Zelda's Regret

Since the dawn of this awesome land

We've been appointed with this hand

Never to succumb to our will

Instead to accept; so please be still

Amongst the many we are the few

There's nothing else that we can do

To stop the play of fates

But to accept out destinies and to wait

As history repeats again and again

All because of the evil in men

Our Naiveté is to blame

How I wish you had never came

For then I would not have dragged you into this

You say you did it for love, in bliss

I know now that it's my fault we've been thrown into an everlasting paradox

So I pull back my tresses, my golden locks

To signify the end of what may have been

And to sink through the black spiral within

The Land of Hyrule we've crushed with our hands

Even though our intentions were to save this golden land.