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Jake's P.O.V.

"She's Gone!!!!" I roared back at Sam for the millionth time. He didn't seem to understand how much trouble Bella could really be in...if she was still alive.

"I know she is gone Jake, but think about it, now that Victoria has Bella, maybe she will leave this place alone. I'll miss Bella too, but we need to think about the safety for the rest of the family."

"How can you say that when she thought of you as a brother, after she spent so much time with Emily?! They are practically sisters, and you are just going to let her die for the good of the pack? What kind of protector are you? Fuck this, I am going to find her with or without the pack's help. It is your choice."

And with that, I ran. My destination? Even I didn't know. Tears streamed down my face. Tears of anger and frustration at Sam, tears of immense saddness as I thought of Bella, dying or already dead. But the reason why I cried the most was because of the fact that if she would've been with Edward, she would have been completely safe. I needed to find Bella fast, she might not have a lot of time left. If that was the case for her, than neither did I.


Alice's P.O.V.

Bella was kidnapped. I knew this would happen, so I called for her sake and tried to warn her. Of course her stupid dog boyfriend couldn't trust me enough to even tell her that I called. I shudder at the fact that I will probably have to request his help in finding Bella. If Edward would just pick up his damn phone! The traffic is so horribly slow! Don't they know that I have to get somewhere? The phone is ringing, maybe it is Edward.

"Why in the hell do you keep calling me Alice? I don't want to talk to anyone right now!" He was basically yelling at me, but I didn't care, if I could cry I would. I was just so happy that I finally got a hold of him.

"Edward, Bella has been kidnapped by Victoria. We need to get there as fast as possible! Call me when you get to the Seattle Airport, I'll be waiting for you there." I said that whole thing in about 3 seconds, I hope he understood all of that...

"Tell me what happens to her Alice." He sounded as scared as I felt.

"I can't tell you right now on the phone, I'll catch you up once I pick you up. Get on a plane as soon as you can, it feels like she is running out of time." The traffic was so slow that I would probably be better off running.

"Yes, I'll call you when I get to Seattle." He hung up and I snapped the phone shut. This drive was going to be excruciating.

I only hope that we will have enough time to save her. Edward will have to wait for me to be done with Victoria first. I growled as I thought of her name. She better watch out what she has coming for her. I cannot say goodbye to Bella again. I think this time it will kill me, not Edward. I was so sure that she was going to be my sister. Now I don't even know if she will even be alive. Time will only tell.


Edward's P.O.V.

Victoria has Bella? How could I let this happen? I should have been there with her. Alice is right, I am stupid for leaving her. It really didn't keep her safe at all! She is dating a werewolf for Godsake. A young werewolf. They are almost as dangerous as Victoria herself! Oh my God! I wish this damn plane would land already! But again it is faster than if I would have drove, or ran.

Oh Bella! I hope to God that you forgive for leaving you. You shouldn't forgive me, but I can hope. I need you in my life, I can't loose you again. Just hold on Bella. Alice and I are coming.