Author's Note: Twilight and Eclipse were written by Stephenie Meyer, not me mkay?


This Monday morning I woke up to the blearing sound of my alarm clock. I half opened my eyes and looked around madly for the source of this awful sound. I had not used my alarm clock in so long I nearly forgot that I even had one in the first place. Edward spent the night at my house most nights and he woke me up with gentle kisses in the mornings. I furrowed my brows as I tried to remember if Edward said he was going to feed today... he usually gave me a few days' notice before disappearing.

A few months ago his spontaneous absence would have sent me flailing into a panic attack but he'd long since convinced me that he would never leave my side again.

The utterly annoying sound of the alarm clock on my dresser outweighed my unwillingness to lay in the comfort of my bed a bit longer and I finally got up and shut it off. I found a sheet of paper folder up underneath the alarm and unfolded it to find that it was a letter from Edward:

Good Morning dearest Bella,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am sorry I could not be there to greet the daylight with you but I had some errands to run before I went to school. I will see you there.

Love Always,


It was funny how he could make my heart do back flips even when he wasn't around. He was romantic even when he wasn't even trying to be, it must have something to do with the time period he grew up in. Mike probably would have left a letter like "I had to do something, I'll see you at school - Mike," not that I'd let him stay the night or anything.

I refolded the letter and put it back under the alarm clock and then went to get ready for school with a faint smile plastered across my face.

As expected, Edward was waiting in the school parking lot for me. He leaned against his shiny car ad gestured towards the empty parking space next to his own spot. once. How he kept that space empty until five past eight I will never know.

I pulled into the space he saved for me, turned off the car and hopped out. I struggled to keep my balance when Edward pulled me into a dangerously tight hug. Several moments later, when he loosened his grip I looked up to see his unusually exuberant smile.

"Happy Anniversary Bella!" he chimed before he placed a sweet kiss on my forehead.

My face went blank and I let a "huh" slip out. Anniversary? We never celebrated anniversaries! I wasn't even sure how to count how long we've been together... did the months he spent away in the beginning of the school year count? What day did we become officially an item? He never did the whole "Bella will you be my girlfriend," bit. My mind began to reel as I wondered if he got me a present and if I should have gotten him a gift as well.

Edward chuckled softly as he put his arm around me and began to walk me to class. "It's okay if you forgot that it's our anniversary. I know how weak the memory of a human is..."

I cut off his banter by playfully nudging his side with my elbow.

He faked being in pain, though we both knew that even if I elbowed him with all my might it would not have hurt him at all. "Prove me wrong then. What were you doing the day Kennedy was shot?" he asked me.

I scowled up at him. "What were you doing that day grandpa?" I retorted. We both knew that I wasn't alive then.

"Oh I have been around long enough to be your great grandfather, so a little respect please," he said with a laugh. "I will tell you some other time," he kissed my cheek and ushered me into my math class before he headed off to his first period class.