Chapter One-

I couldn't believe it had been one month, yes, one month, since I had seen Edward Cullen. After returning from Italy I refused to just accept him back, he had no right just to walk back into my heart as though nothing had happened. I had kissed him when he and his family had dropped me off from the airport telling him in a month I would contact him, but until then I needed space. He accepted my terms gladly, seeing as he had left me for months and one month in turn was an easy punishment.

It was one fifteen in the morning when my cell phone rang.

"Hello," I mumbled tiredly.

"Oh gosh Bella, sorry to wake you but we need you to come over."

"Alice?" I questioned squeakily. Why was she calling me at this hour?

"Yeah, it's me." She exhaled unnecessary, "Emmett will be over in five to get you."

"Is something wrong with Edward?"

"No. Get dressed though." With that I heard a click and I was out of bed.

What could possibly be wrong? If something had happened Edward knew he could have broken the one month rule. I mean there was only one day left of it. I sighed, one day before I see him. I rubbed my eyes and blinked a few times before I even tried going down stairs.

When I made it to the ground level I heard a light tapping at the door. I opened it and found myself being pulled out gently by a very perturbed Emmett who shut the door softly behind me. I saw that there wasn't a car around and my heart began to pound in my chest. Emmett loved my reaction. "Sorry, but any car at this time would have been too loud."

"It's okay I guess… if you get me home before Charlie realizes I'm gone or else his first suspect will be your brother."

Emmett tensed at my comment as he knelt down so I could climb on to his back.

"Mind telling me what's going on Emmett?" I asked yawning.

He laughed at me, probably because I was so tired and he never had that problem. Lucky, stupid vampire. "Would if I could Bella." he responded sounding irritated. Maybe he didn't know what was going on either… "Alice simply told me that I had to come and get you because it was an emergency." Immediately we were on our way to his house. I closed my eyes while the cool night zoomed by me.

When the wind stopped I opened my eyes and found us standing on the porch of the Cullen's house. I released my grip hesitantly from around his neck and slipped off nearly stumbling back down the stairs but Emmett grabbed my hand and pulled me forward.


He pushed open the door and I saw Alice sitting on the stairs. She looked up when she heard us, or I should say, heard me. Pure worry was written in her eyes.

"Alice what's-?"

Jasper walked in the room and looked sickened. This made me stop mid sentence. What on earth was hap-?

"Edward!" I heard Rosalie moan.

Wait- What?!

I glanced upwards as did Emmett, then at each other. I walked towards the stairs followed by him but Alice grabbed my arm as she stood up. If she could cry I know she would have. "Don't Bella. Please."

I shook her off and went upstairs standing outside Edward's door. I wanted to throw up, right then and there. Emmett was behind me and he his face held pain.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God, my mind kept repeating.

Emmett pushed the door open and to our utmost horror we saw Edward lying on top of Rosalie underneath the sheets but leaving nothing to our imagination on what was occurring below them.

My breath caught in my throat and both of their heads shot up, "Oh my God Bella!" Edward whispered as his eyes widened.

Rosalie made eye contact with me, then with her husband. Edward made a move to stand but I backed up so that I was partially behind Emmett, knowing that I could not allow Edward to touch me. Not now.

Rosalie grabbed hold of Edward stopping him, "Remember what I said, you can't change her. You can't."
I couldn't say a word and just watched. I watched my heart be ripped out and served on a platter as he responded quietly, "I know."

"What the hell do you mean 'you know'?" Emmett shouted.

Well at least one of us is able to speak right now, I thought.

Rosalie glanced back up, "He means that hr doesn't want to live with a mistake for the rest of his existence!"

Emmett jerked back but I stepped out of the way so now we were both completely in the hall. "Is- is that true Rose?" he asked lowly so I could barely hear. "Was I a mistake? Is that what I am? Is that all I'll ever be?"
She laughed like a devils child. A laugh that made me want to go up and slap her. "You were an accident more so then a mistake. I just happened to save your life and you fell for me… I wanted to feel loved and I took advantage of the situation. I won't say I'm sorry to you, but I will to Edward," she said as she took his hand in hers. "I loved you since the moment I was changed but I knew you didn't feel the same. I didn't want to push you so when Emmett came along I thought I would get over you but I couldn't. That's why I've always hated her Ed; Bella was a human who doesn't deserve you."

I had heard enough so I turned and walked down the stairs slowly, with extra caution. I don't know why though. If I fell and started bleeding, I no longer cared if jasper sucked me dry. As far as I cared, bring on the vampire.

Alice was at the bottom of the stairs as tears finally began cascading down my cheeks. "He- he loves her. Never- never me," I choked out shaking my head in disbelief.

"Oh Bella," she soothed as she wrapped her arms around me tightly.

She sat down with me in her petit lap when the shouting began upstairs. Alice moved her hand through my hair trying to calm me down since Jasper was probably in the ciaos upstairs trying to ease the situation. After a minute the tears stopped but the yelling did not.

"Our whole marriage has been a lie!" Emmett roared. I heard something break against a wall and thought it was a vase. "And you! You, Edward," I shuttered at how his name was said; "You lied to Bella!"

At the mention of my name Edward came running down the stairs but Alice held me tight, "Bella let me-"

"Edward Mason back the fuck up right now or so help me God!" Alice thundered.

I closed my eyes, unsure that I had just heard sweet Alice swear and raise her tone like that.


"Don't you dare Alice me! I don't give a damn if you are tearing this family up but did you even think about Bella?"

Edward stayed silent and when I opened an eye, I saw just Alice. She was looking up to where I was sure Edward had departed but then her gaze shifted back to me.

I slowly stood up and stumbled a little but Alice was standing with me, guiding me wherever I walked. "I need to go home," I whispered.

She nodded and picked up my tired form, and ran out of the house before anyone could protest.