Summary: Sequel to Stuck. Izzie decides to have an engagement dinner for Burke and Cristina, much to Cristina's disgust. The only problem is Seattle is experiencing the worst thunderstorm in years. What happens when these 10 doctors get stuck together again, in Meredith's house? Addex, MerDer, Burktina George/Callie, Mizzie, everyone's paired up

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AN: So after much debate ( ok I lied I wanted to do this LOL) But yes after so many of you enjoyed Stuck and some of you demanding a sequel and then the others agree with them wholeheartedly I decided to take a little twist on these doctors getting into these situations and thus this story was born. LOL Okay so on with the story, I hope you guys like this too.

Just Dumb Luck


Meredith looked at the back of Cristina's locker and put on the brightest smile she could muster. As the door closed and she saw Cristina's facial expression her grin faltered slightly.

"What do you want?"

"I was thinking…" Meredith trailed off unsure how to word what she was about to say

"Don't hurt yourself." Cristina remarked dryly

"That I should throw you an Burke an engagement party." Meredith said quickly and completely ignoring what Cristina had said, she braced herself for the reaction that she knew that was coming.

Surprisingly Cristina didn't react she just looked at her with no expression, "You can tell Tinkerbell to ask me herself, so that I can tell her no. Why did she even ask you to do it?"

Meredith rolled her eyes as they walked out of the locker room to meet the others for rounds, "She said I could pull the best friend card."

Cristina scoffed, "Like that would have worked."

"That's what I said." Meredith informed she stopped and looked at her, "She just wants for you and Burke to celebrate your engagement."

"Well Burke and I have celebrated enough."

"Ew, I didn't need to know that." Meredith said disgusted.

"Yea and I didn't need to know a lot about Shepherd and your sex life, but I do, so tough." Cristina remarked dryly.

"Meredith!" Izzie called out as she ran up to the two, on seeing her Meredith shook her head.

Izzie frowned and turned to face Cristina she opened her mouth about to speak but Cristina beat her to it, "No."



"I throw good parties!" Izzie protested.

Christina eyebrows' shot up at that, "You didn't even go to your own party, and besides its not going to happen so don't even bother to try."

Izzie frowned, "Okay fine what about a dinner?"

"A repeat of Thanksgiving?" Cristina asked, "No."

"Fine I'll just ask Bruke." Izzie countered as Christina walked off

At that Cristina turned around and glared at her, "Fine. A dinner"

Izzie squealed about to continue when Cristina held up her hand, "Just the five of us and Burke, you got it? I don't want anymore people than necessary."

Meredith rolled her eyes, "Cristina."

"Oh right and Shepherd." Cristina said exasperated.

"Uh Callie and Addison too." Izzie chimed in.

Cristina looked at her incredulously, "What? Didn't I just say no more people than necessary?"

"They are George's wife and Alex's girlfriend, you can't expect them not to come." Meredith reasoned.

"Oh and you are fine with Montgomery there?" Cristina asked Meredith she looked across at Izzie, "And you with Torres?"

Meredith shrugged, "We get along now, although I have been avoiding her this week, the fact that we kissed still freaks me out."

Cristina rolled her eyes, "And you think what? That she's going to jump you? Mer she has Alex to keep her warm at night, you are the least of her concerns."

Izzie giggled slightly at that, when she saw Cristina looking at her pointedly she sighed, "I told George I will try to like Callie, and by me inviting her to this thing proves that I am trying."

"So Bambi got married fast it's his choice, just leave him. I left Mer when she dated McVet."

Meredith rolled her eyes, "Which you complained about."

"He isn't even a real doctor." Cristina said as though it explained everything, she looked across at Izzie, "I'll tell Burke, but you tell whoever else. Nine people and that's it no more I'm serious Izzie. You organize food, and booze, lots of alcohol I am not going to this thing unless I have some alcohol. "

With that said she walked away from the two, Izzie grinned as Meredith shook her head, "I can't believe she caved."

"I know." Izzie grinned, "So you'll tell Derek, I'll tell the others. I have to get everything organized."

"Izzie do not go overboard she will hurt you." Meredith warned.

"Yea. Yea." Izzie said distractedly as she took out one of her small notebooks and began to take notes mumbling to herself.


Alex and Addison both stood at the nurse's station discussing a patient's chart, when Izzie bounced up to them.

"Hey." She said interrupting their conversation, the two turned to look at her curiously.

"What's with you?" Alex asked her amused.

Izzie grinned, "Meredith and I…"

"Izzie." Meredith corrected as she passed by the trio to trop off a chart.

Izzie rolled her eyes, "Fine, I am inviting you to Christina and Burke's dinner."

Alex looked at her surprise, "You got Yang to agree?"

"Yes, so its Friday night. Oh and its semi-formal, so no jeans Alex."

"Does Cristina know that it's semi-formal?"

When Izzie shook her head he laughed, "Iz call me when you are going to tell her."

Izzie rolled her eyes when she walked off, happily, Addison shook her head looking at her retreating figure, "All you friends are avoiding me."

Alex looked at her confused, "What are you talking about?"

Addison gestured in the direction that Izzie just left, "Hello?"

Alex rolled his eyes, "That's Izzie in her happy mood you get accustom to the bouncing."

"Over a dinner?"

Alex shrugged, "Don't look at me, I don't get you women."

Addison smirked, "Um you seem to be singing a different tune last night."

"Well you're easy to please."



"Hey you." Derek called out to Meredith who was sitting at an empty table filling out a chart

Meredith looked up and grinned, at him, tilling her head to accept his kiss, "Hey. I missed you this morning."

Derek chuckled, "I had an emergency surgery don't you remember? I woke you up."

Meredith shook her head, "No, the last thing I remember…" she smirked at him, "Well you know."

"Oh… I wore you out." He said very pleased, and winked at her.

Meredith laughed, "Sure you did Derek. So Cristina agreed to the dinner."

"Dinner? I thought it was a party."

"It was but she was hell bent on not doing that, so Izzie gave a comprise, a dinner with the nine of us."

"Nine?" Derek asked confused.

"Callie and Addison."

"Oh, and you're fine with that?" Derek asked, "I know you have been avoiding her."

"Where did you here that?" Meredith asked suspiciously, not even bothering to deny it

Derek laughed, "She told me."

Meredith frowned, "I don't know if like the fact that the two of you talk about me."

Derek shrugged, "She says when we talk, that I have a one track mind, not like she's any backward with every other sentence is Karev…."

He trailed off when he noticed that Meredith was smiling at him, "What?"

"I'm on your mind?"

"All the time." Derek said earnestly, he leaned towards her to whisper to her, "I could tell you what you're doing in my mind… what you're wearing…or maybe what you're not…"

"Derek!" Meredith exclaimed, giggling at that, "You do have a one track mind…only its not about me."

"It involves you though."

"I would hope so."

"Care to make my dreams a reality?" Derek whispered.

Meredith laughed, "That was cheesy, but okay."


"So I here Stevens is throwing us an engagement party and somehow I didn't get invited." Burke said to Cristina as they scrubbed out of surgery.

"Oh right I forgot to tell you about that." Cristina said absentmindedly, "And it's a dinner not a party

"So you agreed to it then?" Burke asked surprised.

Cristina grunted, "Yes, Izzie and her shit."


"What? Look I don't know why she wants to celebrate this, we told them, shouldn't that be enough?" Cristina said exasperated.

"They are your friends they just want to celebrate it with us." Burke said calmly.


"So who is helping Stevens with the cooking?" Bruke asked curiously deciding to stir the conversation away from that.

"No, Burke we are not going there for you and Izzie to play Martha Stewart." Cristina said stubbornly.


"No I refuse to have a repeat of Thanksgiving."


"Get me alcohol and I'll think about it." She said, "I am not doing this thing sober."

Bruke laughed as she walked off grumbling to herself, at how quickly she relented to that, "You damn people are making me go soft. I refuse."


"Rumor has it that you are having a dinner for Yang and Burke." Mark spoke into Izzie's ear as he leaned towards her.

Izzie looked up at him and glared, "Personal space Mark you ever heard of it?"

Mark smirked, "I don't know. You want to get into mine?"

Izzie grunted slapping her chart closed and proceeded to walk off, that is until she noticed Mark walking along side her, "Cause you seemed to want to, that night in the elevator. Or did you forget about the cuddling?"

Izzie growled, "We were not cuddling, you had your arms around me."

"Well you didn't protest." Mark pointed out, "And I think you like me."

At that comment Izzie scoffed as she picked up her pace, "Well you thought wrong."

"Now you see you have been avoiding me all week so if you didn't like it. Why avoid me?" Mark asked smirking at her.

"I have not been avoiding you. You have been stalking me." Izzie hissed out.

"I beg to differ."

"Mark leave me alone, you're annoying me."

"Fine, but I just wanted to inform you that I will be coming, seeing as you are the host and all. It's only polite." Mark said grinning at the reaction he got.

Izzie suddenly stopped, and turned around to face him, "You can't invite yourself."

"Watch me."

"You don't even know where we live." Izzie countered knowing he was bluffing.

"Ah! That I already have." Mark said easily, "Derek has a chatty girlfriend."

With that said he walked off smugly, leaving a stunned Izzie, rooted in her spot.


So I'm really nervous about posting this, not only because it's a new story, but because all of you have such great expectations for it. I know this was a little slow, but I wanted to show everyone's reaction to the dinner, and what the implications of what happened in the elevator. Okay I'll stop rambling, I do that when I'm nervous lol. I know George and Callie weren't in this one but I don't like a bitchy Izzie, so I didn't bother to put that part up

So anyway here's the first chapter.

Next : Addison and Callie complain about not wanting to go. Cristina demands some liquor and Meredith and Derek…well they are just Meredith and Derek. Izzie wonders if Mark was really bluffing