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The pale hand reached out from the dark and started stroking his cheek lovingly. Harry leaned into the touch. He felt loved, something he had never felt all his life. He wanted the caress to go on forever. But he did not get his wish. The hand stopped the gentle motion and retreated back into the dark. Harry wanted to call out for it to come back but he couldn't get his vocal cord to work.

Harry sat up straight in his bed. It was the same dream again. He had been having it since his sixteenth birthday a few days ago. Like every time, he ached for the hand to return. He closed his eyes. Ever since his birthday, he had been feeling that something was missing. That something was nagging on his mind. He couldn't concentrate on almost anything. He tried to find out what he was missing, now that the feeling was strongest. The feelings were always strongest after the dreams. But like every other times, he came up with no answers.

Tears of frustration welled up in his eyes. He felt empty. Harry quickly blinked back his tears. He had not cried since nine years old, not even for Sirius' death, he will not start now. Sirius! At the thought of his dead Godfather, he nearly fell into depression again. Quickly, he pushed the memories away. He did not want to think about Sirius.

He desperately tried thinking other thoughts. He searched his mind for something, and finally found it. He would go back to Hogwarts tomorrow! He could see Hermione and Ron. But the thoughts did not make him as happy as the year before. With every dream, his longing for that missing something would double. The ache was becoming more and more unbearable for him.

Finally, exhausted, Harry curled up on his bed and tried to go back to sleep.

In another place, in the wizarding world, a young man was still awake. He was sitting in the dark room on the throne at the opposite of the big doors. From his expression, it was clear that he was frustrated. What had I done wrong? Why did the dream stop every time when I was so near? I know I will see his face if the dream had continued on for another few seconds. What had gone wrong?

"Master," a voice suddenly break through his thoughts.

"Ah, my faithful servant, what news have you brought this time? I hope, for your sake, that you bring some me useful and interesting information."

"Yes, Master. I believe this is something that is really interesting. It seems that we had been fed some lies all this year by Dumbledore."

The young man's boring look disappeared, immediately replaced with curiosity. "What do you mean?"

"The Prophesy is a fake. It is made up by Dumbledore himself and only a few people know the truth. I only heard about it just now when I took a little stroll in the Ministry. I heard two of those who worked in the Prophesy Room discussing about it. They said that the fake prophesy is really the best idea to make you, Master, to go after your own mate. I couldn't hear the rest since they walked away."

Voldemort was now seething in rage. The old coot made up the prophesy to make me go after my own mate. And I believe it, the fool me! That means my mate is…Harry Potter. An evil smile appeared on his face. Finally, I have a clue to where I can start looking. All I need now is to find a way to get close enough to him and make sure that he is my mate.

"Find me the address of Harry Potter. Then, we will have a little visit."

The kneeling man, who was hidden behind the black cloak and the mask nodded. "Yes, Master. I already have it. He is currently living in his aunt's house. The address is 4th Privet Drive. It is heavily guarded by wards and also Aurors."

"Good. Wards are nothing against me. However, I do not wish to kill tonight, for I do not wish to anger my mate, if he is indeed him."

"Master, perhaps we can call a few of the Elites to assist us in diverting the Aurors' attention for a while so Master, you, can go in?"

"Yes. You can arrange that. I wish to go in ten minutes' time."

"Of course, Master."

Ten minutes later, Voldemort was standing in front of the house in 4th Privet Drive. He uttered a few words and the wards surrounding the house were down, just like that. He walked to the front door, and pointed his hand at the door. "Alohomora." The door opened slowly without any sounds.

As soon as he walked in, he could smell a very sweet smell of vanilla combined with nature. He knew that it was his mate's scent. He followed the scent upstairs toward a room, which had a lot of locks on it. "Alohomora." Once again, the door opened silently.

The scent was now overwhelming. He went into the room and walked near the bed with the silhouette of a body in it, as if in trance. The nearer he got, the more aroused he was. Finally, he stood over the person sleeping on the bed. Mine.

The person stirred and sat up suddenly when he felt that he was no longer alone in the room. He reached over to the table besides his bed and fumbled around for his glasses. Without it, he could only see a blurred outline of someone standing besides his bed. His heart was beating furiously. As soon as he put on his glasses, he could see more clearly, but it was too dark to see the face. He knew that that intruder was a male, a young man.

"Wh…Who are you?" Harry asked softly. Surprisingly, he felt safe, an emotion he had never felt before. He felt that he should know the man. He should be someone important to him.

Harry was startled when instead of answering him, that man reached out his hand and caressed his cheek lovingly. He leaned into the loving caress instinctively. Suddenly, he knew who the man is. "You are the one from my dream. Your hand felt the same as in the dream," Harry exclaimed in astonishment.

Voldemort chuckled lightly. He had finally found his mate. It doesn't matter that he hates me now. He will love me in the future. He is mine. "Do you want to come with me? I promise I will not hurt you. I will explain everything later if you come with me."

Harry resisted a shiver at his voice. It was gentle and a bit seductive. "Where do you want to take me?"

"My castle. It is nice and warm with lots of space to ensure our privacy. I promise you will love it there."

Harry debated within himself. He wanted to go with him but he was scared that this was just another trap set by Voldemort. Finally, he decided to go, Voldemort and Dumbledore be damned. "Okay, but don't try anything funny."

Voldemort was ecstatic when he heard that. "Alright, I will cast a sleeping spell over you. Don't worry, I promise you no harm will come to you."

Harry thought over it for a few seconds. "Okay. Let me get dressed properly and get my things."

"Get what are important to you, things that you want to keep, for I don't think you will be coming back here."

Harry was speechless. He had always wanted to leave this Hell and a complete stranger offered the chance to you. He is not a complete stranger. You saw him in your dreams, remember?

"How do you know that I won't be coming back here?" Harry asked suspiciously.

"If I have my way, you will not be going out of my sight your whole life," Voldemort said, only half teasing.

"Umm…Okay. Let me go get my stuff." Harry fumbled in the dark for the switch, but was stopped by a hand.

"Don't. I don't want to alert your guards. I am not in the mood to fight them"

Harry sighed in defeat. He settled to fumbling in the dark at the floor, looking for the exact position of the loose board, where he put all his prize possessions, not wanting his aunt, uncle or Dudley to find them, his wand was among the things. He pulled all the things out and put them on the table. Then, he proceeded to get to the closet for a change of clothes, but was stopped by the stranger's voice.

"There is no need to change. We don't have much time. I can just configure some clothes for you when we arrived at my castle. Are these all you want to bring with you?"

"Well, I have nothing else that cannot be bought or that are valuable."

Harry watched as the stranger changed the things on the table to tiny-sized, and then proceeded to put them into his pocket. Then, he beckoned for Harry to come near him.

"I will cast a sleeping spell over you, so don't be afraid. I will protect you at all cost."

Harry nodded reluctantly. He did not like the idea of being asleep through the journey, but he did not want to anger the man. More like you do not want to disappoint him.

Voldemort quickly cast a sleeping spell on his mate, in case he would change his mind. Harry slumped onto his chest. He quickly pulled him into his embrace. Then he proceeded to cast a lightening spell on his mate and carried him outside. Then, he apparated home after he told his servants to retreat through the connection they share; the Death Mark, which was different from the Dark Mark on his Death Eaters. The Death Mark was only for those he trusted. He called them Elites. They were his shadows. No one except himself and the Elites themselves knew of their existence.

To be continued...