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Dean and Jen's engagement was beautiful. I hope I can pull off a magnificent proposal for Katrina. I think I can do it. Jen said she'd help and that she has an excellent idea. I'll trust her judgment. But the thing is, is that she won't tell me her ideas. She works on it in her room, with Dean, Will, and Emily's help. Grr, it's my engagement and she won't tell me. Whatever. Apparently, I am supposed to go with the flow.


Jen came home from talking to her manager today. According to her manager, she had to go down to Laguna Beach to do a photo shoot and a gig. The manager really liked how Katrina and I did a fantastic job as backup signers. So he's decided to make it official, which we agreed to. So we went along with Jen to Laguna Beach for the gig. We had to leave on Thursday and come back in a week. Jen had to be there by Friday morning so we left Thursday afternoon; it only takes about an hour or two to get there. We packed our bags, included some bikinis, some dresses, girly stuff. Mark the manager said to bring at least four dress up clothes (meaning dresses). We didn't complain. Hey, we got to dress up, why should we complain.

We packed Jen's Spyder and hugged everyone, and kissed our boyfriends/fianc├ęs. I'm sad that our men can't come with us. But Dean and Sam have to shoot an episode and Orli has to go do a movie. ::Tear:: Oh well, I get to hang with my friends. Lix couldn't come out with us, she had class and she wanted to be close to Draco as well. They were really getting into their relationship. It was cute.

Jen drove to Laguna Beach, and it did take about and hour and half. We checked into Surf and Sand Resort and got into our room. There were two beds and a sofa that turns into a bed. Since Jen had the most work here, we gave her a bed, and I took the couch bed. Whatever, more T.V. watching for me.

After we finished unpacking, we went exploring. We put on our bikinis and tried to find the pool. With the help of two cute guys (they basically jumped on Jen), we got to the pool. Katrina and I became Jen's bodyguards. Hehe. We just chillaxed by the pool, getting our tan, and swimming in the pool, for about two hours. Around 5pm, we left and took showers. Katrina decided that we should go out clubbing tonight, so that's exactly what we did. We wore cute outfits and went out for the night. But Jen made us promise that we'd stay faithful to our men, but she looked at me while saying it. Is it my fault I'm such a party animal?