1:00 AM at the Acme bio-chemical labs. Indoors, two security officers are patrolling the grounds of the facility in their nightly rounds with flashlights. Outside, a shadow of a sleek figure blends into the over-casting shadows of the building. The mysterious figure slips into the labs stealthily through a small air vent tunnel. Back inside the labs, the two patrolling guards cross paths on the corridor of the fifth level.

"Very quiet tonight wouldn't you say Bill?" one of the guards chats to the other.

"What are ya talking 'bout Jeff? It's quiet every night." Bill replies leisurely to Jeff.

Suddenly, the sound of a dropping object from further along the corridor interrupts the evening silence surrounding the two guards.

"What was that?" Bill voices. "Came from over there."

"Let's check it out." Jeff advises, waving Bill to follow him.

The two guards swiftly make their way toward the source of the sound. Their flashlights reveal a small intricately-designed metal cylinder lying on the floor.

"What the…?"

Before the guard can complete his question, the lid of the small device bursts open and instantly a grey gas is emitted into the air. The two guards start coughing violently as the gas infiltrates their lungs. They fall to their knees as they begin losing consciousness. Very quickly, the small quantity of noxious gas disperses into the air, and a shadowed figure leaps down from above somewhere. The mysterious intruder steps into the dim lighting as he walks past the collapsed guards. Jeff manages to look up for a moment at the intruder.

"Pleasant dreams gentlemen." the familiar well-spoken voice of the intruder utters.

"Te…Tech E. Coyote! Uhhh…"

Jeff, the guard, finally passes out, with the coyote's diminishing form as the last thing in his vision before he does so. Tech continues to stroll down the corridor in full view of security cameras, which follow his movement toward a sealed room with a warning sign on it. Tech pauses at the security-locked metal doors, apparently studying them for a moment. Then he pulls out a small electronic gadget from a pocket and holds it up to a number-pad by the side of the metal doors. The gadget expels a connecting wire, which attaches itself to the number-pad and starts running codes through it. A few seconds later, the metal doors open for him. Tech walks inside, straight toward a small square metal platform in the centre of the room. Again, Tech's security hacking gadget opens up the platform for the waiting coyote, and a cylindrical canister painted with bio-hazard warnings emerges. Tech grabs the canister with a satisfied smile, then heads out again to make his escape from the labs.