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"Master, its time to get up. Time for school!" Gir said as he jumped up and down on Zim's stomach.

"Alright Gir, please stop before you bruise my squeedly spooch!" Zim hollered as Gir did a flip off his stomach into the floor.

It was Zims first day in High School. Since 4th grade he hadn't really changed expcept he had increased in hieght,5'5 to be exact. Everything was really easy in middle school but now his was entering "Hell" as he had precieved it. He had heard how the new kids, who were called "freshmen", at high school were treated badly. He had been told about the daily beatens and people looking down on them. He was greatly afraid of the things called "swirlys". His plan for the day was to avoid all upperclassmen as much as possible until the day was over and he was in the safety of his base. After putting on his disguise he made his way into the kitchen where Gir had made waffles that were neatly stacked on a plate on the table. Zim ate his share of waffles and made his way to the door.

"Im off to school Gir, remeber to keep the door locked and don't answer it." He said this every time but it still passed through one ear and out the other with Gir.

Zim shut the door behind him and started his walk to school.

When he reached the school he could feel the nerves kick in. It was big. Way bigger than the middle school. There were tons of kids going into the front doors, he could tell that there was a whole lot more kids here than there were at his last school.

"Feeling nervous Zim?" said a voice behind him.

Zim whirled around to see Dib.

"Of course not. Why would ZIM be nervous about going to a FILTHY human school?" he said.

Dib just laughed and walked past him into the school's front doors.After taking another of many gulps he ventured into the school.

There were people sitting at a table who were issuing out schedules for the students. Zim took his place in line.

"Whats your name?" the woman asked him.

"Zim" he replied.

The woman flipped through some papers until she reached the "Z's"

"Here you go, have a nice day." She said handing him the paper.

Zim walked to the side of the table to take a look at his schedule.

1st-Ms. Bitters

2nd-Mr. Haw


4th-Ms. Jones

"How did I get Ms. Bitters again." He exclaimed to himself. He had had her every other year since the 4th grade and now he had to start off his year in high school with her and first period at that. "Am I ever going to get rid of this crazy human teacher?"


Zim turned around to see a group of three girls and a guy bust through the front doors of the school.

"Finally we are no longer Freshmen. No longer will we have to worry about the problems that come with carring that title." Said a girl with purple hair.

"What are you talking about "we". You never had to deal with all the crap the upperclassmen gave us. You were always hanging with them." Said the black haired boy.

"Oh yeah. Well, you wont have to deal with it anymore."

"Excuse me."

The group turned around to see a boy. Zim recognized him as Melvin.

"Can you tell me where Ms. Law's class is?" he asked.

"Ummm...downstairs,it's the 5th door on your..." the purple haired girl did a turn to the left and then to the right."...right." she finished.

"Thank you." He said and began to walk off.

"Wait a minute, are you a Freshmen?" A girl with dark brown hair asked.

"Yes." Melvin answered shakily.

"Sucks for you!"The purple haired one said stepping past Melvin with her group right behind her. Melvin stood there for a couple of secounds with a worried look on his face.

Zim was starting to think he should just go home today.


He was startled out of his day dreaming. The sound had come from the purple haired girl with her group.

"You're green!" she said.

"It's a skin condition." Zim stated plainly. He was used to it by now.

"Does not having ears or a nose part of that condition?" asked a pink haired girl.

"Yes."he said.

"Wow, you totally match the color of my shirt!" the purple haired girl said standing next to him and comparing her green shirt to his skin.

"Yeah,but your shirt is brighter." said the boy.

"Your right. But he is still green. Whats your name kid?"she asked him

"Zim."he told her

"Cool name, you don't hear that one. Mine's CC."She said while offering her hand for him. He hesitated but took it so he wouldnt get in any kind of trouble.

"These are my friends,the boy is Adam,the brown haired girl is Angel, and the pink haired girl is Bionca." she said pointing out each of her friends.

"Well I have to go see some people before class so I'll see you around buddy." she said as she made her way down the hallway.

"Your a lucky freshmen." said a boy.

"Why?" Zim asked.

"Because she is the only person who is cool with all the seniors, juniors,sophmores, since she was a freshmen. If you're friends with her than you'll be better off as a freshmen."he said then walked off.

If the first day of High School was already like this I wonder what the rest of the day has in store for me. Zim asked him self as he headed to his first period class.

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