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Naruiko yawned, slowly getting up from the floor, she had went to bed by sleeping on the floor even though Shikamaru told her to sleep on the bed. She liked sleeping on the floor better and she was used to it so she managed to change his mind.

She looked towards said shadow controller who was laying on his back on his back, snoring peacefully and she blushed lightly at him.

Then after waiting for the rest of her body to wake up, she went out of the room and saw that she was the only one awake so she decided to put her cooking skills to work.

She went to the fridge and took some of the egg's and milk, then she got the bread from the cabinet that the Nara's kept it in. After getting all of the supplies she turned the oven on and let it get hot, then she put the cooking pan on the burner and fixed up some fried eggs. Then she put bread in the toaster and laid everything carefully out on the table, there being four plates, one for her, one for Shikamaru, one for Shikamaru's dad, and one for Shikamaru's mom.

Naruiko heard footsteps and was slightly surprised to see all three of them up, they stared at the food and smiled at Naruiko.

"Well well, I didn't expect you to make us breakfast too little Naruiko-chan." Shikamaru's mother said smiling, while "little" Naruiko blushed.

"Well… I thought it was the least I could do for you since you let me stay the night…" She said softly while they all sat down at the table.

"Well it was very nice of you." Dad said ( I shall call them mom and dad now cause I'm lazy ) taking a bite of the eggs. "These are really good too; you'll make a fine wife for Shikamaru." He said smiling a wide smile while Shikamaru just stared lazily at him, Naruiko however nearly choked on her eggs and a large blush appeared on her face.

"I…" She said softly then blushed and started eating quietly.

The adults grinned and the breakfast went on in silence. Then after everyone was finished Naruiko got up and started to take up the dishes, but Mom stopped her. "You cooked breakfast; I'll do the dishes okay?" She said smiling and Naruiko nodded. "Besides you guys have to go don't you? You said you had to go at 8:00." She said pointing to the clock, it was 7:50.

Naruiko eeped, grabbing Shikamaru's arm and rushed out the door. "S… See you later!" She yelled to the Naras who were waving bye at the door.

When they arrived, Naruiko let go of Shikamaru and was surprised to see Sasuke sitting there, he looked asleep. But she shrugged and turned to Shikamaru who was rubbing his arm while glaring slightly at her, making her look down slightly. "Sorry..."

Shikamaru shrugged. "It's alright… It's not that troublesome…" He said and Naruiko smiled.

"Uh… Shika-kun how about we train while we're waiting on sensei?" She asked softly while Shikamaru shrugged and nodded. "Okay, um I think I have the scroll here somewhere…" She said, digging through her pockets. "Here it is…" Holding up a small scroll that was black with red string around it. Opening it, they both looked at the many Jutsu's inside of it.

They had gotten this from the vault Mizuki's letter was in, It was a list of his, and some of his comrade's Jutsu's , thinking back to it Naruiko frowned feeling bad.

-Flash back-

Naruiko and the Hokage were walking down the dark tunnel of the vaults. These vaults were where anyone that lived in the village could store things and it never be broken, even the other villages had vaults and it was the rule of the five nations that no other village could touch another vault, But no important documents could be stored here. Such as a map of the cloud village that was stolen, if any village found out about it being in a vault, that village would instantly be targeted by all other villages, even its allies had to drop its alliance and attack that village.

Anyways, as the Hokage and the Fox girl approached the vault that Mizuki said his letter was in, the Hokage stopped. "Naruiko, are you sure you want me to open this?" He asked and smiled at her small nod. "Okay." He said, turning the small wheel on the vault door and opening it up. Inside surprised both of them.

It was full of cash, bills and coins everywhere, but what stood out the most were three things. One was a big note which the Hokage picked up and started to read out loud.

"To my best friend, Naruiko.

I hope your reading this Naruiko if you are it means my job is done and I'm probably gone. But don't cry, we'll still always be friends. Anyways, this note is to tell you and the Hokage, who I'm sure is probably the one reading this, to understand that I did what I did because I had to. I did it to make you strong Naruiko, and I hope your dreams come true.

But also this is to prove that Naruiko isn't to blame… for the incident that happened to the Uchiha family. I have the proof of this in the note that's left to this one, the scroll to the right of this note is a Jutsu scroll, I wish for Naruiko to have this it has many powerful Jutsu's that she can learn. She can also have all of the cash in here, I'm sure I won't be needing it.

But one last thing, Hokage-sama as a dead, or dying, man's wish I want you to let Naruiko have any section of the Forbidden scroll of seals that she wishes to have, except any you don't wish for her to have.

Bye my friend, Naruiko Have a happy life."

The note ended and the Hokage stopped speaking. He looked at Naruiko who had her head down, tears falling freely onto the ground and the Hokage hugged her softly, whispering relaxing things into her ears.

"H… Hokage-sama…" She said softly, and then looked up at him. "I wish to have the Kage Section of the scroll…" She said and the Hokage smiled and nodded.

-Flash back end-

While she was lost in her thoughts she didn't notice Shikamaru already training, he was using a Shadow controlling Jutsu to move the shadow of a tree. The shadow went up, wrapped around the tree then sliced it into small bits of bark and leaves.

Shikamaru smirked slightly, the shadow constrict was a good Jutsu to have… A little while later, Naruiko was sitting there, still thinking about what has been going on lately, and both of them failed to notice two eyes watching them.

One was Sasuke who was awake the whole time, he was watching them out of the corner of one eye while the other was Kakashi, who was hiding in a tree.

Kakashi was thinking that the boy had skill and could probably make Chunin easily, the girl however; he had no idea what she was able to do.

Sasuke on the other hand, was only thinking of himself as usual. He kept trying to figure out a way to either steal that scroll, or get Naruiko and Shikamaru to let him use it.

Kakashi looked at the small clock he had and smiled, time for work. He quickly jumped down and landed on the ground, all eyes turned towards him. Even Naruiko broke out of her trance to see her Sensei enter the grounds and she quickly put her scroll up. She didn't want him to know of what was in it.

Kakashi smiled at them. "Very good, you're all here." He said and Shikamaru stared at him lazily.

"So why'd you call us out here? And why did you come here three hours later then you told us to be here…" Shikamaru asked, not really caring one way or the other.

Kakashi smiled, and rubbed the back of his head. "Well you see a black cat crossed my path so I had to take the long way." He said while Naruiko and Sasuke rolled their eyes. "Anyways, here's what you're doing." He held up two bells. "You have to get these from me within an hour." He said which caused all of them to be confused, but they nodded anyways. Kakashi smiled and put his clock down on a small stump. "It's a training exorcize, you have to get these from me just as I said, come at me with the intent to kill, or you won't get them." He said and smiled. "Now begin!"

All three of them quickly jumped into the trees in opposite directions.

Naruiko and Shikamaru met up quickly, they both being behind Kakashi and they spotted Sasuke hiding in a tree near them, so they quickly moved over to him.

"What do you losers want?" He said glaring at them.

Shikamaru sighed and stared lazily back. "We have to work together, he's a jounin so I really doubt just one of us can beat him." He said while Naruiko nodded and Sasuke slowly nodded, he knew that just as well as they did. "So we need a plan."

Naruiko blushed a bit and smiled. "I have one…" Both eyes turned towards her and she blushed even more. "Um… I'll distract him with a … Weak genjutsu then Shika-kun you'll get him from behind with your shadow bind while he's distracted, then Sasuke-san you come in and use the most destructive Jutsu you have beside him, don't hit him with it." She said softly and Sasuke stared at her like she was an idiot.

"Why shouldn't I hit him?" He asked and she frowned softly.

"We don't need to kill him Sasuke-san, just get the bells. So you'll make a lot of smoke so he can't see then I'll go in and take the bell's from him." She explained and Sasuke nodded, now it made sense. "Okay ready?" She asked and they both nodded. "Go!" she said and jumped down to the field.

Kakashi turned slowly towards her, his eye half open. "What? Your gonna fight me alone?" He asked and she nodded softly. "Aright, I guess this is a good chance to get some reading in then. " He took out a book and Naruiko's eye twitched slightly. It was the stupid Itcha Itcha paradise book, This will be easier then she thought it would be.

She smiled at him and Kakashi raised his eye brow slightly. "Why are you reading that when… you can have the real thing…" She said doing a small seal and she disappeared in a poof of smoke.

As the smoke cleared, Kakashi's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates as he stared at the beautiful twenty year old Naruiko.

She had long blonde hair that went to her back, she was about as tall as he was and she was wearing a bathing suit that was black with thin strings. The small top of the bathing suit was barely hanging on to her large mounds and she was staring at him with the cutest blue eyes and a soft blush on her cheeks.

"Kakashi-sensei.." She said softly and walked up to him slowly, taking his hand and putting it softly on her butt. "Don't you like this better then some book…?" She asked softly, staring up at him and he slowly used the hand she wasn't holding, it going towards her mound but then he stopped.

Kakashi frowned, he couldn't move a mussel. He struggled, trying to put his hand on the soft mound that was right at his palm! He was so close! Naruiko smiled, jumping away from him and she changed back to her normal form in a poof of smoke. Then Kakashi heard a voice behind him.

"Shadow binding, success." The voice said and he heard a small chuckle, he looked down slightly and saw shadows grabbing his feet. The shadow's slowly made their way up his body until his whole body was completely covered except his head.

Then he heard a shout of "Grand fire ball Jutsu!" And a huge fire ball came at him, his eye's widened in shock and he struggled in the shadows, but to his surprise the fire ball didn't hit him. It hit the ground beside him and made a huge smoke appear blinding him as it went into his eye. He felt something shuffle around at his waist and the smoke slowly cleared, then he realized he could move again.

He frowned, patting his side where his bell's were supposed to be and was surprised again to see that they weren't there. He heard a small giggle and saw Naruiko holding both bell's by the string with Shikamaru and Sasuke standing beside her.

Kakashi smiled a true smile. "You pass your now fully fledged genin."

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