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A/N: Yes, I am aware that Hotaru is not suppose to be here this early in the actual SM, but Chibiusa needs a friend, so just consider Hotaru to be Chibiusa's age which is five in this story.

How could he not love her!

"Usagi, Auntie Ikuko said you had to stop and buy me ice cream today for getting a perfect score on my math test again!" Usagi sighed as Chibiusa boasted yet again about her perfect scores.

"Chibiusa will you shut up?!" Usagi asked and yelled."Here go get your stupid ice cream." Chibiusa took the money, but stared up at her heroine. She thought perhaps she'd gone to far this time, but Usagi said nothing more as she kept walking towards the Hikawa temple shrine.

"No, I can wait," Chibiusa sighed, her head hanging low as she followed Usagi. She had never known Usagi to call ice cream stupid besides she liked when Usagi took her because she could always talk Motoki into giving her extra scoops without having to pay more. She hated to admit it, but she wasn't as skilled as Usagi when talking to Motoki. Motoki Furuhata was the owner of the Arcade and a fun person to be around.

Lately Usagi had been feeling down because Mamoru had left her, he claimed he didn't love her anymore and she just couldn't believe it. How could their love die out, she just knew in her heart that it was true love.

"Still feeling down Usagi-san?" Hotaru asked when they arrived at the Hikawa shrine.

"Down is an understandment for how I feel, Hotaru-san." Usagi moved passed her slowly. It was like she wasn't even there. That lively energy that usually radiated off her seemed to be gone. Chibiusa hugged her best friend Hotaru and they whispered to each other about Usagi and Mamoru.

"Setsuna?" Usagi asked surprised. She knew that the usual senshi would be there Makoto Kino, Ami Mizuno , Rei Hino, Michiru Kaioh, Hotaru Tomoe, Haruka Ten'ou, Minako Aino, and of course Chibiusa Tsukino. Setsuna Meioh was suppose to be at the gates of time guarding it as Sailor Pluto, but more often than not she came to Tokyo as Setsuna Meioh the nineteen year old college student and cousin of Michiru since they looked like they could be related to some degree.

"Isn't it a nice surprise, Usagi?" Minako asked.

"Yes, I suppose it is good to see you Setsuna," Usagi replied half heartedly.

"Wow she's really sad," Setsuna thought."If only she knew the truth."

"Its good to see you too Usagi, now let's get down to business the Dark Moon is a threat I can't figure out how they are time-traveling, I guard the gates and should be able to stop them." Setsuna was definitely furious about them not coming to the gates.

"We can't figure it out either, but it feels like every time a youma attacks it gets stronger, maybe they're making faster progress in the future than we anticipated," Michiru said.

"We'll just have become more a team," Haruka put in as she sipped her tea that Rei has just poured. Usagi just listened as she stared off. She never even once looked at or touched the kurimanju Makoto had taken the time to make in an attempt to cheer Usagi up, it had after all been a week since the break up. Luna pushed the plate towards Usagi, who looked down and started to cry. Everyone turned towards her including Chibiusa and Hotaru who had entered Rei's room and were sitting down munching on the warm buns. They paused in their actions.

"Usagi, what's wrong?" Minako asked.

"Mamo-chan baked me some kurimanju when he broke up with me," Usagi cried. Alarmed Makoto immediately took away all offending pastries if they hadn't been goggled up quickly, which is exactly what Chibiusa did. Hotaru volunteerily gave her's up like everyone else.

"Oh how thoughtless Kurimanju is your favorite," Rei said angry.

"I know," Usagi cried.

"I'm sorry Usagi I didn't mean to get you all up set," Makoto said hugging Usagi.

"Its ok Makoto you didn't know, I just don't understand," Usagi cried.

"What don't you understand?" Ami asked as they all surrounded her to comfort her except Chibiusa.

"Why he doesn't love me anymore," Usagi cried.

"What!" They yelled. They knew they'd broken up, but they thought it was more of a lover's spat now they knew it went even deeper,"

"I have to go home," Usagi said before standing up and running from the Hikawa shrine, but not before she heard Rei's voice.

"How could he not love her!"