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It took CC maybe about 30 to 40 minutes to reach the mall. Once they were in the mall CC had already had her mind set on the store she wanted to go in. "Come on Zim." CC said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him through the crowd. CC came to a quick hault in front of a store called "Costume Room". " This is the store Zim. They have every costume imaginable." She told him as she pulled him into the store.

"What exactly am I looking for human?" Zim asked as he picked up a hat with dreadlocks attatched to it. "You just leave that to me." CC said as she took the hat from him and examined it. "This might work, except it needs some more things." She said as she grabbed a pair of sunglasses, baggy pants, a baggy shirt, tennis shoes, fake chains, and some fake grills. "Go try these on." CC said as she handed Zim the outfit and shoved him in to the dressing room. "Are you saying that Zim has to actually try on these disgusting human clothes?" Zim asked from behind the dressing room door. "Yes, now stop complaining and put them on." CC told him. She heard him mummble something under his breath and then she heard the rustle of fabric.

"I look absolutely ridiculous! I am not coming out!" Zim complained. "ZIM GET YOUR SMALL GREEN ASS OUT HERE!" she yelled. THe door opened to reveal Zim's new get up. CC had to contain her laughter. "Zim, say YEAH!" CC told him in between giggles. As soon as Zim said it CC burst out into a fit of laughter as she layed on the floor clutching her stomach. "You...look...like...lil...John!" She laughed. "Fine, I get to pick out what you get to try on." Zim huffed as he walked up to one of the racks and grabbed the first outfit he saw. He handed it to CC and she went into the dressing room to try it on. "Now lets see who's laughing after this." Zim said. "I'm not sure that is what this outfit is intended to do." CC said. "Of course it is, Zim picked it out. Now come out here." Zim demanded.

When CC opened the door he wasn't laughing. Zim had handed her a Catwoman costume. "What? I think I look damn good." CC said as she walked to a nearby mirror. "Uhhhhh...yes you do but...I mean that's not supposed to happen!"Zim said stumbling over his words.

"OH NO! They can't have that here. There is no way!" CC said as she broke the subject and rushed over to the rack and pulled out two costumes. Zim just stared at her sudden outburst. "Here try this on!" She said as she shoved the costume into his hands and rushed into the dressing room. After Zim and CC had exited the dressing room the cashier woman came running up to them. "Oh my gosh! You two make a perfect couple. You two do the Jack and Sally costumes justice." She told them. "Thanks." They both replied. "Oh Zim, this looks great! Can we please wear these to the party?" CC begged. Zim looked down into those big green eyes that were full of joy of hers and couldn't resist. "If it makes you happy." He said. She gave him a big smile and rushed back into the dressing room to change. After they removed the costumes, CC payed for them and exited the store.

"You wanna get someting to eat?" CC asked Zim. "It depends on what it is." He said as he followed her to the food court. There was a bunch of food stands set up around the tables of the food court. CC and Zim walked over to a table that was in the middle of the court. "Zim, watch the bags while I go get us something to eat." She said as she placed the bags in his arms. After CC had wondered off, Zim placed the bags on the floor next to the table and took a seat.

Within 20 minutes CC had returned to the table with a tray of food. "I rememebered that you said that you couldn't have meat, so I got you this." CC said as she placed a hot dog with white colored meat in front of him. "What is this?" Zim asked as he poked it with a gloved finger. "It's a tofu dog. It has no meat in it." CC explained as she placed a taco in front of her. "And you expect me to eat it?" He asked her. "No, I expect you to try it." she said giving him a stern look. Zim gave a sigh and picked up the tofu dog. He inched it slowly to his mouth and took a bite. "So, what do you think?" She asked eagerly. "It is not that bad CC-human." He said while chewing. "Good" She said.

After they finished eating they went straight home. When they were home Zim rushed straight to his lab and reported in to the Tallest. "So, what seems to be the problem my Tallests?"

Alright, I hope it was good. The costumes are Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. And just so you know in case you don't remeber from the first chapter Zim is 5'5 and CC is 5'3. Please review!