"My House"

Monica stared blankly at the wall. They had buried Alan a week ago and now the house was empty. Tracy had gone back to ELQ, Edward to the club, and Emily was off with Nikolas and Spencer.

She fingered her wedding rings. The whole idea was absurd. How did she become a widow? At age 56? Suddenly gravity shifted for her and balance was hard to find.

"Dr. Q?" Alice asked softly. Monica looked up at the maid, who in the past three years, had become family.

"Yeah?" Monica didn't know what to expect.

"This came in the mail today. I think Dr. Q, I mean Alan, ordered it for you for a Valentine's gift." Alice smiled sadly.

"Thanks." Monica took the parcel and held in her hands. She continue to sit and stare out the window.

"Mom?" Emily asked.

"Emily." Monica absentmindly kissed her daughter's forehead. "How are you, sweetie?"

"I'm dealing. It helps to have Spencer around. He's such a happy baby. I think after the wedding I want to adopt him." Emily smiled. "What's in your hands?"

"A package. Alice thinks your father order it for me." Monica said.

"Are you going to open it? I would."

Monica laughed. "I suppose I should." She carefully unwrapped the package and looked inside. "Oh…"

"What is it?"

Monica chuckled. "Emily, your father…call the family."


"What's wrong now?" Edward grumbled.

"Monica is probably just being dramatic. " Tracy rolled her eyes.

"Nah." Monica walked in " I decided to share Alan's last gift." She unwrapped a marble sign.

" 'The Quartermaines- Monica's house, Alan gave it to her, and the rest are freeloaders.' " Tracy read from the sign. "Even from the grave, he has poor taste." Her lips twitched like she was holding back a smile.

Edward laughed. "I suppose this settles the matter once and for all."

"Not quite." Monica looked thoughtful. "I want to place the house in a trust for all Quartermaines. So after I die it will still be the Quartermaines."

Tracy pointed out, "You could just give it to us now."

"Not going to happen, Trace." Monica said.

"I could never understand why he gave you the house!"

"Oh, just to annoy you." Monica grinned, looking at a photo of Alan.

"He would do that." Tracy missed her brother more than people would expect.

"Besides, it's my house. Alan gave to me." Monica laughed as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Monica's house filled with banter once again as the spirits of Alan and Lila smiled down on the living.