This is the final epilogue readers! Again, lots of thank yous to everyone who's read and left feedback for this story! I have really appreciated it! Hope this ending is satisfactory. Enjoy!


Half an hour later, the police had reached the ACS head building. Some of the Science Council members were being questioned by policemen, others watched in amazement as policemen transferred the frozen body of Aqueous into a transport vehicle. Tech's damaged battle-suit had been removed and he was now cross-armed, leaning his shoulder against the back of an ambulance van, watching with remorsefulness as Aqueous was pushed into the back of the transport vehicle.

Lexi walked up to Tech. "Tech? You look worn out." she commented.

"Haven't had much sleep in the last 48 hours, not surprising." Tech muttered.

She held out some pills to him. "The paramedics say these'll be good to soothe your nerves and subdue any pain."

"I don't need those," Tech solemnly remarked without even looking, "I'm accustomed to stress and physical pain."

Lexi gave Tech a disapproving look, but said nothing and closed her hand over the pills. The other Loonatics joined them then.

"Y'know it's my fault she is what she is now." Tech confessed, not looking at his team mates as he talked.

Ace lay a hand on Tech's shoulder. "Tech, from you've told us, you didn't know…"

"Just like Mallorey Casey! My intervention in her work turned her into a super villain as well!" Tech continued in remorse.

He turned to face his team mates then, anger and guilt apparent in his eyes. "My DNA Stabilizer malfunctioned! Reacted with the M-14 and turned Dr. Aquarius into 'that'!"

Tech pointed toward the police transport vehicle now housing the frozen Aqueous.

"I must be cursed! I'm not helping people, I'm hurting them!"

To his team mates' shock, Tech slammed the side of his fist into the ambulance van's metal door in frustration.

"And y'know what else? I built that DNA Stabilizer over a year ago soon after the meteor collision because…because I was afraid!"

"Afraid of what?" Rev asked in an uncommon slower speech rate.

"Of what I had become! My powers weren't easy for me to control let alone accept in the beginning! I couldn't leave a concrete house for the first 3 months after exposure to the meteor's radiation! 'Coz every time I walked into a metal building, my magnetic energies would attract the metal walls and cause them to start caving in toward me! I'd be endangering others as well as myself if I went anywhere near metal of any sort! I created that DNA Stabilizer to aid the ACS in their research for a cure for meteor-induced mutation. I wanted to be normal again. Now it's done the exact opposite! It's turned an innocent person 'abnormal'!"

Ace and the others glanced at one another nervously, unsure of how to respond to their coyote friend's anguish.

"Dr. Aquarius was confused, scared, bitter…like I was initially. She was a victim, not a real villain."

"At least the police now will launch an investigation against the ACS and into the events surrounding her accident half a year ago." Ace tried to offer.

"Too little, too late." Tech murmured sadly.

The other Loonatics looked at Tech with pity and sympathy.

"Tech, we all do things that we regret…" Lexi began.

"But how many of you have done things that destroyed lives?" Tech responded with emotional pain painting his expression. Turmoil was written in his lime-green eyes.

"Tech…" Rev tried to comfort his friend, reaching for him.

But Tech pushed Rev's hands away. "I need to be alone for a while."

With that, Tech walked down the street, away from his team mates, away from the busy sounds of police radios and talking people, away from the city's lights, away from his inner torment.

The End.