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Summary: AU. My Name is Yuki Saint-Clair, I am the Beauxbatons Triwizard Champion. I am also Harry Potter, the baby who destroyed the Dark Lord 16 years ago. This is the story of the end. Or maybe the beginning? Darkness is coming.

Noir et Blanc

Chapter X: The Final Task

By The Morrigu

'Is this the moment where I look you in the eye?
Forgive my broken promise that you'll never see me cry
And everything, it will surely change
Even if I tell you I won't go away today

Will you think that you're all alone
When no one's there to hold your hand?
When all you know seems so far away
And everything is temporary, rest your head
I'm permanent'

'Permanent' by David Cook

There was a silence that encroached the grounds of Hogwarts, that allowed for every occupant of the castle's grounds to sense the growing tension in the air. No matter how hard anyone tried, whether they be teachers, parents or older students, everyone knew that there was something on the horizon. They were just waiting for the pin to drop. Even though the announcement of the war that was upon them, all of those who were informed of the situation knew that there was much more awaiting them in the future. The staff members who were part of the Order of the Phoenix were preparing themselves for the worst. Preparing for the moment that the intentions behind what had been going on over the past year were revealed. When the Dark Lord made his move after waiting for seventeen years to do it.

This feeling was not just felt within the grounds of Hogwarts though. The sheltered children of Hogwarts had no idea that in wizarding settlements all around the world, people were gathered, whispering in fear of what was coming. Of the war that would probably shake the very foundations of the world. Yet, as the world order began to lose itself in fear of what could come, one Yuki Saint-Clair concentrated on what he knew to be ordered. What he was comfortable with, what he understood. What he revelled in. Magic.

"How can you work at a time like this?" moaned Mercedes, her arm thrown over her face as she lay on Yuki's bed in the carriage. Her face was paler than usual, the stress of the past few days since the announcement of the Russian Magical Government going to war with the other magical governments of the world. Already, there were rumours that the Eastern European countries were allying themselves with there larger neighbour. No doubt to avoid being wiped out in the wake of the destructive force the country could cause. The ICW were having emergency meeting to sort this out, where anyone observant could see that politics were not going to work in this situation. Mercedes' father, Count Carlos LeFette, had been elected to attempt peace talks with various other politicians from Western Europe and the wider world. Needless to say, Mercedes was worried about her father.

"I find it calming." Replied Yuki pointedly, as he gave a cursory glance to her obviously stressed form.

"Calming? You find doing dissertations for your mastery is 'calming'?" she questioned, her voice monotone. "I don't understand you at times."

"I guess I return the favour." Was his response, as he put his quill back in the inkpot. "You need to calm yourself. Your father is experienced in these matters, all will be fine."

"But what if something happens?" hissed Mercedes, suddenly jumping from the spot on his bed and began to pace the room. Yuki's eyes followed her as she paced. "What if those mongrels try to kill him? Non? He getting old. He is not as fast as he used to be..."

In two seconds, Yuki was across the room and had his hands on Mercedes shoulders, bringing her to a standstill.

"Enough. If the Count was here, he would be annoyed at your reactions. Relax. You are doing no one any good by behaving like this. Understand?" His voice echoed with a rebuke, but the red haired girl took it well. She lowered herself back on the bed and put her head in her hands.

"How are things with you and Iris?"

"What?" asked Yuki sharply.

"It will distract me. You seem to want to distract me, so here is your chance. I mean, I know that after your last outburst about the subject that I should never really bring it up again..." Answered Mercedes, just as sharp. She leant back on the pillows, and closed her eyes, breathing deeply.

Silence echoed around the room, and Mercedes opened one eye out of curiosity. Yuki's face was expressionless, completely dead.

"You were meant to deny my somewhat accusation. The fact that you didn't means that something is going on. Tell me please. I know as well as you do that inside you are completely confused right now, and what me to help you understand what is going on."

"I ran into her, by accident, the day after the Duelling Tournament was cancelled." Announced Yuki, staring off at the wall beside the door.

"And? Did you send her off like you did last time?"


"Monsieur Saint-Clair, I apologise for disturbing you. I just thought I should check that you received my notes. You did agree to help with my Arithmancy project..."

Yuki was momentarily stunned, as he sat in a secluded table in the library. He had never expected her to speak to him so soon after their confrontation. He quickly gathered himself to respond.

"Yes I did receive your notes. I am also still amiable to help you with the project. I fear that if I were to back out, Lin would dismember me. She speaks well of you."

"Merci. Thank you. Could you please give me the results of your testing of the spells as soon as possible. I hope to submit my mastery before the year is out."

"Of course. I shall get on it right away."

Iris offered him a small, strained smile in thanks, before turning around, prepared to leave the library.

"Wait." Yuki called, aware that his mouth was acting before his mind decided it should. "I am sorry about the other day."

"You have nothing to apologise for. I was being foolish. Think nothing of it." She hadn't turned round, and prepared to leave again. This time he got out of his seat, and stopped her by placing a hand on her shoulder. He felt her whole body tense beneath his hand.

"No I do have to apologise. I was too harsh to you. I just felt that you needed a dash of realism to whatever you and Mercedes were up to. I went about it the wrong way that is all." He turned her around, so he could stare at her face to see her expression. She looked sad, but also determined.

"I am not stupid." She began, her tone more lively that he had ever heard it. "I understand that nothing could ever happen. Your reputation is too much for you, but I would only get in the way. Nor I am content to be something kept in the dark. Thus, I know that this cannot go on. I agree with you, I do. I just wish that things were different. That is all."

Yuki offered her a ghost of a smile, and bowed his head in acknowledgement of her words.

"I just hope that maybe, someday, you regret this decision of yours. Just know that I will be waiting. I doubt there will be any other interest for quite some time." She said quietly before bowing to him, ready to leave once more. Yuki reached out and grabbed her hand, entwining their fingers together, causing her to pause. He lightly kissed her hand, before letting go. A blush appeared across her face, as she lowered her eyes from his face. Before she could turn to leave again however, they were interrupted.

"What is this?"

"Alyssa interrupted you?" questioned Mercedes angrily, her eyes wide in shock.

"Yes. I am glad that she did. I was acting so out of sorts."

"You are meant to be acting different you idiot!" hissed Mercedes angrily. "You found someone who liked you, who you liked back. But you refuse to do anything because you value your reputation and your plans too much. You fear your father will disown you if you were to show true interest in her, because of her muggleborn status. You would think that in today's day and age these thoughts would be nonexistent."

"Yet, they are not. I refuse to be distracted from my plans Mercedes, no matter how much joy it would give you."

"Your plans? Stop being such a martyr. Non of yours plans have even been put into place yet! Merlin, Yuki we are still students! What are we meant to do?" Her voice has become more solemn, and quiet. "I mean, we always discussed what we would do. But we were naive. Look at what is happening out there! Complete chaos. How can we fight that?"

"The trick isn't to fight it." Was his response, he then stood up and made his way to the door. "I need to go to the Quidditch Pitch. We are having a meeting about the Third Task. I trust that I can leave you alone?"

He was gone before she had chance to answer.

"You have to get through a maze?" asked Daniel, his expression thoughtful as he observed his friend the following morning. To Daniel, Yuki's blasé attitude about the Tournament was a great source of amusement. But as tensions rose from both within the castle, and out of it, Daniel wished that his friend adopted a more welcoming role in all of this. One that allowed people to draw a sense of comfort from the formidable French student. He knew, more than anyone else except Mercedes, just how well Yuki would fit into such a role. But Yuki had never desired to be that kind of person. To lead the common people out to battles. Although he accepted that his friend would excel in such a feat, he knew that the pureblood would prefer to sort out all of life's problems in an underhanded manner. Yuki was a man of action, to be sure, but he preferred to let others do the work for him rather than do it himself. It was this quality, that Daniel both admired and loathed about his best friend. Sure, the ability to get others to do your bidding was no doubt a great accomplishment. But the desire to help others can only be gained through first hand experience of helping them. Rather than doing it from behind the scene for some other purpose. Some ulterior motive, that Daniel did not doubt that Yuki had.

"Yes." Replied Yuki, holding a piece of chicken between his chopsticks and staring at it in fascination, before switching his eyes to Daniel's face. "I was shocked at the ease of it. No doubt, it will contain many obstacles. Creatures, magical enchantments and traps."

"You were expecting something more then?" stated Daniel, raising an eyebrow in question. Only Yuki Saint-Clair would find the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament not challenging enough.

"I confess I was. But it is no matter. Just means that the Tournament will finish with greater ease than I was expecting. Also means that I can give the prize winning to Sakura." He had a warm expression on his face at the casual mention of his sister, which made Daniel smile in return. Sakura Saint-Clair was a light in the lives of everyone who knew her.

"You spoil her too much." Replied Daniel.

"I do. But she deserves it for putting up with Mika and I. We are hardly the most sociable of older siblings."

"So you are trying to buy her happiness?" questioned Daniel, with a smirk on his face. "The bad thing about that is that it is probably true."

Yuki chuckled quietly, while nodding his head in agreement. Daniel smiled inwardly at managing to get his uptight friend to laugh in public. It was something, in his opinion, that had to happen more often. If only to prove to the wider populace that his friend was just like everyone else. Daniel's eyes swept to the watch that was on his wrist, before standing from the bench.

"I am due in the library. I am having a study session with some Ravenclaws. They have read my thesis in Potions Weekly and desire to speak to me about it. Have fun, and don't exhaust yourself. Understand?" said Daniel in a playful tone, and Yuki rolled his eyes but nodded all the same.

Daniel turned around and made his way out of the Great Hall. He climbed the stairs of the Marble Staircase, and began to walk along the corridors. Empty classrooms passed him by, as he steadily made his way to the Library. His head bobbed to some muggle music he had heard while at home over Summer. Suddenly, he paused in the corridor. He could hear two voices he recognised, coming from one of the supposedly empty classrooms. He crept closer to the door, hoping that the words he could hear would prove to be false. That he was imagining what he was hearing. The second his hand touched the door handle, his world was enveloped in white light. Then there was nothing more.

Yuki continued to hum to himself. Content, for the moment, that no one was around to hear him acting so normal. It wouldn't do anything for his reputation of a stoic individual. He had out a pencil and some parchment, absently drawing diagrams for spells. He didn't even have to look at them to know that they were not feasible spells, but he could alter the diagrams at a later date to make them possible. To anyone else save few others, what he was doing would require serious concentration. But to him, he came as natural as breathing. Just like all other magic did. Save the miko magic, with that both his mother and Mika were by far his superiors in that regard.

"Yuki!" shouted Francesca as she ran into the Common Area of the carriage. She was breathing heavily, her face flushed from exercise. Her eyes were wild, as she sought out his face. Yuki knew, in that instant, that something horrible had just occurred. While he had been relaxing and had let his guard down, something had happened.

"Take me there." Yuki commanded, and Francesca nodded her head quickly, before running out of the carriage, Yuki keeping pace with her with ease.

"It's Daniel, he was found...Iris told me to get you as soon as she found out. I am so sorry..." murmured Francesca between breaths, as they ran up the staircase in the castle. Student moved out of there way as they ran through the corridors, ignoring any calls for them to slow down.

Yuki felt his heart constrict at the thought of his friend being hurt. He quickened his pace, realising that the petite girl was directing him towards the Hospital Wing. His far longer legs caused him to overtake her, so he arrived at the doors before she did. Striding through the doors, he knew immediately that this was extremely serious. The air was tinged with a coppery smell mixed with antiseptic potions. Other smells were in the air, no doubt potions that he could not tell apart from smell. That was Daniel's job. The same Daniel that was being held down on one of the beds by Mihel, Neville, Ron and Mercedes. To the side, Iris stood with Hermione, an arm over the English girls shoulder as she sobbed quietly. Madam Pomfrey was urging them to hold him down, her wand out ready to cast the appropriate spells. From the corner of his eye, he could see the tall, darkly clad form of Severus Snape, in the potions store cupboard no doubt mixing ingredients together to get rid of whatever malady that was plaguing his best friend. It had taken his mind less than a second to process the information, but what took considerably longer was the new information he was met with.

Mercedes had been thrown to the floor by Daniel, who's thrashing had gotten worse suddenly. Yuki then got his first vision of his friend, and it was one that he wouldn't forget anytime in the future. The veins on his face had turned black, and were protruding from his face with such a harshness that it made him appear inhuman. His muscles tensed and relaxed randomly, as his face was fixed on an expression of such paralysing pain that Yuki was momentarily shocked to see such a look on Daniel's usually carefree face. The sound of his friends voice, as he shouted through gritted teeth as a way fo expressing the pain he was in is what caused him to move.

"What happened?" ordered Yuki, as he ran across the room to Daniel's bed, taking Mercedes' place in holding Daniel down.

"Hermione, Ronald and Neville found him in the corridor. Neville found us, and Iris asked Francesca to get you immediately." Replied Mercedes in a rushed tone. "We cannot keep him still. He is breaking through all magical restraints, and his system has been pumped with sedatives, but nothing is taking."

"What is this curse?" hissed Ron between clenched teeth as he pressed down Daniel's knee.

"It's a blood curse." Announced Snape as he appeared from the store, carrying a vial in his hand. "I have seen something similar to this before. But by now all others have died from its effects. It blood becomes a poisonous substance, but transfigures the blood beside it into a substance like it. The poisons optimum temperature is far above that of body temperature, so along with being poisoned, he is being boiled from inside out. He should be dead. It is resistant to most magics as well, and can keep the body functioning long after it should have been put down if necessary."

"Why is Morgan still alive then?" questioned Mihel, his larger body holding down Daniel's upper body with an ease that none of the others had.

"I recognised some of the signs, so I managed to expel some of the initial poison that the curse caused. Almost as though I pumped his stomach..." She trailed off, her face filled with a mixture of shock and grief. No doubt some part of her blamed herself for what had happened. Maybe if she had read one more book. But Yuki knew that books were not a measure of how prepared someone was for real life situations. To have them thrust in her face so openly was no doubt shocking to her.

"Mihel." Said Yuki, getting the others attention. "You think you can keep him down? By any means necessary." Mihel caught his eyes, before nodding to the confusion of the majority of the others. Mercedes stepped back, before touching Ron and Neville's shoulders pulling them back enough to let go.

Yuki held his hands over Daniel's chest, while Mihel moved his hands to Daniel's head. The others around appeared confused, as Daniel's thrashing got even worse as they struggled to hold on. Mihel began to mumble to himself with his eyes closed, and Daniel stilled suddenly.

"What is he doing?" questioned Iris stepping towards the bed curiously.

"He is an animator." Stated Snape, his gaze following some unseen pattern on Daniel's body, no doubt spotting the tell tale signs of an animator forcing foreign magic into an object body, taking over it slowly. "This is dangerous."

"Can you think of an alternative? We needed to keep him still, long enough to give him potions, and to put him into stasis correct?" shot Yuki, who then began to press Daniel's chest, sending electric shocks from his fingers to keep his heart beating before he was put into stasis.

"I have control." Hissed Mihel through clenched teeth. "Quickly though. The curse is still here, and it is fighting my control."

Madam Pomfrey and Snape began to administer potions through syringes, while the nurse began to prepare a stasis charm in order to keep him in it. The spell enveloped Daniel's form, and automatically put him into stasis. This would keep him alive without his heart needing to be beat, allowing the potions to drain the poison from his system slowly. The curse would eventually lose power as the poison in his system decreased, until all the poison in his system was gone, and he would be cured. However, until that happened Daniel was effectively dead, as if his heart was beating then the poison would replicate throughout his system. This also meant that they couldn't find out who had done it.

"How long until it is all out of his system?" asked Mercedes, laying a hand on Yuki's arm to calm him. He knew without looking at himself that he would be a frightful sight to see. He wanted revenge for whoever did this, and nothing would stop him doing it.

"Three weeks." Replied Pomfrey, clearing up the area which had spilled potions on the floor. "We will have to keep him under stasis until we are certain that it is all out of his system."

"Does any of you have any idea who could have done this?" asked Snape, directing his question towards the five French students. Yuki shook his head immediately. Daniel, although he was a muggleborn, was well liked by everyone he met. He could not think of someone who would have a bad word to say against him. Any pureblood supremacist would be foolish to attempt to do anything against him either, simply because of the vengeance Yuki would conduct against them for the injury they could cause to his friend. "Miss Granger, Mr Weasley, Mr Longbottom, did any of you see anything suspicious when you came upon Mr Morgan?"

"No sir, nothing." Answered Hermione immediately. "We were on our way to the Library. He was just there, in the corridor. It was one of the main ones too, so whoever did this must have known that someone would have found him."

"It was probably one of the Durmstrang lot." Hissed Ron, his arms crossed, his expression furious. "That's a dark curse if I ever saw one. With what is going on lately..."

"Yet, none of the Durmstrang would be stupid enough to make such a public move. They know that my family would get revenge for any injury caused to my friend. However, they must know that in three weeks time, we will know who it is that did this. They would want to come and finish the job. No offence Madam, but I would like to move Daniel somewhere else." Said Yuki to Pomfrey, who nodded her head in agreement.

"I have yet to inform the Headmaster and Madam Maxime about this. But as soon as I do, and I will have him cleared for a transfer. I agree that he needs to be put into a more secure place than what my ward can offer. How soon can you arrange a transfer?"

"Within the hour."

The nurse nodded her head, before clearing them from her Hospital as she went to notify the Headmaster, while Snape went to prepare more potions.

The students found themselves alone outside in the corridor. Yuki offered Mihel his hand, which dark skinned teen shook, before disappearing off into the corridors.

"Thank you, Miss Granger. You saved his life." Said Yuki warmly to girl, who blushed in his presence and lowered her eyes. "He will owe you a life debt due to your actions, but should you need any help with employment or any such thing in later life, just send me an owl and it will be done." He bowed to her, before nodding his head at both Ron and Neville before walking away, allowing Mercedes to grab his arm like a lifeline allowing him to escort her along the corridor.

Almost three weeks later the day of the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament dawned on everyone. To the Durmstrang students it meant that there was very few days left before they were freed from the enemy country, and many of whom got to go back to their families. Back to a country that was waging war with the rest of the world. To the friends of Daniel Morgan, it meant that in two days time, their friend could be awoken from his stasis, and the culprits for his attack could be apprehended.

The castle was ready and prepared for the task to begin, and as the early morning risers entered the Great Hall, they could see that it had been cleaned and shone with a brilliance that was only present on special occasions. Considering the number of guests who were expected in the castle that day, it was hardly surprising. As the morning continued to pass, the number of occupants in the great hall grew. Yuki sat with the other students of Beauxbatons, a feeling of excitement flowing through him. Not the kind of excitement that was associated with participating in the Third Task. It was the kind of excitement that happened due to the feeling of revenge that would soon be coursing through him. Daniel would be waking up the day after next. Meaning that he could get some answers, after three weeks of confusion.

"Mr Saint-Clair?" said a voice from behind, causing him to turn around, coming face to face with the visage of the Transfiguration Professor. "You are wanted in the Side Chamber. Come."

Yuki nodded his head to Mercedes and Alyssa who had joined them today. He followed the Professor to the side chamber, where to his surprise his mother and younger sister stood waiting for him. Around the room, he saw the three other champions being greeted by their families. His eyes focused on Alessandra, whose mother and younger sister seemed to be on edge in the room. No doubt, the British Ministry had welcomed them into the country, promising them safety during this conflict, in order to see the Viscountess in the Final Task. The fools.

"Rai!" squealed Sakura, enveloping him into a hug. He returned it with a smile, ignoring the stares that were focused on his back by the others in the room. No doubt they weren't expecting such a reaction to him. "I am so excited. You better win, brother dear. I shall be most disappointed if you do not." She said in rapid Japanese. Nariko chuckled from behind Sakura.

"Kaa-san." Greeted Yuki bending down and kissing his mother on the cheek, while taking the time to observe both his mother and younger sister. Nariko, in her bright, loosely fit kimono that caused her to stand out in any circumstance that she found herself in. While Sakura's pastel yellow and pink robes flowed around her, giving her the look of an innocent one. "I trust you are well?"

"As well as I could be, with the circumstances." She whispered, her eyes flicking quickly to where the Russian's stood. She quickly switched to English. "You father is due later on in the evening. He is currently in Germany, at Peace conferences with Count LeFette."

"I had no idea he was participating." Answered Yuki, a light frown on his face. He felt Sakura's arm tighten on his own, knowing that his younger sister was nervous for their father's life.

"He was not. It was a last minute request from the ICW. I am surprised that Albus is here currently, but I guess that this tournament can help in promoting international relations as best they can be at the moment." Stated Nariko, before a clearing of a throat had her turning around to face James and Lily Potter. Ivy stood to their side, looking uneasy.

"I don't believe that we have ever been formerly introduced. My name is James Potter, and this is my wife Lily. I just thought to say thank you for having invited Ivy over to your home at New Years. I believe that she enjoyed the experience into your society." Said James, his face grim as he spoke. He held out his hand for Nariko to shake, and she put her hand in his and shook it.

"I am Nariko Saint-Clair. This is my youngest, Sakura. It was no problem." Replied Nariko, her expression and voice pleasant. "She is a good friend of dear Neville, from that I believed that she would be able to enjoy the company found at the party. Besides, there is no better way to meet and greet certain Masters of their Trades, as they are all easily accessible at such places."

"Thank you, Madam." Said Lily, a smile on her face, her gaze flicking from the smaller woman to Yuki's tall and imposing presence. Yuki felt a strange tingle worm its way up his spine, at the thought of being so close to his birth mother. Her eyes seem to glaze over for second, as her own vibrant green eyes met his own bicoloured eyes. One of which was the exact same shade as her own.

"Should we head into the Great Hall?" asked Yuki, raising his eyebrow at his mother, who nodded his head at him. The three of them turned to go, allowing the Potters and the Russian contingency to proceed them into the hall. Yuki noted that an Auror followed them out as well, no doubt to keep an eye on them to make sure that they did not doing anything wrong. Before they themselves could exit, Lucius Malfoy stopped them.

"Marchioness Saint-Clair. It is a pleasure to see you once more." Drawled Lucius, as he approached the three of them, his eyes travelling over the three of them with interest.

"And I you, Lord Malfoy." Replied Nariko, her tone soft. "I trust that you and Lady Malfoy are well." She nodded her head at Narcissa, who was stood at Lucius' elbow like a statue. Her eyes taking everything in.

"I am well, but the task of advising the Minister during the current climate is getting to me I fear. Come now, where is the Marquis? I much desire to speak to him about some business." Stated Lucius, looking around as though to expect Adrian Saint-Clair to appear out of nowhere.

"My husband is busy. I believe that he is aiding the ICW, and should be hear later this evening. I am sure that any business the two of you had could wait until then." Answered Nariko, her eyes briefly meeting Yuki's in question. Yuki nodded ever so slightly, in answer of the unspoken question. Nariko then looked towards the silent Draco, who was watching what was happening with a keen eye. "I trust that you and my son shall keep the outcome of the Third Task as surprising as possible? For I do love a good surprise."

"I trust, my Lady, that the outcome to this task shall be the most surprising of all." Announced Lucius, before bowing, and exiting the room.

"Whatever you and your father are up to regarding the Death Eaters, I hope that you are both being careful. They could turn on us very quickly. Your father needs to gain their trust as soon as possible, rather than committing to half-promises. Otherwise things will never go well." Stated Nariko in rapid Japanese, as the three of them walked out into the Great Hall. Yuki agreed under his breath, just as Neville stood up to welcome Nariko to sit with them.

"Lady Nariko, Sakura, come sit with us." Said Neville brightly, gesturing to the empty seats at the end of the table. Nariko offered the Gryffindor a bright smile, before sitting next to him on the bench, Sakura sitting across from him. Yuki sighed, before sitting with them, noticing Mercedes getting up from the Ravenclaw table to come and sit with them. Alyssa was absent again.

"Neville! How have you been?" asked Sakura brightly, as she got herself from bread and jam.

"You only saw me a few months ago Sakura. Nothing much has changed since then!" answered Neville, offering the girl a smile.

"But so much has!" replied Sakura, her eyes wide. "Beauxbatons has been put on lock down, and I imagine that all schools on the continent have been as well. Mon pere has been so busy, that I haven't been able to contact him for some time. Ma mere has only just been able to contact me, and I immediately agreed to leave with her to come here. The school is so quiet, almost as though everyone is waiting for a pin to drop. Here, however, it is more lively. I guess that this is the Tournament's effect."

"Yet, everyone here doesn't act like we are currently in a War do they?" said Neville blandly, causing Sakura to nod her head in agreement. The group of them continued to eat their breakfast, ignoring the curious looks they were receiving from around the hall.

Throughout the day, Yuki showed Nariko and a curious Sakura around Hogwarts. Sakura was particularly fascinated by the Lake and the Forest, causing much amusement for Yuki. No doubt if the young girl had attended Hogwarts over Beauxbatons, she would have caused many a headache for their parents. As late afternoon turned into the evening, the three of them entered the Great Hall once more, which was packed with students all excited for the conclusion of the Third Task. They settled themselves at the Ravenclaw table, the other Beauxbatons students were speaking to each other in rapid French, all of them speaking of Yuki, and how he was going to win. Yuki nodded to several people down the table, before focusing on Sakura when she tugged on his robes.

"I hope that you and ma mere haven't made a bet on the task. It would be most unfair if this were so." Said Sakura, quirking one of her eyebrows in question. "She told me that she bribed you into winning the first task. I hope that you win this one because you want to win, rather than for any other reason."

"I can safely assure you that I do desire to win." Replied Yuki, his eyes warm as he patted Sakura head, causing her to frown lightly at him.

"Good." Stated Sakura airily. "It would do you well to make yourself look good. You never know when you are going to need it." Sakura's eyes looked passed him, focusing on someone who was sitting further down the table. Yuki didn't have to look to know that she was looking at Iris. Her eyes moved back to meet Yuki's, before a pleasant smile crossed her face. "You shouldn't be so against change in your life. You never know, you might enjoy it once in a while."

"I can't help but think that now is an inappropriate time for things to happen."

Sakura's smile turned sad, as she nodded her head in agreement. Her attention was drawn to the door, as her eyes widened and a grin appeared on her face.

"Papa!" she said, loud enough to catch the attention of those closest to them. They turned around to look at the door, while others copied them. Yuki's eyes noted that most of those who turned around were purebloods, no doubt trying to get a good look at the head of the Saint-Clair family. "Mika!" The shout of their older sister's name had him turning around as well, just in time to see Sakura's petite figure slam into the taller figure of their older sister. He chuckled under his breath as Sakura put her hand in both Mika and their father's hands, and pulled them over to the Ravenclaw table. Yuki noted that most people, specifically the half-bloods and muggle-raised turned back to their food and friends. While the purebloods eyes remained fixed on the family of five.

By this time, Sakura had sat back at the table, making room for Mika to sit next to her, while Adrian had bent down to murmur something into Nariko's ear. She nodded her head, and he in turn walked over to the Slytherin table to speak with Lord Malfoy, while Yuki's eyes watched him go, before focusing on his older sister.

Mika Saint-Clair was a young woman almost twenty years old. She an inch or two shorter than Yuki himself, with a sharper face than Sakura, more angular with more of their father's aristocratic looks than their mother's eastern features. Her hair went well past her waist, held together in a tight braid. Her eyes were the same blue colour of their fathers, containing a sharp nature about them that represented her colder nature. She wore white robes in an eastern cut, they were of a rough and practical material. No doubt these were her miko robes, and she had probably come straight from Japan to England, no doubt as soon as possible.

"Brother, I trust that you have been keeping yourself out of trouble?" asked Mika, her tone cool.

"As well as I can be. The family treating you well?" replied Yuki questioningly, referring to their distant family in Japan from their mothers side. His mothers family were all as individual and quirky as Hoshi Nariko herself. Except, they themselves were not impressed with the family heir marrying someone who was in the media as much as Adrian Saint-Clair was. Thus, the three Saint-Clair children were treated with a tolerable pleasantness, but nothing more. Even though Mika was to be the next leader of the Hoshi family.

"Well enough. They seemed surprised at my command over magic. I guess they believed me to have trouble with it. Due to the inbred nature of the Saint-Clair family." Murmured Mika, rolling her eyes towards the end of the statement. Yuki chuckled quietly, as the Hoshi Clan were infamous with their belief against the interbreeding that many Pureblood families went through in order to keep their blood pure. The Clan, although they had been told on numerous occasions that the Saint-Clair family had never intermarried but merely married into foreign families to keep the gene pool wide, still held onto this belief. Mika made her blue eyes sweep around them for a second, seeing Nariko in conversation with Mercedes and Sakura trying to help a Ravenclaw student speak to a Beauxbatons student, each of them could only speak their native tongue. "Daniel is doing well. I brought him back with me, he is in the infirmary here. No one knows that he is there, except some of the guards." She said in Japanese, referring to their father's guards. "It took more energy than I expected to be able to expel the poison properly, rather than letting the potions do their work. You were right in saying that the potions would cause more harm than good. Leaving potion particles in his system, which is dangerous for any Potions Master. Just do well in this competition, don't think of him. He is safe. Then, tomorrow, you get your revenge. You will not be alone in it either."

"Thank you Mika. You calm me down."

"Not that you really need it, but thanks for the thought." Answered Mika, before looking up at the Head Table a moment before the Headmaster stood up. Yuki distantly noted that his father appeared back at their table, and stood behind Nariko.

"May all the Champions please make their way down to the Quidditch Pitch. It is time for the Third Task." Announced Dumbledore, to the cheers of the students and visitors.

Yuki stood up to the cheering of the Beauxbatons students, giving his younger sister and mother a hug, while he took note of his father's hand on his shoulder. He turned around to meet the imposing man's gaze, who looked down at him with an indescribable expression.

"Whatever happens, you come back to your sisters and mother. Do not let them win." He whispered in quiet French, causing Yuki's eyes to widen slightly, before nodding his head. His father knew something, but didn't have the opportunity to tell him due to the observing eyes. Yuki then walked out of the Great Hall, noting the other Champions were only a little ahead. He quickly caught up with them as they followed the Tournament Officials towards the Quidditch Pitch. Behind, he heard people leaving the Great Hall and making their way towards the pitch. They were led into a tent, and left there alone.

Around them, the sounds of people making their way to the stands filled the silent tent, as each of the four champions was thinking too much about the upcoming Task to make conversations with the others. They were then asked to leave the tent, and preceded onto the Pitch, in an area clear from the maze where everyone could see them. As soon as the crowds saw them, the cheering began.

"Welcome to the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament." Came the voice of the announcer, a non-descript man who had replaced Bagman. "The champions are to enter the maze that you can see before you. The task is simple, the first to get to the cup that is in the middle of the maze, is the winner. However, within the maze are a variety of obstacles that they must pass in order to reach the cup. The order in which the champions enters the maze has been decided based on how well they have done so far. So Mr Saint-Clair shall enter first. Then three minutes later, Miss Potter shall. Three minutes after that, Viscountess Porchaski will. Three minutes after that, Mr Malfoy shall enter the maze. So shall we begin?"

The cheering only got louder, as Yuki was directed in front of the entrance of the maze. To the left, he noticed several Hogwarts Professors who looked as though they were security for the task, each of them patrolling around the edge of the maze. Mad-Eye Moody was watching the champions carefully with his magical eye, no doubt checking them for anything dangerous.

"Ready, Mr Saint-Clair?" asked an official. He nodded his head, and prepared for his run. The whistle blew, and he launched himself into the maze, sprinting down the pathways. He was soon hidden from sight, with ten foot high bushes surrounding him on all sides. He continued to run down the pathways, hearing the whistle blow again, and again, and again. He knew from this that nine minutes had passed since he had entered, now that all the champions were all in the maze. Thus the competition began.

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