Summary: Max is raised by Sandeman to prepare her for an unknown cause. He is recruiting anyone to help prepare her, even asking Lydecker for help. (The estimated chapters for this story is ten, fifteen tops if I run over. So you could say anything between 10-15 if I go over.)

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Lydecker sat at his desk in his office looking at his computer screen. The screen was showing a list of numbers, an estimate of ten, and only one number in particular was highlighted. He rubbed the bridge of his nose as he stared at the highlighted number on the screen and placed his finger over the delete button. This deletion could change a lot of lives, including his own but what are the chances of someone finding out. The subject of this number would be long gone and would no longer exist by the time someone found out, so there was nothing to worry about except for this deletion. He'll be losing a soldier, an X5 at that, but this one was special. The one who wanted her out said so. Yeah a girl, a baby girl was special then all the other X5s like her and this guy, Sandeman wanted her out of the hands of Manticore. Losing all the necessary training a soldier such as herself was suppose to grow up to be. But Sandeman had a plan for her. He told him, himself.

A black SUV pulled up in a dark alley next to an old factory, deserted for years to only have hobos and growing mold to live in it. The door opened and Lydecker stepped out of the freezing air of December. He rubbed his hands together and breathed some warm puff of breath in it to get his hands warm. A black Sedan ache it way around the corner to drive slowly into the alleyway. Lydecker watched as it came to a stop and the driver got out opening the back door. A mid-aged man in a black suit stepped out with a cane in hands and made his way over to Lydecker.

"What's the meaning of this, Sandeman?" Lydecker simply asked.

"I need you to do something for me. I need you to steal a baby from Manticore. But I need you to do it under wraps." Sandeman said profoundly.

"May I ask why you want this baby out of Manticore?"

"She is special."

"Aren't they all," Lydecker stated more then asked.

"She is different. Different then all the rest and I want her well being with me then with Manticore."

"How special are we talking here, Sandeman?"

"The survival and protection of man kind, kind of special, Deck. I will need to train her further then what Manticore can."

"And what can you teach her that Manticore can't?" Lydecker asked curiously.

The only answer Lydecker received was a smile from the man. Sandeman held out a manila folder and handed it over to Lydecker, walking back to the car after the exchange. He turned back to Lydecker right before he got into his car.

"That's the file on who I want you to steal for me. Do this Lydecker and there may be more use for you later on." After that, Sandeman got into the car and the Sedan drove away.

But there were other reasons why he was debating this deletion, personal reasons. The baby girl was of importance to him too being that she was designed with some DNA of his dead wife. It would be like losing his wife again, losing someone who could very well be considered his daughter. Not able to watch her under his watchful eyes would be devastating for him. But considering Sandeman's words, just what was a threat to mankind? Isn't what they were doing in Manticore was for the survival of the world, why was she the only one who could do that? Just what are you pulling Sandeman? Lydecker thought, rubbing his hands over his face and through his slightly grey blonde hair. Once again his finger hovers over the button.

No one would know. She could always be replaced.

With a long pause and with one quick downward movement of his finger, the highlighted number disappeared.

I hope I did the right thing. Lydecker thought, leaning back in his chair.


Two months has passed and the next batch of X5 was to be born. All surrogate mothers were hauled into Manticore, known as a hospital to the mothers, to extract the new editions for Manticore. All but one and she was the carrier of what Sandeman was waiting for. She was brought in by ambulance when she went into labor and taken to a small clinic. Medical officials surround her and prep her for the delivery. One person, uniformed in blue scrubs and a face masked, observed the commotion in front of him. He watched as they placed her on the table, placing her feet in stirrups and putting an IV in her. Soon machines joined in the mix and beeping from the EKG was heard from the doctor giving orders. All eyes were focus on the woman. The man watched as the doctor instructs the young woman to push and nurses around them assisted them both. This lasted only when the sound of a baby crying from under the sheets over the woman's legs were heard. The man away from the action could see from his point of view that the bloody baby girl was healthy and stable as the nurses cleaned and measured her. Once they were done, they wrapped her in the clinics issued blanket and handed her over in the arms of the waiting scrub man.

"Wait. Wait where are you taking my baby," the young woman voiced, seeing her baby girl being taken from the room. "Please, I want to see my baby. MAX!"

But her pleading fell on deaf ears as the man continue out the door. Standing outside the door stood a man in his mid-thirties with a lab coat on with the name Dr. Michaels on it was waiting patiently against the walls. When the door opened, he stood erect and the man in scrubs carrying the baby, who was now falling asleep, walked fully out the door.

"There's a black van parked outside, sir. The driver is asking for you… and the baby," Dr. Michaels said looking towards the baby girl.

"Good. You know what to do," the man in scrubs said behind the mask.

"Yes sir."

Dr. Michaels pulled out a syringe from his pocket filled with clear liquid. He taped the barrel and pushed up the plunger to release the liquid of its air bubbles and head inside the room where the young woman could be heard still screaming for her baby. The man in scrubs walked outside with the sleeping baby in hands and in front of the building where indeed a van was parked. Two men stood in front of it with their hands behind their backs and waited tolerantly for the man to come over.

"Were you sent by Sandeman?" He asked.

The two men said nothing. One of them reached up and taps the side of the van and the back doors opened. A woman in scrubs herself jumped out and walked over to take the baby from the man's hands. Finally released from the infant, the man pulled down his mask to reveal Lydecker. Both men next to the van went their separate ways, with one heading behind the van to close the door after the woman stepped back in with the baby and headed to the other side of the van and the other man headed up front to get behind the wheel. Once they both were secured in their seats, the driver rolled down his window and turned to Lydecker.

"This is for you," he simply said.

Lydecker walked over to the van and grabbed the small envelope from him. The van was pulling out of the parking lot and on the main road before Lydecker had the envelope opened. In it were two papers. One was the main letter and the other was a plain white piece of paper with seven series of number on it. With the numbers was a name: Sandeman. He stuffed the paper with the number on it back in the envelope for safe keeping and turned his attention to the letter. He read the small letter inside carefully.

Dear Lydecker,

I hope everything went according to plan getting the baby girl out safely, and that there were no problems for you. I should assume by now that the van I sent over to the appointed destination has reached you and is now on it's way back to me with our precious little one. And by now you are reading my letter. As you must know I am a scientist and know nothing of war tactics and fighting. This girl is going to need someone of your specialties to train her. I want you to be that person. I understand your time and patience is needed at Manticore but my pupil is of most importance. With out this training, then I am afraid she won't last without any knowledge of protecting herself and other lives around her. If you do decide to help me, we again are going to have to do this secretly. No one is to know about this training or about her, as I'm sure you did all that needs to be done to rid our little one of her existence. I am giving you five years tops for your decision. Five years is more then enough to decide and it give my little one time to grow and wait for your arrival to train her. Do know since I am giving you five years to come up with an answer, I am not a patient man. I would like to expect your answer sooner then later. Still the little one will have to wait to grow to be train. I know you may have questions about why I am doing this, but I am afraid that none of your questions can be answered. At least not now, but in due time they will. Only I and a couple of others know what I am doing here. And although I trust you to train her, that doesn't mean I trust you, well not yet at least. I am taking a huge risk involving you now, for your sake and mine. But you're the only one I can get in such short notice. But your action now has been much promising and you're slowly but surely making it on my list. Until I hear from you with your answer, only then will you know where my hide-out is. I hope I can rely on you Deck, for the future of mankind depends on it.

Until then,


Lydecker stuffed the letter in his scrub's pants pocket and headed back inside the clinic. He came just in time to see Dr. Michaels and the two nurses from the delivery room come out with the young woman, who looked to be sleeping now. Dr. Michaels walked ahead of them and met halfway down the hall to meet Lydecker.

"The doctors got her stabled and are moving her to the facility just like the other surrogate mothers. From there they'll monitor her and once she's well enough they'll start the process." Dr. Michaels stated.

"Good, it's what I like to hear." Lydecker said looking at the sleeping woman turning the corner and disappeared.

"If you don't mind me asking sir but what happened to the baby? I know you want this to be top secret but shouldn't she be going to Manticore? She's one of Manticore's top creations."

"I do mind Dr. Michaels and all you need to know is that all nine babies were born healthy and ready for Manticore. There wasn't a tenth one. It never existed, it died. And must I remind you that if any of this should come out, I holding you responsible. You wouldn't want that to happen do you Dr. Michaels?"

The doctor shook his head cautiously and Lydecker nod before leaving himself.


It's been a year since the extraction of the baby girl and Lydecker was on edge. It was about three months ago that the Manticore of Wyoming received its new director and she was a piece of work. Renfro was her name and she played no games. She was strict and uptight. Bossy and do her job to the utmost of prescience and skill. But most of all she was a bitch. Everybody hates her, including him but he has to give the woman some credits. Because her well train eye, she found out about the missing X5, Sandeman's baby girl. Though she didn't found out what really happen to the X5, she did found out about the data sheet of every recorded Manticore creations being created and found the missing link. Somehow it didn't match up with the data sheet printed out two years ago to the one printed out the year after. How could he be so stupid? Manticore was an elite top secret government facility. Everything was checked twice to make sure nothing get screwed up. And how could he forgot that? And for him, it was very simple. He had other things on his mind to think about than the other list. Like for instances, trying to figure out how to get a very important girl from Manticore. He may have deleted her from the computer mainframe and from Manticore itself but not of the other list. Renfro was on his case for that until he had to explain to her that the tenth baby was dead on delivery. A simple loss was all that it was. She took it as the answer it was but she answered with the need of more X's. She didn't care about the loss she only cared about the greed of having more and having them trained and controlled. Since that incident was over, he could focus on getting ready to train these new series of X5s, but his mind kept wondering back to the baby girl. Did she get her barcode, was she showing signs of enhancement beyond human, was she still alive. These thoughts plague him everyday and every time he looks at one of the toddlers of the X5s group, he thinks he can picture her. Of her baby self of course. When he was home, he looks over the letter he received from Sandeman and the phone number. Just what was stopping him from taken Sandeman up on his offer? He could do it. He was only really responsible supervising other officers of their training with the new Xs and maybe his own twelve when they come of age. It would give him an excuse to see her. To see how she turned out, to see how she fair to the ones being trained at Manticore. Again only would their training start when they turn five but they are slowly being taught simple military tactics and commands. But how was he to teach her and his prospective twelve? Would he be able to do it? Not to mention that his life was on the line here. If anyone finds out that he was part of an extraction of a baby X5, then his life was over. But then again, no one would found out because all that knows about the extraction wouldn't dare undermine his authority on the matter. And to top it all off, just what was Sandeman planning and what did he knew that would put mankind in jeopardy? He wouldn't know if he didn't do this. Maybe he could snoop around while training her, find some answer on his own. Plus, the need to really see her. Making up his mind, he pulled out the letter from his side drawer from his desk and dumped the contains on his desk top. Picking up the piece of paper with the number on it, he dialed the number and waited. It wasn't until three rings did someone picked up.

"Hello Deck, I was wondering when you would call," said the voice of Sandeman on the other end. Lydecker frowned, puzzled to know how he knew it was him. "I have many friends, decks." Sandeman answered and to Lydecker, almost reading his mind. "What can I do for you?"

"It's about your offer. Does it still stand?"

"Well surely you should know the answer to that question Lydecker. The question is can I trust you?"

There was a great paused before Lydecker gave his answer.

"Yes, yes you can trust me."

"Good. Expect to receive an email from me within four years from now. We'll be waiting. Oh and Deck, don't disappoint me."

The line went dead on the other end and Lydecker hung up. He was in. Only four years to wait.


Four years later

"All of them are doing exceptional well. Their vitals are normal and they are all showing sign of genetic enhancement surpass those of regular human," stated a doctor with his clipboard in hand.

The doctor, Renfro and Lydecker were standing behind a two-way mirror, observing the five through six year olds in the next room. They were all sitting in rows of tables looking at the screen, projecting Manticore's mantra: Duty, Discipline, and Mission. Though they only begun training two weeks ago, this was a start of many lesson soon to follow.

"How soon will they be able to start the basic training," Renfro asked when the projector cut off and an officer stepping into the room with the X5s to escort them out.

"Well at this age it would be best to start them off on physical exercises and combat training, just to see how they fair," Lydecker answered.

"They're created to be soldier, Decks I thought waiting was a problem." Renfro said leaving out the door with the two men following her.

"True but we want to take our time with them. They're our first success and rushing things with them would only be half teaching them."

"But yet we created them to be well designed soldiers to think quickly and move fast. I don't want to hear taking it easy with them. They are not regular five and six year olds. I want to hear results and I want to see it by two weeks, or I can find someone else for the job." Renfro said stopping to look at the men.

"Yes, ma'am," Lydecker and the doctor said in unison.

Renfro left the men with a nod and disappeared around a corner.

"I guess I can go and see can I up the speed to their cardio exercises," the doctor said out loud, more to himself then to the man standing beside him.

Lydecker was by himself in the now empty hallway, rubbing his tired eyes. The sound of a whistle woke him up and followed the sound until he was standing outside the door and the training room. The X5s series were doing their routine combat training with the officer blowing his whistle to signal for them to change positions. Kick, block, punch, back again, and change it up. The same moves over and over again. He walked further in the room, where, more in the back row, could he see his squad of twelve. They were focus and determined but yet so innocence on the outside. You wouldn't think they were enhanced being if it wasn't for their buzz cut, grey shirt and pants, and most of all barcodes. These were future soldiers to be. Thinking he might as well start on upgrading the X5s training, he left the room to go to his office.

He plopped down in his chair tiredly and grabbed at a couple of papers that had scheduled training on them. A beeping noises coming from his computer caught his attention and he looked up curiously. In the middle of his computer screen was a white box resembling an envelope, indicating he had mail. Reaching over for his mouse, he clicked the envelope and it opened to show a message, an address to be exact.

Cabin #412, Dell, Wyoming

Behind the address was a number and it was counting down from five, four, three, two, one, and the email blink off. Lydecker tried to bring it back up but it was no use. The email was gone. Who would send me…Sandeman? Lydecker thought and he quickly, with the address still fresh in his mind, wrote it down on a piece of paper. Four years, four years have gone and had passed and so quick too. He nearly forgot about his deal with Sandeman to train the girl, the now five year old. He could feel a little excitement growing inside of him. Once he's off duty, he'd go over to see her.


It wasn't much of a drive but it was pretty far from Gillette, Wyoming. Mainly back roads into forests and small road side towns but that was it. He looked up the address on the map and circled the area to where Dell, Wyoming was. Like the many towns he passed, Dell wasn't any different. Driving through it was like a deserted abandon town with little bars and convenient stores. Driving further were more forests. It wasn't until Lydecker almost reached the Leaving Dell sign did he see the dirt road he was suppose to turn off at. His SUV easily rode the less traveled road deep into the forest until a sign mentioning Dell's rental cabins indicated he was getting close. The road was starting to widen as he near the cabins but a set of rope and chain end his driving. On the rope was a sign that said closed in big white letters but also a white envelope hung on about an inch away from it. Turning off his car and opening the door, he stepped out to grab the envelope.

Come in

Was all it said and Lydecker looked ahead to see that the cabins were only about a hundred yards away. Going back to his car, he opened the back door and grabbed a small backpack and swings it over his shoulder. Dunking under the chains and ropes, he prepared for the long walk.

Making it the cabins, like the town the area seem deserted. Most of the cabins grew vines over them and mold and others were falling apart. Only one cabin caught his attention and it was the one that looked sort of descent. Though vines grew on it, it looked as though someone has been working on it to keep it in shape. Lydecker followed the gravel path leading up to the well built cabin. Movement through the windows caught his attention and he stopped in his track to notice two small dark figures looking through the window, behind tan looking curtains. Lydecker begin to move again and the two figures were gone. Almost reaching the steps, a clicking noise was heard and then the sound of someone's voice came on, onto the speaker.

"Hold it right there," said the voice. Yet it sound so familiar to Lydecker. "Drop the pack and open your jacket." Doing as he was told, Lydecker dropped his pack and opened his jacket to show he was clean of any items except for the black leather jacket and black pants with a brown shirt. "Leave your things where they are, you may enter."

Making his way up the stairs, he opened the door and before he could set foot inside the door, he was grabbed from behind and pushed inside. The person behind him held his arms behind his back and quickly pats him down from top to bottom. Lydecker tried to struggle to get free but the person had a tight grip on him.

"Try not to struggle so much Decks, it just a quick search," the voice of Sandeman said from around the corner.

Lydecker looked up just in time to see Sandeman and one of the guys he seen standing by the van a year ago walking from the corner to join him in the room. The other man, who gave him the letter, came around him and stood next to his partner beside Sandeman.

"You'll have to excuse my men for being antisocial but I need to make sure you wasn't wired or anything to put us in jeopardy."

"I thought you trust me," Lydecker questioned while straining up his jacket back on his shoulder.

"Yes, I do but it's just a precaution to take for safety measures." Lydecker nod in understanding. "Please follow me." Sandeman waved him over into the next room, where a table set with two chairs set at both ends. Following Sandeman lead, they both sat down in the chairs.

"You must be thirsty from your long walk here, care for a drink?"

"Sure. Do you have any whiskey?"

One of the men left the room to come back with two small glassed of brown liquid set in ice. Lydecker to a small sip and let the liquid burn and cool his parch throat. He set the glass down once he was through with it and looked at the man before him. Sandeman had a smile on his face while holding and swirling his glass around before taking a sip.

"So how do we do this," Lydecker asked, breaking the silent they were in.

"You mean how you do this. You're the expert here, how do you train an X5?"

"Well it depends. On her capabilities, how is she? Is she showing any signs of being genetically enhance, do she have any defects?"

"She's certainly healthy and yes she have all the signs of enhance being."

"Can I see her?"

"First tell me how you'll being her training." Sandeman said leaning up against the table.

"Well, she'll need to be discipline; mind set as a soldier and understands the full intent of her abilities. I will have to mold her…"

"She has already been molded Donald." Sandeman interrupted. "Her mind set and everything is perfectly well. She is not one of your kids to be some brainless drone to just follow orders. Here she is a simple five year old girl with a mind of a child. You're to only teach her how to survive."

"True but if what you said is true and she is the protector of mankind then she will have to learn to kill to protect and survive when the time comes."

"Correct, when the times come but right now she is just a child. Learning to kill will come later when she is old enough to understand why to kill. This isn't the time. I want you to solely train her physically for now and later on we'll talk about her mind stage."

Lydecker looked away to think about what Sandeman was offering him to do. Her training would be different then the ones from Manticore. She'll be behind and there's no telling when her role as the protector will come into play. If he wants me to train her then it should be my way.

"Don't tell me you're having second thoughts Donald." Since when did we come to first name bases, Lydecker thought.

"No. Fine I'll teach her the basics. It would help me if you tell be what we are in danger of so then I can prepare efficiently."

"Soon Decks but for now we take it slowly, but please continue."

"Well, first combat training. We'll start her off with some basic move and then gradually work our way up. More importantly, I need to see what she is capably of, her stamina, speed, strength, and mind. After that the other stuff should come easy."

"I see," was all Sandeman said.

"I will need equipment for her training. Do you have any or do I have to…"

"I'll give you what you need. Just make a list and I'll have it for you."

Lydecker nod his head and in the process caught something from the corner of his eyes. Looking to his left to where the room he left from stood someone hiding behind the corner. A small shoulder and brown hair was all he could see from the person but Lydecker know that the person was too tall to be the five year old girl. Sandeman must of saw this and smiled.

"Oh how can I forget, my sons. Joshua, Issac, please come out and meets the new addition to our squad."

The figure was hesitating at first but with another call from his father, the young boy round the corner along with another one with dark hair. They both had their head down with their long hair covering their faces. The two young boys made it to their father side and stood their.

"Don't be shy. Joshua, Issac, introduce your selves." Sandeman encouraged.

The taller one, with brown hair slowly lifts his head up to reveal a child with some distinctive features. He has canine features only to his nose and upper lip. He ducked his head back down when Lydecker was staring.

"Li…like to me…meet you. My name is Joshua. A…and this," he pointed to his brother, who stood on the other side of their father. "Is my brother, Issac."

Lydecker looked over at the shorter one by an inch to see a little behind the wall of hair that he too sure the features of a dog too. The oldest looked to be ten years old and the smallest one looked to be nine years old by Lydecker standards as he looked them over. It wasn't like he hadn't seen people of Joshua and Issac kind before but it was surprising to see that Sandeman would experiment on his kids and keep them with him.

"Like to meet you Joshua and Issac," Lydecker said still amazed by their features.

"They were my first experiment before I worked with Manticore. But since I left I couldn't leave them in their possible hands. I mean they are my boys and I love them." Lydecker just nodded. "Anyway, we have one more introduction to be made," Sandeman stood.

Lydecker stood from his chair and followed Sandeman and his two sons out the door with the two men behind them. They walked around the cabin to the back where a huge lake surrounded by trees stood and by the pond were a dock and one small boat floated. On the dock sat a small girl with raven hair the length of her shoulder sat reading a book. Her hair flowed around her face as they moved closer towards the dock. Joshua ran ahead with Issac behind him and ran onto the dock to get her attention. They blocked Lydecker view of her looking up to see who had come to join her on the dock but he did catch the color of her skin when she stood to jump in Joshua's arm and he swung her around, soft caramel skin with small black lines of her barcode on her neck as her hair fell over her right shoulder once Joshua stopped swinging her around..

"She grew to love my boys. She didn't fear them when she saw them. And they just love to play together." Sandeman smiled as if caught in a memory. Shaking his head, he focused back on the three making their way over to the men standing by a tree. Joshua put her down to walk on her own and she cut out running towards them.

"Father," she screamed with a smile on her face.

Lydecker finally got a full peek of her face. Nice rounds face with dark brown doe eyes and full lips. She was beautiful but that was what they were design to be, but she was beautiful point. Lydecker couldn't help but see his dead wife a little in her and when she yelled father, he felt like what-if. All that soon vanished from his mind when she jumped into the welcoming arms of Sandeman.

"Father I finished the book you gave me,' her little voice said after Sandeman put her down.

"That nice and you can tell me all about it later but right now I have someone for you to meet."

Her small eyes followed Sandeman's line of direction and focused on Lydecker. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Is he here to help train me," she asked.

"Why don't you ask him," Sandeman said looking towards Lydecker.

Her eyes burrowing into Lydecker as to ask by eye contact to get the message through, and Lydecker smiled widen at the way she tries to read him once her eyes moved to look him up and down.

"Yes, I'm here to train you." Lydecker said getting down on one knee to get down to her level. He can't help but see some of the resemblance.

The smile on her face grew and she took one step towards him to give him a hug. Lydecker slowly lift his arms to return her hug, wrapping his arms around her small body.

"She's a hugger," Sandeman smile with a chuckle.

He released the hug and let her back up and stand there before them as the innocent five years old she is. A surprising looked crossed her face and she quickly turned back to Sandeman.

"Does this mean I will get a name now father? Like Joshua and Issac, does it?" She starts to jump up and down in excitement at the thought of her being given a name. Sandeman looked to the now standing man and looked back to the smiling little girl.

"I don't know do you have anything in mind?"

"No, you promised me you'll name me," she said frowning.

"I don't know how about we let Lydecker name you."

Lydecker looked to Sandeman out of surprise and then to the little girl waiting in front of them. He never really gave one of his kids' names before, only numbers. And telling from her barcode and from the number he deleted five years ago, her number would have been 452. But she wasn't looking for a number; she's looking for a name like him, her father and Joshua and Issac. But why is Sandeman letting him name her and not himself? Lydecker looked to Sandeman again and there he knew. Sandeman is a scientist of course and taught Manticore all it knows. To know about her and her DNA wouldn't surpass him, especially if she is his chosen one to protect mankind. He knew. And for that Lydecker was grateful. But the problem was what he could name her. A memory from five years ago popped up in his head. The surrogate mother who gave birth to 452, she yelled something when he was taken her child away. MAX. She yelled out Max. He could call her Max since in a way the surrogate did carried and provide for her, and it would be a shame to not give her the name she wanted her prospective baby to be.

"Max. Your name could be Max." Lydecker voiced.

Both Sandeman and the little girl mouth the name to get a feel for it. Everyone looked to the five years old and saw the biggest smile ever on her face.

"I like it. My name is Max."

She left the two men to observe her get the feel of calling herself Max until she ran into Joshua and they started to play.

"Good job Deck, you made one little girl happy. Now if you don't mind, we should get back to business. We have to work out a schedule for her training."

Lydecker and Sandeman left the two men with the kids as they play and head inside to discuss preparing Max.

Here is what you can expect in later chapter of Mission 1: Prepare

Max's training is to commence

Someone is joining her in training

Someone get a taste of jealousy

Manticore ruins everything

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