A/N: Requested by Regulusa on a LiveJournal drabble post. Prompt: AtoRyo, cookies. I ought to be shot for this one.

Sugar and Spice

"Not even if I paid you?"

"Especially not if you paid me. Loser."

Atobe pouted. "Even if I took you out for dinner and let you pick my outfit?"

Ryoma paused. That was tempting. He was awfully sick of those freaking shirts. "I get to pick the restaurant?"

The shudder that coursed over Atobe was visible even through the thick double glass of the window... of the kitchen he was currently locked out of. "Fine."

"Deal." Ryoma reluctantly unlocked the door to let him in.

Atobe surveyed him with a slackjawed stare as soon as he was far enough in to get the full picture. "You actually did it."

"Like I would go back on a dare." Despite his surly tone, Ryoma's face was red. He turned away to hide it, but that only present Atobe with an even better view: one apron tie and a loop around the neck to hold it up.

Ryoma. Baking cookies. In an apron... and nothing else.

He made a mental note to play Truth or Dare more often.