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"Meredith!" Izzie called out frantically as she came into the kitchen wearing only her underwear and a yellow wife beater.

Addison who was sitting opposite site of the island nursing a cup of coffee, raised her eyebrows at the frazzled intern, she glanced at Meredith to see the other blond seemed unfazed by Izzie's appearance, "Yes Izzie?" Meredith asked calmly.

"Don't you own pants?" Addison asked exasperated, not being able to keep her comment to herself.

Meredith snickered as Izzie huffed, placing her hands on her hips, "Have you seen my jeans?"

Her question was directed towards the younger woman, while she chose to ignore the red head. Meredith yawned taking her time to answer her impatient roommate, "Weren't you the one to do the laundry last?"

"Yes…" Izzie trailed off biting her lip in thought, she then headed towards the laundry room at the back of the kitchen her voice still travelling through both rooms, "And while we're on the topic, I don't mind us taking turns washing clothes, but when your boyfriend has more clothes than I do, then we have a problem."

Meredith grinned sheepishly as Izzie walked out of the room jeans in her hands, "Sorry I'll talk to him."

Addison snickered, "Just don't have him wash his own clothes, he'll end up shrinking them all."

"He can't wash clothes?" Izzie asked amused plopping herself onto one of the stools and helping herself to some coffee.

Addison chuckled at the both blonde's disbelief, "It's because he's the only boy…"

"He's a Momma's boy isn't he?" Izzie asked exasperated.

Meredith giggled, "Isn't it obvious? Besides haven't you seen his face? That alone…"

Other two women rolled their eyes, as Meredith paused a slight blush creeping up on her cheeks. Izzie grabbed her pants from off the counter and drained the last of her coffee, "Yes well a pretty as your boyfriend may be he needs to get out of the shower, there are currently 10 people in this house, and I for one would like to bathe."

"Isn't he in my bathroom?"

"Yes but George and Callie are in the other one." Izzie frowned more out of annoyance than disgust, or maybe a little bit of both, "Didn't we say no double bathing or else it'll take twice as long!"

"Izzie you need to get laid." A dry voice came from the entrance.

The three women turned around not at all surprised to see that the voice belonged to Cristina, who was standing in the doorway; Meredith's clothes that she had borrowed the night before twisted in all directions and her curly hair seemed to have taken a life of its own.

Izzie glared at her while Meredith grinned offering her best friend her coffee, "Nice hair."

Cristina groaned as she accepted the cup, "There are so much things I can bitch about right now. Don't start with me."

"You guys do know there was an extra bed upstairs right?" Meredith asked as Cristina rubbed her neck, obviously trying to get a crick out.

Cristina glared at her, "Do you want us to continue being friends? Comments like that could get you killed."

Addison laughed, "Damn Yang, I didn't think the crankiness could get worse, but boy was I wrong."

Izzie and Meredith bit their lips in amusement, as Cristina glared at Addison, "You are so lucky you're my boss…. I…so lucky." She grumbled helping herself to the food in the fridge.

Izzie and Meredith giggled again, when Cristina poked her head from out of the fridge, "Oh Mer, Burke's borrowing your bathroom, I think Callie made George bathe again, cause he reeked."

Meredith giggled, but jumped when Izzie slammed her hand down on the counter, "What! But I was waiting to go!"

"Well you missed your turn." Cristina told her simply not even bothered by her tone.

Izzie grunted and stomped out of the room, pants still firmly gripped in her left hand. Meredith bit her lip, "Maybe I should go warn Derek."

"Why?" Both Addison and Cristina asked simultaneously.

Meredith rolled her eyes as she took a handful of Cristina's cereal, but not before Cristina could slap it away, "Get your own. Izzie's problem is that she hasn't had sex in months. She needs to get laid." Cristina continued, speaking as though that was the most logical explanation in the world.

"Cristina." Meredith said exasperated.

"What? Like you won't thinking it too."

Addison just shook her head in amusement when Meredith did not answer; she was about to comment when the sound of someone stifling a yawn caught her attention. Looking up she smiled when she saw a slightly dishevelled Alex walking into the kitchen. When she noticed the plaid shirt that he was wearing her smile turned into a grin.

"Nice shirt Alex." Cristina said amused.

Alex scowled, flipping a finger at her not bothering to remark, he then turned his attention towards Addison smiling as he slid onto the stool next to her, "Morning." He greeted her kissing her briefly on the lips and the preceded to take a bite of her toast and sipping her coffee. Addison rolled her by now accustom to the banter between the two.

"Seriously though what are you wearing?" Addison asked him amused fixing the collar of the shirt.

Alex grunted, "Shepherd's shirt. All George's clothes were too short and I think I might have to throw out mine." He sniffed the sleeve of the shirt and grimaced, "It smells like some kind of flower or something. How girly…"

He trailed off when Meredith chuckled, "I sleep in that."

"Thank God. I thought the dude just smelled like a chick." Alex remarked, earning snickers from the three women.

Addison leaned onto his shoulder, sniffing the shirt she frowned slightly, "I don't know if I like that you're smelling like another woman far less my ex-husband's girlfriend."

"Add…" Alex started exasperation evident in his tone.

"Kidding, babe." Addison interrupted patting his hand, "How's your head?"

"I still feel like a truck ran over it." Alex groaned.

Addison sighed and grasped his head in both of her hands and softly began to massage his temples with the tips of her fingers. She grinned when he let out a soft murmur.

Cristina groaned, "Its too early for me to stomach this. I'm going to check on Burke. Mer I'm borrowing your toothbrush."

Meredith had her chin prompted on her hand as she slowly dozed off, seemingly oblivious of what was going on around her.

"You're going to let Yang put her mouth on your toothbrush?" Alex asked her disgusted, as her turned his attention away from Addison, " Chicks are disgusting."

Meredith turned to face him, "Yet you are the one smelling like one."

"Shut up." Alex remarked half-heartedly.

Meredith grinned her eyes slowly closing down yet again. Addison and Alex looked at her amused when Derek walked into the room, looking much more awake and alert than he did earlier, his wet hair evident of the shower he had taken.

"Morning." He greeted the two brightly, he looked at Meredith's still figure and smiled, "Is she awake?"

Meredith let of a soft grunted, which initiated a chuckle from Derek, who leaned over her shoulder to kiss her on the cheek, "Morning."

"Did anyone bother to wake up Mark?" Derek asked as he busied himself with getting breakfast

"He's still sleeping?" Addison asked surprised.

"Drool and all." Derek remarked disgusted.

Both Addison and Meredith snickered both of them remembering the night before when they were making fun of him. Derek looked at the two curiously but just shook his head not bothering to question it as he poured some coffee in his cup and refilling Meredith's own. He froze mid pour when he heard Izzie's high pinched scream for the second time that morning.

"George I need to bathe!" She screamed.

The four occupants in the kitchen all winced at her tone, there was a few bangs followed by her screams again. This time Cristina's yells then followed all of which consisted of her telling Izzie to shut up but not put so simply or nicely

"Shut up Izzie!" Mark voice was now heard, his voice sounding, more like a groan, than anything else.

A few minutes Mark came trudging into the kitchen, Addison grinned at him widely, and spoke, her tone a few octaves higher than how she normally spoke, "Morning Mark!"

Mark glared at her as he plopped onto a nearby chair, "Go to hell Addison."

"Ah so this is why you get the women drunk and you stay sober, you can't handle the hangovers." Meredith said amused.

"What?" Derek asked alarmed, "You two…"

"Don't be stupid Derek." Meredith said more amused at the thought than anything.

Mark grunted, "At least when I had hangovers I woke up feeling satisfied, not with no feeling in my arm because the crazy blond thought by hand was some kind of squeeze toy or something. Is she always so loud in the morning?"

Derek snickered, "Reconsidering pursuing her, uh Mark?"

Mark grunted as he poured himself some coffee, "No…what? Derek shut up."

Addison grinned moving to sit next to Mark, "Do you need help? With the Izzie thing?"

Mark eyed her disgusted, "Why are you so chipper? Karev control your woman."

"Dude, its Addison there's no controlling her." Alex replied easily.

Meredith rolled her eyes, but then looked at Mark curiously, "So this Izzie thing is real, right? Not another quickie."

Mark glared at her, "Trust me Grey if it were another quickie, the deed would have been done long time ago."

"Pig." Both women called out disgusted.

"Okay that is freaky. Is anyone else freaked?" Mark asked the two men.

Derek shrugged, "They have been doing it all morning. I'm a bit worried."

Meredith laughed, moving towards him, "What you're afraid I'll leave you for your ex-wife?"

Addison snickered, while Mark and Alex smirked, "I'd pay to see that." Mark supplied.

"Of course you would." Addison said dryly.

A few minutes later, Burke, Cristina, George and Callie all came to join them in the kitchen, all of them a bit haggard but ready for work none the less. Cristina eyed Meredith's pyjamas and Addison's sweats, "Izzie is going all psycho like. The two of you need to get ready before I have cause to kill her."

Meredith laughed, "So you're saying if we don't bathe, it would be our fault that you killed Izzie?"

Cristina nodded, "Exactly."

Meredith rolled her eyes, "I'm going."

"Do you think we can sneak in without her noticing?" George whispered to Meredith as the ten doctors made their way across Seattle Grace car park.

"No Bambi. All five of us are here, she is going to notice that we're not there." Cristina remarked dryly.

"What are we going to say then?" Izzie asked nervously glancing at her watch, "That we all got drunk and passed out in Meredith's house and got up too late for rounds?"

"No there was a storm, and you were flooded in." Mark spoke coming up with a reason, and draped his arm over Izzie's shoulders, "You worry too much. And I told you I need an intern today."

Izzie looked him in the eye briefly for a moment but didn't bother to tell him to remove his arm.

Cristina who was standing behind the two looked across at Meredith pointedly and whispered, "Easy fifty."

Meredith rolled her eyes when Derek spoke, teasing evident in his tone; "A few kisses and already you're giving special treatment Mark?"

Mark looked back at him, "I learn from the best Derek."

The others laughed, while Meredith huffed and Izzie shoved Mark's arm away, "Once a pig, always a pig."

"Don't worry I love the challenge, Izzie." Mark told her pointedly.

Izzie looked at him for moment but then sighed letting him hold the door for her. As the ten doctors made their way through the hospital they stopped at the elevator, Meredith glanced at them, "Am I the only one is hesitant about going in there?"

Cristina rolled her eyes shoving her friend into the elevator. "Yes. We're late as it is."

When the doors opened to the surgical floor, the ten doctors, with the five interns standing in front of the others all winced when the were greeted by a very angry Bailey."

"You have got to be kidding me!" Bailey screeched, "Yang, Grey, O'Malley, Stevens, Karev! Out now!"

The five interns quickly piled out all standing in a line in front of Bailey, bracing themselves for the blow up.

"YOU….I…Where the hell have the five of you been?" Bailey hissed out, not caring that a crowd was forming.

"Dr. Bailey, if I could…" Mark started being the first of the attendings along with Callie to speak; Bailey glared at him, waiting for him to continue, "I have a facial reconstruction at 10 and I was wondering if I could have Stevens?"

Derek following his lead, stepped forward also, "Actually Dr. Bailey I have…"

"NO!" Bailey snapped at both men, she glared venomously at her five interns whose hopeful expressions immediately deflated, and then back at the five doctors.

"I don't want any of you near my interns. You hear me. My interns are inaccessible to the five of you for the rest of the week."

Addison opened her mouth but thought otherwise, the four attendings and Callie all nodded and walked off towards the nurse's station which was only a few feet away and watched Bailey return her focus on her interns.

"The pit. ALL of you!" Bailey yelled, they all nodded about to head to the lockers to change when she stopped them, "You get any surgical cases you pass them to other interns and do sutures and rectals for the day. Run labs. Go change. I'm not done with you five yet.

The five interns quickly scurried off towards the lock, none of them even glancing at the four attendings and Callie. Bailey looked across at the crowd that gathered, "Don't you people have work?"

At once everyone scattered, except for the four attendings and Callie. Bailey noticing them shook her head, "The five of you are just lucky you're not my interns."

She stalked off still muttering to herself, "Everyone's thinking with their damn pants. Stupid interns and their hormones. Like a bunch of horny teenagers."


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