The Triforce

The Triforce

Balanced heart of purity

Bears the golden relics three

With equal strengths of mind and might

With all the courage left to fight

For all that stands for good and glee

Against the dark monstrosity

For what good is wisdom

Without the power to protect it

Or the courage to spread it?

For what good is power

Without the courage to wield it

Or the wisdom to control it?

And what good is courage

Without wisdom to draw the line between bravery and foolishness

Or the power to back its reckless nature?

Nay, balanced must the wielder be

To hold these golden relics three

Lest far apart they will disperse

To chosen three yet to coerce

The one with wisdom so divine

The one with power great and fine

The one with courage unrefined

And so the treasures of the gods

Will find their bearers within odds

That undermine zero to ten

Yet bearers will be found again

If troubled times must be poured to

Their blessed lands of green and blue

So that a hero may be found

To fight the villain that's come 'round

To take the wisdom for his own

Perhaps when said hero is grown

And in time take his courage, too

In a sad, doomed attempt to rule

But heroes always will prevail

Against the fires, rain, and hail

And through his lessons learned well

The evil beasts that he must fell

He will become a balanced soul

His heart hath earned the Triforce whole

His wish would make all as it should

Undoing wrong and spreading good

Once more the Triforce takes its flight

To wait 'til legends fade at night

To bedtime stories for the small

Unknown to most, yet truth to all

Hidden away from human eyes

Awaiting light from godly skies