Kurenai ducked Itachi's next swing. She was beginning to get annoyed with the way the battle was going, and she had been in a bad mood ever since the day began. Sighing as she kicked out, she tried a genjutsu on the Uchiha.

"Tree Bind Death!"

A tree sprang up behind Itachi. Branches fanned out and wrapped around him, swiftly capturing Sasuke's older brother. Kurenai squished into the tree trunk. Itachi activated a different part of his Sharingan and looked up. Come out, come out, from wherever you are hiding…little rat.

Kurenai resurfaced a second later, above Itachi, brandishing a kunai.

"Die, freak!"

She moved to plunge the kunai down into Itachi's neck-

And a tree branch caught her hand.


Kurenai looked down in shock. Her own jutsu now held her prisoner, and Itachi was standing in front of her, smirking.

"It's a reversal jutsu," Itachi said, "that turns the jutsu upon its user, thus freeing the Sharingan user from it."

"Why you little-"

"Oh, shut up."

Itachi directed a branch to cover Kurenai's mouth as the jounin struggled to release herself. Man, I walked right into that one…

Itachi stepped forward, that damnable smirk never leaving his lips. "Now that you're taken care of, I think I'll move on to…more important things." Itachi turned, staring in Kakashi's direction. Kurenai's eyes widened. No! Not Kakashi! Don't you dare, you son of a bitch!

Itachi turned and walked towards Kakashi, who was aiding Asuma in disposing of Itachi's partner, Kisame. The swordsman was having trouble fending them both off at the same time, but he was managing. "Kisame!" Itachi yelled. "I got her."

Kakashi whirled around-

Falling right into Itachi's trap.

Itachi seized Kakashi's wrists, activating his Mangekyou Sharingan at the same time. He stared into Kakashi's eyes, trying to drag him down into Tsukiyomi. Kakashi fought him viciously; he couldn't leave Kurenai, he just couldn't! Itachi bore down harder, and Kakashi was beginning to feel the strain. I'm not done yet!

Kurenai watched in shock as a deadly blue aura began to glow around Kakashi, crackling energy and chakra. Itachi barely looked surprised.

"So that's where Sasuke learned his jutsu," he murmured, still trying to pull Kakashi down into Tsukiyomi. "Too bad you won't be able to teach him for a while."

Kakashi!! No!!!

Kakashi screamed in pain, and Kurenai flinched and turned away as a loud snap resounded through the air. The Chidori crackling around both of Kakashi's hands slowly died off as the jounin collapsed to the ground. "Not happening," Itachi growled, and heaved Kakashi's limp body back up.

"Mangekyou Sharingan!"

Kakashi didn't bother to fight anymore. He merely went limp in Itachi's arms, and let the Tsukiyomi take over.


Kurenai was screaming and screaming, trying desperately to get to Kakashi. She knew what Itachi would do him, and there was no way she was letting it happen!

"Kurenai, it's no use!"

Asuma shouted over the clang of metal as he and Kisame exchanged blows. Asuma focused chakra through his trench knives, using it to cut Kisame more than Kisame was aware of. "Even if you could get to him, you can't drag him out of that illusion! If you did, he'd be killed!"

Kurenai looked as Asuma in shock. No…no. I can't let Itachi do this!!

Kurenai felt chakra lacing its way through her body, tingling down her spine, looping through her veins, and threading over her senses. Not ever…he gave up his own life for me, and I won't let this…freak take him away from me!! The tree branches began to slowly recede, against everyone's will but Kurenai's. I can't be the weakest of the team anymore: the first one to run into trouble the first one to fall, the first blood falling from me-! Not anymore, no! Kurenai slammed her fists into the tree trunk, breaking the jutsu. The tree exploded outwards, spraying everyone with sap and tree guts. Kurenai looked up from her newly formed hand sign, red eyes blazing with fury. Not ever again…am I going to sit around and be the one who has to be protected and saved every time! I am not going to be pushed around by this jerk!! Kurenai glanced at Itachi. He should be just about done by now…

"Now to take my revenge!!'


Kakashi woke up to a blood red sky.

Wooden splinters stabbed at his back, and metal dug into his wrists. The red overhead was harsh, and the black clouds stood out against the blood-stained moon. Kakashi tried to move, but only felt stinging pain in his wrists and ankles. Blood soaked through his clothes, and the lacerations in his wrists and ankles ached and stung with every movement of his body. Kakashi looked down; he knew what was coming next.

Itachi stood beneath him, katana in hand.

"In the world of Tsukiyomi, I control everything. Space, time, even your movements. I can even still your heartbeat if I wish. And if I want to punish you, so be it. You'll be in hell."

Kakashi whimpered as the blade slid into his side, and passed out from the pain.


"No, Asuma," Kurenai hissed as the tree innards flew. "I can't halt the jutsu…but Itachi can."

"He'll be in as much pain as if he went the full three days and Itachi will still have the Mangekyou to use on us! Kurenai, please, don't try anything!"

A scream broke the air as if cut by a knife, and Kakashi crumpled to the ground, shaking and ready to faint. Kurenai gasped and dashed to Kakashi's side. Asuma sighed and kicked Kisame into the air, hurling a kunai after him. "Road kill."

The kunai hit square, and Kisame was down for the count, struck in the neck. Asuma slid the blades off his knuckles and stuck them in his kunai pouch. "He took him for the whole three days."

He slowly walked over to where Kurenai was lifting Kakashi into her arms. "Asuma," she whispered. "Take him to a medical squad immediately. I'll finish off this one."

Asuma started. "What? You can't handle him alone!"

"Says who?" Kurenai shot back. Fire burned in her eyes, rising with rage and fury at what had been done to her friend. Blood ran down Kakashi's sides and wrists from where Itachi had fought to keep him still while the Tsukiyomi was in use. Now, it stained Kurenai's hands a warm, sticky red, and it was like pouring gasoline on fire. Bruises peppered Kakashi's body, though they were not as visible, as most of them were underneath Kakashi's clothing. Kurenai knew from the cracks she had heard earlier that Itachi had broken both of Kakashi's wrists. "Take Kakashi now or he'll die!"

Asuma slowly exhaled. "All right." The elder jounin slid his hands under Kakashi's limp body and carefully picked up the younger, wounded jounin. "It's okay, you're safe."

Kakashi barely shifted.

"Asuma, he's out cold. It doesn't matter anymore. Take him away from here, now!"

Asuma nodded and jumped into the air, carrying Kakashi away. Kurenai turned to Itachi, eyes flaming.

"Now…" she growled, fitting her hands into the sign of the tiger. "Time to heat things up!"

The Sharingan began to turn over Itachi's eyes. "Bring it on, then."

Kurenai began to activate the jutsu, preparing to strike. "By the time I'm finished with you, you're gonna wish you were never born, Uchiha!"

Itachi stepped forward. "Oh, no I'm not. See, in the Akatsuki, it's considered a dishonor to be beaten by the opposite gender."

"Man, you're really gonna need doton after this then," Kurenai taunted, a wicked grin spreading over her face. "You are going to be so humiliated, you are going to be sinking into the ground with shame with the beating I'm about to give you!"

"Do they consider the same as shameful, Yuuhi?" Itachi asked wickedly.

"Well, of course," Kurenai said tartly. "But I know doton."
"And you know what I know?" Itachi said sarcastically. "That you're annoying!"

"You know, on second thought, I probably won't be needing that doton," Kurenai mused. "I'll be pulverizing you."

"Then enough with the talk, and do something!"

Kurenai's smirk broadened. "Okay, but you asked for it!"

Kurenai's hands began to flash in signs Itachi could barely follow even with his Sharingan. The Sharingan was a bit tired from using the Mangekyou so extensively on Kakashi, and Itachi was in no mood to continue this any further. Yuuhi pest, he thought. I'll put you in your place right now!

Itachi began copying Kurenai's jutsu, half-surprised at the length. Kurenai had been making the signs for as long as they had been talking…

"Air Style: Deadly Cherry Blossom Illusion!!"

Itachi copied it in an instant, and within seconds, cherry blossoms were suffocating Kurenai. The only problem was-Kurenai knew how to get out of the illusion, while Itachi didn't. And within the moment, Kurenai had propelled herself from the jutsu, leaving Itachi to battle it out with the flowers.

This sucks. So much dick.

Itachi sighed, and tried a basic release. It seemed to weaken the jutsu a bit, but not by much. Itachi was now running short on breath, and he needed to breath. He formed the tiger sign, trying a substitution to release himself.

Surprisingly, it worked. The cherry blossoms were now attacking a log.

Kurenai's eyes widened. How…? A mere substitution shouldn't work on the blossoms, it just can't! Kurenai turned around, looking for Itachi. If he substituted, he should be somewhere in the trees, which would be-


Kurenai gasped and turned around-

A second too late.

Itachi struck the back of her neck, knocking her down into the water. As she lost consciousness, Kurenai couldn't help but wondering if Asuma had gotten Kakashi safely away.


Itachi sighed. Finally. That Yuuhi pest had been knocked flat, and he was happy about it. Itachi bent down and dragged the body to the edge of the water. Still alive…? He pressed his fingers to the side of her neck, searching for a pulse. It was there- strong and regular. Itachi sighed. One more rat still to deal with. Itachi grabbed the woman's body and turned her onto er back, trying to see what she had left. She might be worth a bit of trouble…

She was pretty, for one thing. Her black hair was attractively messy, falling into her face at points to perfectly frame her red eyes. Her eyes themselves were closed, but Itachi had seen the beauty of them already. Now, her thick black eyelashes rested against her pale, white skin, so white it reflected a bit of the sunlight. Her features were slightly widely spaced, but it was angled just so that nothing looked out of proportion. Itachi smiled. She'll be fun to play with…He realized that she might be trouble as well. But then again, anything this beautiful had to come at a price.

He had learned that the hard way with Kakashi.

He was simply stunning in pain, so one night Itachi had taken advantage of him and fulfilled his own satanic pleasures. Kakashi had fought him so hard, and that night Itachi lost more blood than he ever had in his entire life. But still…the price had been paid, and he had been rewarded well. He had never touched Kakashi again, but he could see the pure fear in the jounin's eyes whenever he made an appearance. And he was praying this Yuuhi would not be the same.

As Itachi watched her, he realized that he wanted her. She was perfect- and he hadn't seen anything this beautiful in a long time. Not since Kakashi, in fact. And…she might be worth Itachi's trouble.

If she were, it would be a first for Itachi.

Itachi slid his hands under Kurenai's body, carefully lifting her across his shoulders. He held her by the wrists and ankles, trying to keep her from falling. This could even be fun…


Kurenai woke up upside down.

Her first inclination was to kick whoever was holding her, and to try to punch their lights out. But then, as she was roughly dumped to the ground, she saw whom she was up against.

Uchiha Itachi.

"Aw man," Itachi muttered, sticking his foot into her side. "I drag you all the way down here, and now you wake up. Fantastic, Yuuhi. Fantastic."

Kurenai smirked. "Guess you'll have to carry me all the way back up, then."

Itachi dug his foot into her side, producing a yelp…and a twisted ankle.

Itachi groaned, sinking to the stone floor as he clutched at his ankle. "You wench…! Now I have to fuck you down here!"

"No, you don't," Kurenai said tartly, standing up. "I have to kick you."

The Itachi on the ground smirked-

And disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Kurenai started. A clone?!

Itachi was behind her now, and he threw his arms around hers, pinning them to her sides. Kurenai, frustrated with the entire affair, kicked Itachi's shin in exasperation. Itachi simply lifted his foot out of the way and wrestled Kurenai to the ground, turning her onto her back.

"You fight like Kakashi."

"Is that a complement?"

Itachi smiled. "Yes."

"You raped him, too?"

"What's that supposed to mean, too?"

"You know what I mean."

"No I don't."

"Don't play stupid with me."

Itachi lowered his head. Kurenai could feel warm breath flowing over her face as Itachi whispered, "You do know what happened to them, right?"

Kurenai shook her head, curiosity awakened. She sat up, dumping Itachi to the side, and cocked her head innocently, black hair falling to the side in a mess of black half-curls. "What?"

Itachi chuckled. "You're so innocent," he murmured, placing his hand in her hair. It was surprisingly soft for appearance, and it felt like it was pampered.

"Pampered like yours," Kurenai said, flipping her hair back over her shoulder.

"Stop," Itachi said quietly. "Everyone teases me about that."

"Then I'll tease you more," Kurenai said, sliding back.

"Please don't."

"Girly man."

"Shut up."

"Girly boy."

Itachi clamped his hand over Kurenai's mouth in annoyance. "You certainly know how to try me."

Kurenai leaned back, trying to escape Itachi's grip. But Itachi slid his other hand behind Kurenai's head, holding her close to him. "Shut up."

Kurenai sighed and stuck out her tongue, trying to lick Itachi's hand. "Eeeeewwwwwwww…" Itachi muttered. "Girls really shouldn't slobber on guys."

Says who, you flippin' bastard?!

Itachi still had his hand over her mouth. Kurenai's jaws opened, and she nipped at the skin on Itachi's palm. Itachi sighed. "Bite me again, and I swear I will-"

Another nip brought Itachi's attention back to Kurenai. "I thought I told you not to bite me again."

Kurenai was kneeling down in front of Itachi now, and Itachi realized that she was now in a better position to make a move. "Do not bite me!"

Get your filthy hands off my mouth!

Kurenai smiled as she bit Itachi again, much harder this time. Itachi sighed and withdrew his hand. "Fine; you win."

"Thank you."

Itachi sighed again as he surveyed the bites on his palm. They were bleeding fairly badly for bites. "You better not have rabies."

Kurenai snapped her jaws again and spat.

Itachi stuck out his tongue. "Okay then: my turn to bite you." He leaped forward, still using his other hand to hold Kurenai's head-

-and kissed her.

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