Title: Distractions

Rating: T overall I think.

Disclaimer: Sadly House and Wilson are not mine.

Summary: Wilson decides to start dating again after his divorce. Eventually House/Wilson.

A/N: The fic is set post- Julie, but no references made to season three as I live in the UK so I haven't seen any of those episodes yet! As always any reviews/comments will be gratefully received.


Wilson walked into the Oncology lounge and sat in the corner furthest away from the door. He had chosen to hide in the lounge because he hardly ever spent any time in there, so he didn't expect anyone to find him. He couldn't face the prospect of spending hours concentrating on budget reports and other pieces of mind-numbing administration on that particular morning. He wanted to just sit quietly and drink his coffee and pretend everything was fine.

But his mind betrayed him as he kept wondering why he felt quite so uneasy. He tried taking a step back to look at his life objectively. It seemed as his life was now back on track. His divorce had been finalised and he had finally moved into his own apartment. So he knew he should be happier but instead he felt lost. He couldn't explain it, but if he was honest with himself, he really didn't want to analyse why he was feeling that way. He had found it easier to work, taking on more patients and more paperwork and filling the rest of his time hiding away from everyone, including House. The last person he wanted to see was House. He would take one look at him and tell him all the things Wilson wasn't willing to hear.

Wilson found himself staring out of the window, looking down at all the people walking in and out of the hospital. He felt a hand rest on his shoulder and he whipped his head around to see Sheila, one of the nurses who worked on the Paediatric Oncology ward standing in front of him.

"Hmm?" He said distractedly.

"Dr. Wilson, I asked if you're okay." She said with friendly concern.

"Yes, I'm fine." He replied a little too harshly. He wondered why at that moment, his mind was concentrating on the fact she had called him Dr. Wilson. She had worked in the department for a long time and was nearing retirement age. It seemed strange to him that she still addressed him in such a formal manner. He then realised that no-one in his department called him by his first name. He was their boss, but it shouldn't have to exclude him from having any good friends amongst his colleagues. He shook that thought out of his mind and smiled back at Sheila. It was his usual charming smile. The one he used for his patients when he tried to reassure them. He saw Sheila return the smile.

"I'm sorry Sheila. I'm having a bad week." The explanation wasn't really the truth, but he knew it would enough for Sheila to leave him alone. She would fill in the details about patients of his that had died, or the ones that didn't have any hope of responding to treatment. He saw the sympathetic look in her eyes as she patted his shoulder once again before walking away.

Wilson sighed as he rubbed his hand over his face. It was pointless hiding away, he thought. He couldn't find any peace wherever he was. He stood up and decided to go back to his office. He had to take the long way to avoid walking past House's office. He knew House was busy with a particularly difficult case and so he didn't want to get sucked into the black hole of the Diagnostics department.

He reached his office without incident, but once he was there he felt restless. He chuckled when he realised it seemed as if he and House had swapped personalities. House was completely immersed in his case while he was thinking of new ways to avoid work. He still had the rest of the morning to fill so he decided to see his assistant Alice. He knew she just loved to talk, so he could sit there and listen to her tell him stories about her life.

Wilson headed out to the small office adjoining his where Alice worked. Alice was sitting at her desk busy typing up a letter. She looked up to see Wilson walking into the room.

"Dr. Wilson, I have those letters you wanted." She handed over a file to him.

"Thanks, Alice." He replied glad she had given him an excuse to be there.

"I wanted to ask you something. It's personal." Alice began in hushed tones. Wilson sat down in the chair next to her desk as it occurred to him that it might be a medical problem. His expression quickly changed to one of concern.

"Are you okay?" He asked softly.

"Oh yes! I'm fine." Alice laughed, her face reddening a little. "I think I told you about my younger sister Kate. She's a teacher here in Princeton." Wilson racked his mind, but came up with nothing.

"Yes." Wilson replied as he nodded his head nevertheless.

"That's Kate." Alice pointed to one of the many photographs that were pinned on a board next to her computer monitor. Wilson looked across to see a dark haired woman who was probably in her mid-thirties, smiling brightly. "She got divorced two months ago." Alice let the sentence hang in the air as she looked at him expectantly.

"Really?" Wilson asked, finally realising where the conversation was going.

"I mentioned to her how you're a really good boss and such a nice man." Alice continued.

Wilson desperately wanted to roll his eyes at her comment. 'Dr. James Wilson was a nice man.' He said to himself. 'That is going to be my epitaph.' He silently added.

"So I was wondering if you were ready to start dating again." Alice smiled, full of hope.

"Um…" Wilson said trying to stall for a few seconds. His mind was shouting no and he was trying to think of a suitable excuse, any excuse to let Alice down gently. It wasn't that Kate wasn't pretty, but the thought of exchanging divorce horror stories over dinner wasn't that appealing. And Kate would figure out that he really wasn't a nice guy soon enough.

"I'll give her a call and set up a date." He replied, knowing that he couldn't disappoint Alice.

"That's great. You'll really like Kate I'm sure." Alice's smile turned into a full beaming grin. She fished her sister's cell phone number out of her purse and handed the piece of paper to Wilson.

"I'll call her now." Wilson continued, wondering if he could find a way to mysteriously lose Kate's number on the short journey back to his office.

Wilson returned to his office sat down in his chair after picking out his cell phone from his coat pocket. As he stared at the phone, he thought perhaps Alice was right; that he was ready to start dating again. Maybe a meaningful relationship was what he needed to help him reconnect with his life and stop him being so distant from everyone and everything around him. He dialled the number Alice had given him and set up a date for that Friday.

It was only after he had finished the call he realised he should have locked the doors to his office. House's teasing would have lasted for days if he had been caught talking to Kate. Wilson sighed with relief as he decided that he felt a little better. He was finally taking steps to address his situation.