Summary: After Sasuke returns back , so does his older sister! It's just a bunch of random stories of Sasusaku. The introduction is rather important and might seem sad, b ut its suppose to be funny.

Returning Uchihas

After a week from returning to Konoha, Sasuke had changed drastically both physically and mentally. He's opening up more and spending more time with Sakura and Naruto, especially when eating ramen since Team 7 kinda broke. Tsunade, the fifth Hokage, didn't give Sasuke a severe punishment but instead excluded him from all missions for a period of time, thus allowed him to bond with his fellow teammates and friends. Anyway…

It was that normal sunny morning in Konoha. Sasuke was walking down the street when he spotted a familiar pink-headed figure sitting on the grass. Since he actually had nothing to do, he approached her quietly and stood beside her.

"Yo." He said.

Sakura turned her head swiftly in shock and jerked back a bit. After seeing Sasuke's face, she calmed down and flashed a warm smile at him.

"Ohayou, Sasuke-kun," She replied.

Sasuke gave a small smile towards her and sat down beside her. The two remained quiet for a while until, unexpectly, someone broke the silence.

"You're talking to me more often now Sasuke-kun. Why is that?" Sakura asked him quietly not looking up to him.

Sasuke was taken back from the question and just stared at her. Not knowing what the do, he smiled once again.

"Because I'm back home." He replied.

Sakura smiled to herself. Though he didn't want her to know, Sasuke had been attracted to her since he returned. It wasn't just because she became more beautiful now, but because he now knew she was always there for him. However, even he doesn't know what it is.

"Also, I don't think I'll be leaving again." He stated sternly.

Sakura, at last, looked up to him and gave a true, beautiful smile. The two looked into each other's eyes for a long time until…

"How cute, Sasuke-kun is with a girl." said a voice.

Both Sakura and Sasuke turned around only to find a cloaked figure. Obviously, the figure was smirking. Pridely, he stood in front of Sakura, whom was in fear now. Sasuke activated his Sharingan as the cloaked figure did nothing.

"Who are you?" He asked furiously.

"Ada? Sasuke-kun can not remember his own sibling?" The cloaked-figure brought up the face but only revealed two Sharingan eyes as well.

Shocked, Sasuke could only think it was Itachi and took out his Kusunagi in a stance. Sakura backed away not knowing anything of what is going on.

"Itachi, what do you want?" Sasuke asked in anger.

"Itachi? What on earth do you mean?" The cloaked-figure questioned dumbfounded.

"Don't play dumb on me, you killed the whole clan!" Sasuke shouted towards the figure.

"I know about that but you're wrong about two things: I'm not Itachi and he didn't kill the whole clan. There were three survivors: You, Itachi, and--"

The figure took off the hooded-cloak only to reveal a woman around her 20s with long black hair and the same black eyes of Sasuke. She wore a long blue sleeveless coat around her with the Uchiha sign on the back. Surprisingly, she had the natural trademark Uchiha smirk like Sasuke and Itachi.

"Me." The woman continued.

Sasuke and Sakura stared at the woman in shock. How was that possible? The only known survivors were Sasuke and Itachi. Whether or not he believed it, Sasuke remained his stance with an angered face.

"Just who the hell are you?" He asked once again is fury.

The woman stared at him dunbfounded as she approached him. Sasuke still remained his stance watching the woman's every move. However, she suddenly disappeared from his sight as his eyes widen.

"She's fast!" He thought.

Before he could blink, the woman was already in front of him and pecked his forehead with a finger.

"How do you like that, Sasuke-kun?" She asked with a grin.

Sasuke stepped back as he rubbed his forehead. Sakura observed him carefully, but Sasuke quickly recovered with a pissed face.

"Oy, what the hell was that for, Shizuka-neesan?" He asked rather irritated.

Realizing what he just said, he stared at the woman in shock.

"It can't be…" He muttered out.


At the main entrance to the Uchiha household sits a young 16-year-old girl wearing a Konoha headband and a jounin jacket preparing to leave. Next the her is a young 5-year-old Sasuke who stares at her nervously.

"Shizuka nee-san, are you really leaving the house?" He asked nervously.

The girl named Shizuka turned to her little brother and flashed a smile. "Yes, Sasuke-kun. It's an important mission that might last a while."

"But neesan, will I get to see you?" He asked once again.

"Don't worry Sasuke-kun, I'll come back for sure!" She replied cheerfully.

The young Sasuke was not yet pleased with the answer. He sighed heavily, but it didn't got unnoticed to Shizuka. Again, she flashed another smile and patted his head.

"Sasuke, It'll be fine. I bet you Oto-san will sign you up at the Ninja Academy before I get back!"

"But neesan, the house will be lonely without you."

Much to his surprise, Shizuka pecked his forehead with a forehead as he jerked back.

"Itai!" He sqeaked.

"Sasuke-kun I promise you I'll be back before you know it, okay?"

Satisified with his sister's answered, he gave a warm smile towards her.

"Okay! I promise you when you get back I'll be stronger than ever!"

The two did a pinky promise as Shizuka prepared to leave. In a second, the girl disappeared.


"Impossible…" Sasuke muttered out again.

"It's been a long time, huh Sasuke?" The woman whom Sasuke remember as Shizuka said.