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Eva Gordon was all too accustomed to riding trains, subways, and busses. While attending college in Metropolis, she never had money for her own vehicle. She decided her money could be better spent each month than on a car payment, especially since public transportation was, well, public. Instead, she opted out to splurge on the occasional pair of Jimmy Choo's or something equally extravagant, which wasn't often. So when her father let her take his car to go job hunting, she felt...rusty. It had been a few years, to say the least, since she had been behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Eva even tried to dissuade her father from his generosity.

"Daddy, really, I'll be fine. I don't mind riding the train. It will give me a chance to see the city, anyway."

Her father sighed. "I'd feel much more at ease, sweetheart, if you would just take my car."

"But it's daylight, nothings going to happen."

Detective Gordon shook his head in exasperation. "Yeah, you don't know Gotham," he mumbled. "It's not up for discussion," he said, looking up at his daughter. She tried to cut him off, but he continued, "No arguments, just take it. You can drop me off at the station." It was her turn to let out a sigh.

"Fine," Eva mumbled. Grabbing the keys from her father, the tall brunette walked over to the table and grabbed her purse and portfolio. She turned to see her father staring at her, her green eyes questioning him. "What?" Her father smiled at her.

"Nothing," he said, "you just look so much like your mother." He paused for a moment before adding, "Beautiful." Gordon's daughter rolled her eyes.

"Alright dad, come on." She motioned towards the door, but he grabbed her and pulled her into a hug.

"I'm so glad you're home, pumpkin." Pumpkin. How reminiscent of childhood.

"Me too." She stopped for a moment then asked, "Are you okay, dad?"

"Yeah, yeah," tiredness evident in his voice. Thoughts and images of the decaying matter that inhabited Gotham's darker layers ran through his mind. Pictures of vandalism, rape, murder all stabbing away at his heart. If only his daughter knew what hope and happiness she brought into his life. "It's just been so long since I could hug my favorite daughter."

"Dad!" amusement ringing in Eva's tone. "I'm your only daughter!"He gave a bemused chuckle. "Come on," she said, pulling away from her father's embrace. "I want to get this over with."

Detective Gordon scratched the back of his neck and looked at his daughter.

"One more thing," he said while picking up his coat.


"I love you."

His grown daughter rolled her eyes, but smiled. "I love you, too." They both turned to walk out the door.


Lucius Fox was standing in the board room of Wayne Tower, waiting for his boss and friend to arrive for the weekly briefing that included all of the board members from Wayne Enterprises. The meeting was supposed to have started a half an hour ago, but not much to anyone's surprise, it's extravagant playboy CEO was late. Again. Alfred had called Lucius at 8:30, preparing him for the wait. Apparently Bruce Wayne had had a rough night. The billionaire was spotted early on in the evening toting around a model, an actress, and a fellow socialite. All three were tall, way too thin, and immaculate in appearance. As well, all three, obviously were brain dead. When asked by a photographer, who spotted Bruce and his consort as they were walking into a very ritzy restaurant and casino, why he kept such company, the handsome playboy looked at the women and stated that he, "likes variety," then flashed his billion dollar smile to seal the greasy statement. After making his dinner plans, he and his guests of the evening left, presumably to the penthouse he kept somewhere in the city.

All the board members had their doubts about Bruce's ability to settle down and run a cooperation, but really, he was quite the businessman. He had a vision, like his father, and he knew how to follow through with it. There was more to Bruce Wayne than flashy cars and repugnant women. At least, Lucius Fox thought so. He wasn't fooled by Bruce's rampant activities. Deep down, there was more. Lucius knew it. He had his suspicions as to what that "more" might entail, but he never was one to be nosey.

"Lucius," came the impatient voice of Rackley Anderson, "is this wait really necessary?" Rackley was an older man, mid sixties, with grayish black hair and a pompous twist of the mouth; a nice man, just not one for flamboyance. "Can't we just brief you and then you, in turn, brief Bruce, whenever he decides to make an appearance?"

"Maybe if we filled to room with models..." Travis Jones jested. Low laughter and chuckles followed suit.

"Gentlemen, please. Bruce will here any minute."

"This is stupendous Mr. Fox, really, this behav-.."

"Mr. Fox?" The voice rang from the intercom sitting on the table.

"Yes, Jessica?"

"Mr. Wayne has arrived." Lucius looked at Rackley.


A moment later, the door opened and in walked Bruce Wayne, shutting the door quickly behind him and then setting up his place at the head of the table.

"I'd like to apologize for the wait," Bruce looked up from the papers that had been place in front of him. "It was a long night." Once again, a few soft chuckles filled the air. "So, who's first?"

A small man, not 5 foot 7 looked up at Bruce. He had strawberry blonde hair and small green eyes framed by wire-rimmed glasses. "Bailey?"

"Yes, sir Mr. Wayne..." The man launched into a report about his area of expertise, droning on and on about numbers and figures. When he was done, Bruce just nodded his head and waited patiently for the next person to launch their own reprisal of the weeks (very boring) business events. It just went on and on until finally the last person was spoken for. If Bruce ever had problems sleeping, he just thought about these weekly meetings. It wouldn't take long for a deep sleep to seek him out.

Bruce stood from his chair, thanked everyone for their time and watched and the board members dispersed to head back to their own offices. Lucius waited until they had all filtered out of the room before speaking.

"I received your memo about the helmets."

Bruce looked up from putting papers into his brief case. "Oh, yeah?"

"I took the liberty of having a shipment sent to your house."

Bruce smiled at the older man. "Thank-you." He grabbed his briefcase and he and Lucius walked out the door of the board room. "How many?"

"A couple of hundred." Lucius paused to look at his boss. "I know how painful billionaire spelunking can be." With a laugh, Bruce nodded his head at Lucius and then departed into his office.

"Morning, Mr. Wayne." A pretty, short, red-haired woman looked up from her desk.

"Good morning Annette. Beautiful day today, isn't it?"

"It is sir."

And indeed it was; the office was high up on the 40th floor and encompassed by all windows. The view was simply beautiful. The morning sun light flowed into the office, giving way to a rather nice work environment. Bruce Wayne did a double take at his receptionist.

"Annette?" he looked at her quizzically. "I thought you were taking your maternity leave?"

Her smiled faded down slightly; the interview process for replacements was proving to be maddening.

"Still interviewing people, sir." He smiled at her.

"Just as long as you find someone and can get some rest before your due date." He paused, ceasing the opportunity to make a bad joke. "My father may have been a doctor, but I'm not." Annette looked up at him and laughed, "No, of course not." He really was a nice man. She had never had a job where she genuinely liked her boss. He was just so...affable. She was sure that all those rumors about him were not true. He started back into his office but was quickly stopped by his secretary.

"Oh, Mr. Wayne, I almost forgot," she got up, grabbed a couple of folders off her desk, and walked over to him. "The 'Holden' files, as you requested."

"Thank-you, Annette." Bruce turned and walked into his office, shutting the door behind him.


Eva Gordon looked at her watch as she left the Nehemiah Clements building. It was almost noon. She had been walking and driving all over Gotham City's business district for almost five hours, searching for a job, that apparently did not want to be found. In the previous weeks, she had sent out her resume to several places that she heard were in need of employees, however every interview today seemed completely hopeless. She sighed as she looked out over the expanse of the street that laid before (and mostly around) her. People glittered the side walks, the roadways; they were everywhere. Walking, talking, eating. Ugh. Perhaps she was a little hungry. Her feet were killing. Walking around in Prada boots (okay, so what if they were knock offs) killed her feet, so she decided to find a side walk café and took a seat. A waiter promptly appeared, gave her a menu, a few moments to look over said menu, and then returned with her water which she had requested.

"Were you ready to order?"

"Um, yes." She opened the menu and pointed to her selection. "I think I will take the Minestrone soup and a salad on the side."


"No, thanks."

"Alright, I'll be right back with your order." The waiter gave her a smile, which she returned, took up the menu, and then walked away.

Eva was left to her thoughts. Apparently there wasn't a huge market for business law advisers. She could always open up her own practice, but that took money, money of which she did not have. So she was stumped. She had to find work. Her mother and father couldn't just take her back, she couldn't lay that kind of burden on them, not with her two very much younger brothers being so young. Of course, its not like her parents would ever have pushed her out. They were just happy that she was back. Still, she knew money was sparse at times. Not that her family was poor, quite the contrary. Since her father's promotion to Lieutenant, he received a nice pay raise which boosted the family's socio-economic status. Not by a whole lot, but Connor and Justin would have more than she did growing up, which was fine. Eva just didn't want to impose. So finding job was of the utmost importance.

She tried to think of different places she could go. Already treading over most of the business offices in and around downtown Gotham City, she was momentarily discouraged. Would she ever find a job? She could always waitress or bartend. Maybe work in a department store. It wouldn't exactly be putting her expensive education to work, but it would be a paycheck. The waiter came back to the table, knocking her from her thoughts.

"Your soup and salad." He placed them both in front of her. "Can I get you anything else?"

"Not at the moment, thanks." He left again, leaving her to her food. Eva scooped up a mouth full of soup in her spoon and was about to put it to her lips when a slight bump came upon the back of her chair. Turning, she saw the guilty culprit: a very pregnant, short, red-haired woman.

"So sorry," the lady apologetically smiled. "As you can see, I'm not really equipped for small spaces."

Eva gave a tiny laugh. "It's alright." Then turned back to her lunch. She overheard everything the woman was saying, which at the moment, wasn't much. Apparently, she was waiting for her husband, who was arriving shortly. The waitress left to obtain the glass of water that the pretty little woman had requested. About a minute later, Eva heard a man's voice.

"Sorry I'm late, honey." Her husband, she hoped.

"You're not. How's work?" The man gave a slight laugh.

"Long. Have you managed to find someone?"

The waitress came back to her table, ready to take their orders. The woman had almost the same thing Eva had, only she added a fruit bowl on the side. The man ordered a tuna wrap with a side of clam chowder, an odd combination Eva thought. The lady answered her husband's question after the waitress had left.

"No. Not yet. How hard could it be, you'd figure, to find a secretarial replacement that isn't a complete ditz." Her husband gave a laugh, she continued. "I think most of these women just want the job so they can get close to-.." she was cut off by the ringing of a cell, apparently her husbands.

"Sorry, babe, I've got to take this."

So she needed a secretarial replacement? Eva thought it over a second, she didn't know exactly what all the job would entail, but she had worked in an office as a work study one semester, surely it wouldn't be too overwhelming. Maybe she could help her out. Maybe they could both help each other out.

"Excuse me," Eva said, turning to face the other woman. In kind, the other lady turned to face her, giving a half smile. "I'm sorry to bother you," Eva extended her hand towards the pregnant lady. "My name is Eva Gordon and I couldn't help but over hear your certain dilemma." The lady took Eva's hand and shook it.

"Annette LaHaye."

"See, I'm fresh out of Metropolis and looking for a job. Of which, is proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated." Annette looked at Eva and smiled. "I just graduated from college and am really anxious to get to work, somewhere."

"Really? What's your degree?" Eva rumbled through her portfolio for a resume to hand over.

"Business Law." Having said that, Annette looked on at Eva is mock disbelief. "I know, I know," Eva handed over her resume. "Secretarial work is a far cry from what I studied, but at this point, I am just really desperate for something."

Annette looked over the resume before speaking. "You are aware that this would only be temporary? I am really just needing someone to fill my spot while I go on maternity leave. Probably two, maybe three months at the most." It would be something until she could get a better idea of the Gotham City job market.

"That's fine." Eva stated matter-of-factly. Annette threw the idea around in her head a bit more.

"Well, let's see. Let me finish eating and then we can talk more." She fished out a card from her purse and handed it over to Eva. It had "Wayne Enterprises" sprawled across the top of the business card followed by Annette's name. "Do you know where Wayne Tower is?" Eva nodded. "Good. At about two o'clock go to the 40th floor, tell Glenda at the front desk that you are there for an interview with me, she should direct you from there. When we reconnect, I'll go over specifics." Eva nodded at her, smiling.

"Thank-you Annette," she returned the smile. "So, at two?" Annette nodded and then both turned around to eat their lunches.