My first Snape/Harry fic. This idea just popped into my head out of nowhere. I'm more of a Draco and Harry fan, but I just started liking Snape with Harry. It's not going to be long, maybe just a couple of chapters and it will be over.

Warnings: Sexual situations, perhaps lemon, swearing, TeacherXStudent relaionship.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is not mine.

False Love


"You all have five minutes to complete your potion. I expect it to be finished," Severus Snape hissed. "When you are finished don't even think about offering it to someone who you fancy. If you do, I'll have you out of here for the rest of your natural life!" The students all gulped at the threat, and quickly went back to their potions before the time ran out.

Today Severus Snape was teaching the sixth years, both Slytherin and Griffendor. This year was when they get to make a love potion. This one was called the 'Amortentia'. It was the strongest love potion in the world. How he despised this particular potion. He had to teach every little snob that useless potion. And every once a few years, a student would offer it to someone with some of his or her own essence in it. Unlike the regular Love Potion, which made the drinker obsessed with love and devotion, this one made the drinker love and lustful with desire. Complete infatuation. That was why Snape hated it.

He had caught quite a few in the last few years he had worked here. Hormonal teenagers lusting after one another, it was disgraceful! None of them went home of course. Thanks to everyone's one and only Albus Dumbledore. He was told time and time again that it was teenage hormones that were desperately needed of some attention from the one he or she liked most. Bullocks! Even if he would catch someone of this class, they would not be sent home. Although, that didn't mean he couldn't threaten them.

Snape walked up the isle of the Griffindors. He could hear the Granger girl complementing Potter on how well his potion was coming along. Sadly, Potter was improving in his potions for the last few months previously. He would find some things out of place, but the boy's was still receiving Acceptables.

Snape stood beside Harry's cauldron and to his horror, it turned red when he dropped the last ingredient: Ashwinder eggs. That would make this Potter's first potion that he had got right. He won't have an excuse this time. That means Potter will get his first Outstanding in his Potions class.

"Time is up! Pour your potion into a vial and have one of your partners drink it. If you have completed your potion correctly you will find that the taste is a combination of sweet and sour. After that, pour another vial and hand it in to me at the end of class. Do not even think about adding your essence into it," he snarled and he returned to his desk as little pieces of hair fell from his robes.

"So who is going to drink it," Hermione questioned both her friends.

"Not me that's for sure," Ron shook his head.

"C'mon Ron, my potion isn't going to be that bad," Harry smiled.

"It's not that you made it, Harry, your potions are improving – unlike mine – but I just don't trying potions in general."

"Honestly Ron, it's not that bad. My partner is Neville and our potion turned out just fine—,"

"Surprisingly," Ron added.

"The point is Ron that it isn't going to kill you," Hermione frowned. "Like Professor Snape said; if we did the potion correctly the taste should be sweet and sour. I've tried it, and it wasn't half bad."

"I don't care! I'm not tasting it!"

Hermione sighed and shook her head disappointingly. "He doesn't have to drink it, Hermione. I'll drink it," Harry offered.

"You shouldn't, Harry. You did all the work, why shouldn't Ron take part in it?"

"Leave me alone," Ron whined and hid his face in his arms on the table.

Harry poured some of the potion for Snape to inspect and some for himself. He handed one to Ron to label and downed the vial in one gulp. He coughed and smacked his lips together. His face scrunched up as the sweet and sour started to kick in. After it surpassed, he felt a tingling feeling inside his stomach. Then the smell of rich spices appeared out of thin air.

He felt light-headed and the feeling in his stomach started to grow. It felt like butterflies slapping madly inside of him like they were trying to get out. He looked to Hermione and Ron for help, but no words were formed. He looked at his surroundings, but no one seemed to be in his kind of state.

Did he do something wrong? No. He did everything right. He made sure of it by double-checking the instructions. There was no way he could have gotten it wrong. He turned to Snape for help, but…

Everything in the room stopped.

There was no movement…

No sound…

Just silence as time stood still…

Harry started to blush rapidly and the butterflies flapped their wing like crazy. No they felt like hummingbirds inside him. Wait a minute? When did it get so hot in the dungeons?

Harry's heartbeat had increased tremendously and his blush just got darker. All of this was happening just by looking at Severus?

What the…? Severus?

At that moment, reality made itself known again as the room was filled with students standing to leave the classroom as the bell rung signalling that class was over and it was time for lunch. No one saw that Harry was missing.

Back inside the classroom, Snape had yet to notice that one particular student was still inside his class. He was too busy checking everyone's potions. He knew it was lunchtime, but he decided to skip it today.

Harry –not moving an inch– stopped blushing. Desire started to cloud. He stood from his chair and stood beside Snape. The smell of spices was stronger!


It was coming from him!


His Potions Professor!


And he snapped.