up.

"No." he replied shortly, causing the girl to frown lightly.

Adrian Saint-Clair, the current Marquis Saint-Clair. Powerful in the world of politics, he acted as one of the many Ambassadors of the French Ministry, often having to move around the world, bringing his family with him. Appointing a Marquis as one of their ambassadors was perhaps, one of the smartest decisions the French Ministry ever made.

Although such ranks were meaningless without a monarchy in place, they were still recognised as having a hold over the purebloods. With the rank of Marquis being the highest rank in existence, as those with higher ranks had stopped producing heirs, and died out, it allowed the French Ministry a certain amount of control over the purebloods around the world. Of course, Adrian Saint-Clair would have to agree with it first, before he was used as a 'puppet' by the Ministry. But the question should be, was the puppet the Marquis or the Ministry?

Yuki and his father didn't exactly get along very well. They were too alike in so many different aspects, that they clashed, quite often. So it was no small wonder that they didn't speak often. With Yuki counting down the days until he inherited the Marquis title.

The carriage looked to be ready to take off; the winged horses that pulled it were preparing themselves. As most were generally intimidated by them It was no wonder that no one was sharing the carriage with the two. All except one individual.

"Gabrielle!" called Sakura, as she helped her friend into the carriage. She gave her brother a glare, encouraging him in helping the blond part-veela with her luggage. Yuki nodded his head, and began to help the petite blond, as the two girls got into a lively conversation.

Yuki shook his head, as he sat down in his seat once more, and watched the two girls across from him in amusement, while the entire carriage jolted as the flying horses took to the air. Sakura was three years his junior, and would be starting her fourth year at Beauxbatons. While he, Yuki, was starting his seventh year. Like all students of seniority, he had taken his exams at the end of his sixth year. The seventh year was an optional one, taken on by students who wished to continue their studies, rather than seeking employment. This year he had full intention of learning as much as possible from his core subjects, and trying to get masteries in several.

However, Yuki knew that this year would be different. Early on in the Summer, it had been hinted at by his mother that something different was happening this year. When the woman wouldn't tell him what, he had gotten rather frustrated. It was at times like this when he wished that he had the calming effect that his elder sister, Mika, gave him. But sadly, she was in Japan at a monastery, on a meaning of life trip. She was expected back within the year though.

Thankfully, before the end of Summer, Yuki's own analytical brain, and excellent memory, allowed him to work out that the Triwizard Tournament would be held this year. Especially when the Headmistress had owled his parents, asking whether or not they would allow Yuki to travel to compete in the tournament. They agreed, naturally. He was also no fool, and neither were his parents. He had been told about his origins, when he was old enough to understand and to keep it a secret. Naturally, at such a young age, he had been initially distraught. But the logic of such actions began to make sense of it, and he began to understand why his parents constantly gave him new things to study, constantly set him more difficult challenges to do. They were preparing him.

His father had reasoned that Albus Dumbledore was no fool. He would only allow the Triwizard Tournament to be reinstated if that meant he had to use it to draw someone out. Meaning, that Lord Voldemort was still alive. There had been various rumours, about the goings on at Hogwarts over the years, and the increased Death Eater activity. But no one was certain whether or not the Dark Lord was back; with the Saint-Clair family being the only exception). Although the cursed scar was hidden beneath layers of enchantments, Yuki still had the connection with the Dark Lord. He had seen through his eyes, and had told his family such. They knew he moved within society once more, and that was why his parents allowed him to go to Hogwarts for the tournament. To fulfil the destiny which had begun the moment the cursed scar was formed.

"Rai?" asked Sakura, calling him by his nickname, in order to get his attention.

"Hai?" replied Yuki, as he looked around.

He could see various other carriages flying through the sky as well, coming from all parts of the western part of Europe. The magical population of Europe were split between the three schools of magic. Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. The carriages which he could see flying with them, came from all around France, Spain, Portugal, and various other countries on the borders. He held onto the rail, as the carriage landed upon the ground, causing a jolt to run through all of the carriages as they hit the ground also.

Beauxbaton's was a school that looked to be more like a grand palace than anything else. It's roof was made of glass, with towers that spiralled into the air. The bricks were light in colour, and the grounds were awash with shades, of various plants, stones and floral life. The school was eye-catching from above, but on the ground, the vastness of the area really hit home.

"We're here." announced Yuki, as he exited the carriage, and helped both girls down. He ignored the light blush on Gabrielle's cheeks, and escorted both girls into the school, through the grand double doors, and past the numerous fountains. The students were all entering as one, like a sea of blue robes. Once he entered the hall, the noise of the hundreds already in the hall assaulted his ears. The two girls he helped in ran off towards some tables to the side, where the fourth years obviously were. Yuki then sighed to himself, and then walked through the crowds, ignoring how people moved out of his way to let him past. All because he was both an Upper Classmen, and a pureblood heir. It wasn't exactly the most pleasing response.

Eventually he reached a group of seven tables, which was for the returning upper year. Most of their year group was already there, and he could see a seat saved for him. The seat was between a blond haired boy, whose hair was spiked up in all directions, and a short red haired girl, who was in an animated conversation with the brunette next to her. At his approach, the three of them welcomed him back, as he squeezed in on the table.

"Yuki, it is about time that you got here." said the blond haired boy. "These two ladies are arguing over the finer points of Valerian's Brew versus Pilkington's. Naturally, the opinion of the best potions student in the year is ignored, so I figured they are more likely to listen to you than me."

Yuki rolled his eyes, while red haired girl casually flicked the boy in the arm, causing him to recoil slightly.

"What Daniel is trying to say, is that he cannot explain potions in a language that we all understand. If he explained himself properly, rather than lauding over us mere mortals, we might listen to him." She said dryly.

"I'm wounded," hissed Daniel, with a hand dramatically over his heart.

"I'm sure you are," stated Yuki, before turning to the two girls.

"Mercedes, Alyssa." He nodded at the red haired girl, and then the brunette. "I trust your summers went well."

"As well as to be expected, what with Father pressuring me about picking my mastery now." said Mercedes, rolling her eyes. "I don't think he was impressed when I picked Charms though. He doesn't consider it a proper subject."

Alyssa laughed lightly, shaking her head at her friend.

"I went to the International Duelling Championships in Calcutta. It was pretty impressive, I am surprised that I didn't see you there, Yuki." Said Alyssa. "Apparently, the Saint-Clair box was booked, but no one attended."

Yuki smiled distantly.

"My father was busy in Cairo, and I was stuck in the manor with Sakura for most of the Summer. There wasn't really much I could do about it, though I hear that the competition this year was pretty good."

"It was average." She replied.

"What she means to say is that if you actually bothered to enter, you would have won." Stated Daniel from Yuki's other side, causing both the girls to sigh in exasperation.

Before the conversation continued, the side doors opened, allowing the teachers to enter, and ascend to the high table, with Madam Maxine following at the end of the procession. As one, the entire student body stood up. The first years a bit slower, mimicking their elders. The Headmistress walked towards the teacher's table, and stood in front of her seat.

"Be seated."

The school did as such, but the headmistress remained standing.

"Now, I would first like to welcome you all back. Secondly, I feel I ought to tell you what we, the school faculty and the Ministry, have been planning. This year the Triwizard Tournament will take place, being hosted at Hogwarts."

No one made a sound, a sign of respect they had for their teachers.

"Due to this, myself and twelve of your pre-chosen senior classmen will be leaving the school for a year, in order to compete. Before I announce the students chosen, I feel we should eat first." She lowered her larger-than-normal body to her chair. She then murmured something in French, and food appeared on her plate. Taking that as a signal, everyone else began to order their food. Lively chatter soon filled the hall, as the students continued their conversations from before.

"What do you think Hogwarts will be like?" inquired Alyssa, directing her question towards Yuki. The teenager in question was eating his food, having conjured a pair of chopsticks.

"Probably full of dim-witted children. My father told me that the British Children don't follow etiquette quite like us."

Mercedes made a hum of agreement, her eyes laughing lightly. Daniel shot a curious looked between the three, as he was a muggleborn, whereas his three friends were all purebloods. Mercedes, catching his look, decided to explain.

"The British system isn't as strict as ours, and not as traditional. But at the same time, they don't allow new ideas to come forth, so they have remained stagnant for centuries. Their children run wild, and their magic isn't as tame as ours. Rather than completing your mastery year at school, they have to complete it after their NEWTs, which is the exams they take after their seventh year. On top of this, the British Society has had the most Dark Lord's out of all the other Systems."

Daniel nodded his head in understanding.

"Not just that either, but the highest ranked British Pureblood is a Baron. That is the Longbottom family, with the Black's, who were once French." Stated Alyssa. "The British Political front is dominated by Lord's and Lady's, of which there are hundreds around the world."

Daniel nodded his head again; his friend's had explained the whole rank system to him at earlier point in their years at Hogwarts. Alyssa had told him, during their second year, about he ranks. The lowest and most abundant being Lordship, then Baron, Viscount, Count, Marquis, Duke and Emperor. The latter two had died out, the former from having no heirs, and the latter from being killed in an act of anarchy some two thousand years ago. Since then, the Wizarding Nation had never been the same since, and the Nobles would always remember that the world wasn't right unless there was a monarch governing the nation.

"A Marquis is a title which is just below that of a Duke, which in turn is just below that of the Emperor. The last Duke and Duchess line were those of the Hogwarts founders. Those lines have dwindled out of existence, leaving the handful of Marquis lines those of the highest ranks." Said Alyssa excitedly.

"What Alyssa is trying to tell you Daniel, is that Yuki could potentially become one of the ruling bodies of the entire wizarding world when he is older. At least, in the Pureblood circles, who still understand the old titles. She is also telling you this, because she wants to be Marchioness Saint-Clair." Said Mercedes, in a bored tone of voice.

Alyssa sputtered and blushed slightly, as Mercedes smirked and Yuki tuned himself back into the conversation.

"These titles hold no meaning these days. So it is pointless to hold onto the lines of nobility. But at the same time, these nobility titles hold precious information to our pasts, and although they are no longer worth much, in the right circles, they do."

That is what had been said, on that night so many years ago. Now, they had all changed. The four of them weren't as naïve as they once were. Daniel was knocked out of his reverie, when Madam Maxime stood up once more, immediately silencing the hall.

"Now, regarding the twelve students who will be representing this academy in the Triwizard Tournament. Wherein which one of them will compete, are to be the following: Sandrine Belle."

A sandy haired teen stood up from another table. Half-Blood. He was quite athletic and was good at duelling.

"Jean Blanc."

Dark haired and pale skinned boy stood. Half-Blood. He had an affinity with creatures and was an excellent chess player.

"Eliza Deshangel."

Blond haired, and dark eyed girl stood. Pure-Blood. Cold, calculating and extremely witty.

"Aurora De Siver."

Dark haired girl, with pale skin stood. Pure-Blood. Excelled at Transfiguration, and was already a registered Animagus, a wolf.

"Solomon Flesches."

Blond haired, black eyes and pale skin. Pure-Blood. Ranked third in the year, and had a calculating, and decidedly off aura around him. Was skilled in defence and duelling.

"Mercedes LeFette."

Mercedes stood, her short red hair putting her apart from the other girls immediately. Pure-Blood. Ranked fourth in the year, and was quick and flexible, and her knowledge of hexes and curses made her a formidable dueller.

"Francesca Loreto."

Brown haired, lightly tanned and short girl stood up. Half-Blood. Aspired to become a potions mistress, and liked creating spells.

"Alyssa Montenegro."

Alyssa stood up, flashing Yuki a bright smile. Pureblood. She knew everything about everyone, and knew curses like no tomorrow.

"Daniel Morgan."

Daniel stood up, his blond hair spiked up in every direction. Muggleborn. Excellent quidditch player, and potions maker.

"Mihel Regen."

A dark haired and dark skinned boy stood up, towering over the others with his impressive height. Half-Blood. Good at enchanting and animating things.

"Yuki Saint-Clair."

Yuki stood up, his eyes focused out across the hall. Pureblood, ranked first in the year. Was a natural at puzzles and problem solving, had a vast repertoire of knowledge and was incredibly gifted in handling magic.

"Lastly, Iris Williams."

Iris was a dark haired, pale skinned, small and light-eyed girl. Muggleborn. Quiet, and shy, it was a wonder she was ranked just behind Yuki. She excelled at charms, arithmancy and ancient runes. Yuki, was also, completely mystified by her, a first seeing as most other girls he knew he understood. Iris, he didn't. It had been his pet project over the past two years to get to know her. He had failed. Badly.

"I hope you all wish your representatives well, as they have a month to prepare themselves, before we depart to Hogwarts, arriving there just before Halloween. To those competing, good luck."

That was their dismissal, and as one, the school filed out of the hall. Yuki's bicoloured eyes rested on Iris as she left the hall, by herself. Another thing that confused him, 'Why didn't she have any friends?'

Yuki and the others left the hall. It was only as they were walking up to the tower, did Daniel ask a question which made him pause in his steps.

"Looking forward to Hogwarts?" asked Daniel, as he got himself ready for bed.

"Slightly." Murmured Yuki, whose thoughts went on another direction. The Potters were well known sights at Hogwarts, as James Potter was the Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, and Lily Potter visited her husband often. Also, the eldest Potter child, Ivy Potter, attended Hogwarts as a fifth year. By going to Hogwarts, he would be meeting his real parents. He sighed; he really needed to see his sister. Mika could calm the mightiest storm with her wise words, and sharp tongue when needed.

For some reason, he got the feeling that a year at Hogwarts would be the most eventful year of his life.

Ivy Potter and the other students of Hogwarts lined up on the grounds, all of them dressed to impress, as it could be said. She sighed, already bored of the waiting they were doing, and couldn't wait to get back inside where she could talk to her friends, and have some food. On the row behind her, Ginny Weasley was also bored, and kept poking her friend in the back at different intervals. Waiting for both the students of Durmstrang and Beauxbatons to arrive was most definitely just as boring as History of Magic classes.

"What's that near the lake?" called out Seamus Finnigan, a Gryffindor Seventh Year, from his place next to Ron Weasley, Ginny's elder brother, and Dean Thomas.

Rising from a lake, was first a mast, followed by the full body of the boat.

"I do believe our friends from Durmstrang have arrived." said Dumbledore, blue eyes twinkling, as the ship lowered a plank onto the bank of the lake. From the boat, thirteen figures made their way up to the school, twelve students and one teacher.

"Albus!" called the teacher, his fur coat making him appear to be very intimidating.

"Igor!" replied Albus, drawing the man into a friendly hug. "It is a pleasure to see you again."

"Yes." replied Igor, his eyes sweeping through the ranks of the Hogwarts students, stopping briefly upon Ivy. "My students and I will enter, there is no use standing around waiting for Maxime and her students."

Dumbeldore agreed, and the fur-coated Durmstrang students entered the school.

"How long does it take for Beauxbatons to get here?" asked Ginny, annoyed.

Before Ivy could reply, a speck appeared in the sky, and it was getting bigger.

"They're here!"

"It's a dragon!" called several younger years, as they recoiled in shock and fear.

"It's a flying unicorn!" called out a girl in Ivy's year.

The last guess was the closest, as a carriage landed on Hogwarts grounds, which was preceded by two giant horses. A boy jumped out of the carriage, and lowered the steps. Then, out of the carriage came an extremely large and handsome woman. She was followed by eleven other students, who all lined up behind the woman.

"Madam Maxime!" called Dumbledore.

"'Umbledore!" called the large woman, as Dumbledore kissed the back of her hand. "I give you my students!" She waved an arm at the collection of teenagers, all stony faced, and not staring at the castle in awe as they should be.

"Please, make your way inside."

They did as such, and soon after the students of Hogwarts followed, sitting at their House Tables. The Beauxbatons students sat at the Ravenclaw table, while the Durmstrang students sat at the Slytherin table.

Ivy watched the new students curiously, while sitting at the table with Ginny, and the rest of their friends.

"Ugh, look at the Slytherin lot, getting cosy with the new students." Hissed Ron, causing Hermione to roll her eyes.

"Isn't Durmstrang a school that teaches the Dark Arts?" Ginny asked Ivy, who nodded her head; her ex-auror of a father had informed her about that.

Before the conversation could continue, the three heads entered the hall. As one, the dozen Beauxbatons students stood up, causing a few sniggers from the Hogwarts students. A pair of girls offered them glares, which shut them up immediately.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, our friends from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. Now, tonight will be the opening of the Tournament, but before this happens, lets eat." He clapped his hands, and food immediately appeared on the tables.

When the Beauxbatons headmistress sat down, the students mimicked her, and then began to eat. As Ivy began to eat her food, she overheard Seamus, Ron and Dean having a conversation regarding the new students, more specifically, the Beauxbatons ones.

"Why are people staring at them?" asked Ron, as his eyes flicked around the Great Hall, spotting several Hogwarts students and some Durmstrang students scanning the Beauxbatons students, as though they were searching for someone. When they appeared to find them, they went back to their food, without a delay.

Neville, who was sat on the other side of Hermione sat opposite the trio, he raised an eyebrow at them, before he too casually looked at the looked at the new students. The trio then looked at him, as though expected him to say something.

"What?" asked Neville, a light blush on his features.

"All those who are looking at them are all purebloods, why?" questioned Hermione, frowning.

"I recognise some of them." said Neville, catching the attention of both Ivy and Ginny.

"Where from?" asked Ron.

"Various social functions that purebloods go to. Like Malfoy's Equinox Celebration, or my own grandmother's summer get together." Said Neville. His eyes concentrating on a gaggle of French Students.

"Why weren't we invited?" asked Ginny.

"Because you're a load of blood traitors." Pointed out Neville. "At least by pureblood standards. What is Malfoy doing?"

As one, they all turned around to see Malfoy making his way over to a group of Beauxbaton's students. His face was blank, as he made his way to them.

"Your guess was not too far off, Yuki." Said Mercedes in French, as she could feel a group of Gryffindor's staring at them.

"Yes. I do believe one of them is Neville Longbottom. My parents, siblings and I attend his family's summer party every year. My mother is quite fond of Augusta Longbottom." said Yuki, as he ate his food with a pair of chopstick, conveniently transfigured from the cutlery they were provided with.

"We have company." Said Daniel, causing the other three to turn around, to see Draco Malfoy standing behind them.

"Monsieur Malfoy." Said Mercedes, when it became apparent that Alyssa nor Yuki would talk to him. "It is a pleasure to see you once again."

"You too, Lady LeFette." Said Draco, offering her a light bow, which she returned. Both Yuki and Alyssa copied the gesture.

"Are you interested in participating in this tournament, Monsieur Malfoy?" asked Yuki, fixing Draco with a cold stare.

"Yes, I aim to represent Hogwarts." Said Draco.

"That is good to know." Said Alyssa, her tone saying the opposite. "May I introduce our comrade, Daniel Morgan." The missing title could only mean that he was a muggleborn. It was a test, one that Draco knew about.

"I am pleased to meet you, Monsieur Morgan." Said Draco, somewhat stiffly. He was unused to greeting mudbloods this way, but the only way to please this group of people would be to do as such.

"You too, Monsieur Malfoy." Said Daniel, understanding enough about Pureblood Politics to know what was going on.

"Who do you think could also be Hogwarts Champion?" asked Mercedes.

A byplay of emotions appeared on Draco's face, much to the amusement of the Beauxbatons students. He eventually answered the question.

"Granger. She's Gryffindors' brain. Maybe some Ravenclaws, and perhaps Zabini."

Mercedes nodded her head, she and Alyssa got up from their seats and proceeded to approach the Gryffindor table.

"What are they doing?" asked Draco.

"Investigating both the truthfulness of your words, and the competition." stated Yuki, still calmly eating his food. Taking that as a dismissal, Draco sat back at his own table, contemplating both his situation, and the probability that he could be in the competition against one of those three.

The Gryffindor's watched the approach of the two Beauxbaton's students wearily, while Neville offered the two of them a smile.

"Monsieur Longbottom, it is a pleasure to see you once more." said the red haired girl, as she made room for herself at the table, the brunette seating herself beside the girl.

"What venture are you both on now?" asked Neville, with a raised eyebrow.

"What makes you think that we are up to something?" questioned the brunette.

"Draco Malfoy has just left your table, and you both then come straight here. It doesn't take a genius to work out that something is up." stated Neville. The red haired girl smiled softly, before looking at all of his friends, her eyes skimming through them all. She then looked at Neville, smiling at him.

"I think you should introduce us to your friends, to not do so would be most improper." Said the red haired girl.

Neville frowned at her, before gesturing to each of his friends. They had been watching the byplay curiously, as it was most unlike Neville to be remotely confident in social situations, so this was a surprise.

"This is Ronald Weasley, and his younger sister Ginerva. Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas. Hermione Granger, and lastly, Ivy Potter." Said Neville. "These two are Lady Mercedes LeFette." He gestured to the red haired girl. "And Lady Alyssa Montenegro." He pointed to the brunette.

The two girls offered them all a greeting, before turning to Hermione.

"Are you interested in taking part in the tournament?" asked Alyssa sharply.

"I haven't yet made my mind up." said Hermione, blushing lightly.

"That is of no problem, you have but a day left." Stated Mercedes lightly, before turning to Neville. "We shall have to go back to Yuki, before he vanishes a first year or something. Au revoir."

The two girls then drifted back to the two friends at the Ravenclaw table, and immediately the group of Gryffindor's turned to Neville.

"Lady?" asked Dean.

"It is a name given to heirs to the noble ranks that are above Lordship." Stated Neville simply. "I am not referred to as Lord as they know I don't like it."

"Why would you be…" murmured Hermione raising her eyebrows. She had never heard any of this before, not in any book she had read.

"Once I have graduated, I become Baron Longbottom." Said Neville. "The majority of the Slytherin's inherit Lordships."

The Gryffindor's stared at their friend in shock, as though looking at him in a new light, then Ron spoke up.

"So what, they are like little Malfoys? Think that they are better than everyone else?"

Neville sighed.

"Not really. Most of the proper pureblood lines only act superior to those of lesser rank than them. That's why they acted that way with Malfoy. Most pureblood families don't dislike muggleborns or muggles, and most of them don't agree with You-Know-Who either. Just, they prefer not to get involved in the war."

"How do you know all of this?" asked Hermione, puzzled at getting taught something which she never found in all of her books of pureblood etiquette.

"My grandmother taught me."

"Friends," Dumbledore's voice filled the hall, drawing the attention of all the present students to the front of the hall, "it is now the time that I explain how the champions from each school are chosen. First, let me introduce the impartial judge, Mr Filch, if you please."

A casket was wheeled into the room, towards the front of the hall. Dumbledore lifted the top of the casket, a goblet with blue flames coming out of the top.

"Behold, the Goblet of Fire." Whispers started from around the great hall, and the Beauxbatons students shared a look, as though sizing one another up. "The goblet of fire shall be placed out in the entrance hall and potential competitors have to put their name and school into the goblet tomorrow before the feast. A warning to all those who are too young to compete; an age line will be erected to stop you from entering your name into the Goblet. To try would be a fruitless attempt." His eyes travelled across the Hogwarts Students. "Now, to anyone entering, if chosen, you will have accepted a magically binding contract, and must compete no matter what. Now, off to bed with you all."

The Beauxbaton's students stood, and made their way out of the Hall. However, at the doors, however, they were stopped. The Durmstrang students were crowding around the doors, and their Headmaster, at the lead, was stock still. He was staring at an old, extremely scarred man, who was stood just in the doors.

"What's wrong, Karkaroff? Cat got your tongue?" asked the scarred man, smirking at the man.

Karkaroff opened and closed his mouth some, still shocked.

"I see you have met Alastor." Came Dumbledore's soft yet commanding voice. "Alastor is here to, keep and eye on things, and to make sure that the tournament is running smoothly. I am sure you will have no problems with that, right Igor?"

Finally finding his voice, Karkaroff responded.

"Of course not Albus, now my students and I shall be returning to our ship." With that, they left, Yuki and the Beauxbaton's students returning to their carriage, which was far larger on the inside than it appeared. It was made up of seven bedrooms, six for the students, and one for the Headmistress. A common room, an office, bathrooms and a practise room off to the side. The twelve students filed into the common room, and sat around, awaiting their Headmistress' return.

"What was all that about?" asked Mihel, his deep voice easily cutting through the conversations.

"Probably has something to do with that 'Alastor' man. He didn't even look human! I wonder what got their claws into him!" said Francesca, shuddering slightly.

"That was Alastor Moody." Said Alyssa. "A Veteran Auror."

"That would explain the scars." Murmured Jean. "But not that Durmstrang's Headmaster fears him so. He went paper white, and I could have sworn down that his knees were shaking."

"Igor Karkaroff was a convicted Death Eater." Came Solomon's melodious voice, putting everyone into silence. Yuki's eyes narrowed. He just didn't like Solomon for some reason, and just couldn't put his finger on it. "Moody was said to be the one who caught him, and when Karkaroff got out of Azkaban for putting others in his place, Moody apparently threw a fit, and will do anything to get him put back in."

"If you ask me, they should take up the French methods of dealing with convicted criminals." Said Aurora. "Killing the guilty is perhaps less humane than putting them into prison, but anything is more humane than putting them into Azkaban."

"The Dementors." Murmured Yuki, shaking his head slightly. "Creatures like that really shouldn't exist. Most creatures are the way they are, whether they are classified as light or dark, for the need of survival. Dementors are just there, and they don't need to do anything to survive. They just cause pain, because they can. The fact that the British Ministry uses such things just proves the Ministry's competence."

"You ever come across a Dementor?" asked Solomon, his eyes narrowed upon Yuki.

"Perhaps. Not really for me to say, now is it?" replied Yuki, his eyes not leaving those of Solomon's.

"It is said, that you hear the worst memories of your life when you come across a Dementor. One must wonder what you would hear, Monsieur Saint-Clair." Said Solomon, silkily.

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