Revealing the Truth

"Damn it where is she!" Rei thundered angrily.

"Damn it she's in South Tokyo." Everyone turned to look at Ami she rarely cursed. "Its like she's hoping from place to place by traveling through dimensions and than back into time."

"I'm getting real fucking tired of this, how do we cast that monster out of Usagi's body?" Makoto asked them, but it was really for Ami.

"I need to get a good scan of her while the monster has taken possession of her. There must be someway to draw her out." Everyone was silent for a moment.

"Well if there's one thing that gets our Usagi to come to us it is food." They nodded. They managed to meet in the park with delicious meal and used the communicator to track her. Just as they suspected as Usagi she couldn't resist and for now the monster would allow it. Only Minako waited on the blanket waiting for her.

"Where is everyone?" Usagi asked.

"Usagi-chan I'm glad you could make it, they've all gone to pick up other things. Oh my I've just got loads of energy today, do you want to take some off my hands?" Minako asked. Usagi seemed to perk up at this and Minako immediately noted a change in her. She was grateful that Mercury was running a continuous scan on her.

"Yes sure, I'm feeling quite tired today and could use the extra boost." Minako nodded and held out her hand tentatively. They both closed their eyes as their hands met. Minako felt he energy flowing out of her and she tried to break free, but Serena's grip tightened around hers.

"Uranus World Shaking!" Minako gasped as Serena let her go and flew across the park as people screamed and ran in fear. Ami was by her side immediately.

"Transform, we have to fight her as if she were another youma eventually the monster will come out and a combined attack from us all should do it." Minako nodded and transformed into Sailor Venus even though she felt weak.

"Venus use your chain!"

"Hai!" She nodded. "Venus Love Chain and Circle!" The monster in Usagi struggled to be released.

"Pluto Dead Scream!" Usagi screamed a burn crushing scream all the while hurling dark energy at them. Venus forced herself to hang on to the chain even as she used it to attack her with dark energy.

"Neptune Deep Submerge!"

"Death Ribbon Revolution!"

"Mars Burning Mandala!"

"Uranus World Shaking!"

"Jupiter Thunder Dragon!" The attacks hit her one after another as she screamed until finally her body slumped as Mercury scanned her.

"Get ready minna!" She cried. Everyone poised read to attack as Venus released her chain. Usagi stood up and the monster still didn't come out she was immediately hit with everyone's attack. When the light cleared she fell forward to the ground and a squid appeared above her body finally looking like her to some extent, but they knew it wasn't her it had been the same with the General.

"Sailor Planet Power!" They all screamed already in position. The squid screamed and shattered into a million tiny pieces of glass around them. It was like ice littered the ground, but it had also cut into their skin. They all crawled over to Usagi.

"Come on we have to get her to a hospital." They nodded and quickly took off with her in all the commotion. When they were out of view they transformed and went to the hospital.

"You were all very lucky to escape, but your friend will not be all right, she shouldn't have left like she did this morning when she had woken up.

"Hai, we were trying to convince her to come back when the attack occurred," Ami told him.

"Gomen Nasai Obaasan," Chibi-usa told her after she dropped her homemade bento box for lunch. They were going to head over to the hospital to see what was going on with Usagi. She had, had enough waiting around with no answers.

"Its all right Chibi-usa are you still not feeling well?" She asked. Chibi-usa nodded.

"Oh you and baby Usa must be coming down with a cold, I hope Hitomi doesn't develop one too." Chibi-usa merely nodded as she cleaned up the rest and Ikuko prepared another and packed it herself. "Let's go."

"Hai!" They got baby Usa and Hitomi and left. "Obasan are you sure Usagi will even be there, I mean what about the attack?"

"She will be there if Mamoru-kun knows what's good for him," Ikuko told her. Chibi-usa nodded before Ikuko drove off. When they arrived at the hospital all the girls were there except Trista and Hotaru.

"Ah you did find her." They nodded not surprised Mamoru had somehow managed to spill the beans.

"Good news is she's not brain dead," Rei said trying to brighten up the room.

"Hai!" They agreed. Soon Trista showed up with Mamoru who was still very much in pain, but awake with Hotaru. They all sat watching Usagi.

"I shouldn't have made her go to China." Everyone perked up.

"Made her go?" They asked.

"Usagi was really against going I can't seem to remember why," Ikuko said frowning.

"Oh that's my fault," Chibi-usa told her tentatively, but didn't divulge as to how that was after all her secret weapon.


"No, she must have known something about that general," Rei said.

"Like what?" Amara asked. "What could she have known, about him that we wouldn't have. You guys spent three months with him on an island."

"Exactly and she was acting weird."

"Yes, but only because she was pregnant and trying to hide it," Minako pointed out.

"Yeah maybe at first, but there was something more I just know it, I could see it in her eyes when she would wake up in a cold sweat," Makoto told them.

"We'll just have to ask her," Mamoru told them. He had also noticed there had been a slight change in his Usako than just becoming a mother. There had always been something more he felt he wasn't responsible for causing. They nodded.

"Minna," Usagi whispered. Everyone jumped suddenly roused from their sleepy state to look at her. Artemis and Luna poked out of their bags and jumped on the bed.

"Usagi, are you okay?" Ikuko asked rubbing her head. Usagi nodded her head a little.

"I feel weak, but I feel a little better now."

"Usagi-chan, who is baby usa?" Ami asked. Usagi looked at her as if she were weird.

"She's my daughter, what's wrong with you Ami?" Usagi asked her.

"You don't remember what happen do you?"

"I remember the General attacking me, but that's it," Usagi told them.

"Attack?" Ikuko asked.

"Yeah, he…" She stopped talking. "I'm fine now."

"You're not fine," Mamoru spoke from the other side.

"I am." Usagi tried to sit up, but she fell back weakly.

"Stay down," Ikuko told her firmly. "You're very weak." Usagi nodded with a sigh.

"Where's Chibi-usa-chan, Baby Usa, and Hitomi?" Usagi asked.

"I'm here," Chibi-usa told her looking nearly as weak as Usagi.

"I should take you home, Chibi-usa you're coming down with a cold." Chibi-usa nodded.

"Baby Usa doesn't look so good either," Minako commented lifting her.

"Oh my baby," Usagi said seeing she looked a little green.

"Don't you worry, you get better I'll take care of them." Usagi nodded wanting so much to care for them both.

"Usagi-chan gomen nasai, but this is for your own good," Mamoru told her. She had been home for quite some time, but Mamoru and scouts decided it was time for some answers and Ikuko was now allowing Mamoru to kidnap Usagi of sorts to get those answers. Chibi-usa looked on she had found her strength returning when Usagi's had begun to do so as well. It was as if they had a link of some sort.

"Put me down!" Usagi screamed as he lifted her effortlessly and put him in the car.

"Nope." He shut the door and slid over the hood and hoped it. He pulled her back in and hit the put button to locked the door and made sure she couldn't unlock it. Usagi was only fighting to get away because she knew what they wanted and she wasn't willing to give it to them.

"Mamoru let me out now!" She started to hyperventilate. They couldn't know her shame, they just couldn't. And even if they did know, they would only tell her what she already knew, that it was her fought. That she had brought it all on herself on now they wouldn't want her to be Sailor Moon any longer, and Mamoru would desert her and she would be forced to raise baby Usa alone, assuming he didn't take her, from her. And her parents would hate her too. Everything began to go out of focus and she could no longer see and lost all sense of time. When she finally calmed down and her vision returned to her and she was surrounded. There was no escaping the inevitable she would just have to accept her fate. She held her head down in shame.

"Minna Gomen nasai, forgive me," She whispered. They just barely heard her as she sat in the chair in the middle of the room.

"Sorry for what Usagi-chan?" Ami asked tentatively.

"For making him do it, if I were a good girl that never would have happened to me."

"You mean me getting you pregnant?" Mamoru asked. "Usagi-chan that was my fault, my mistake not yours."

"If I were a better scout we wouldn't be here." Here being the middle of a wrestling ring at the shrine.

"Usagi-chan the General beating you is not your fault," Rei told her.

"Minna hush." Minako approached Usagi-chan again, but closer. "Usagi-chan tell us what happen on the island." Usagi nodded and told them. They all stared at her in horror, which she thought was directed at her just like in her dream. But the words of scorn that followed weren't for her she realized, but for the General.

"I bet that's how that damn thing got inside of her," Mamoru raged. He wasn't running off to kill the General of Japan because Amara and Michelle were hold him down. They all had to think rationally before they made any course of action.

"And Tsukino-san sent you straight to him," Makoto commented as Trista held her, and Hotaru had a hold of Mars. It wasn't that they all didn't want to go tare him limb from limb it just wasn't wise for them to do so.

"Where is the bastard now?" Amara asked.

"Hospital in Kyoto," Minako commented. "I heard he hasn't woken up since the incident."

"Wait, wait," Ami said. They all looked at her.

"If he put it in her on the island, that means baby Usa could very well be." A bright light shined through the door.

"Chibi-usa!" They exclaimed. Everyone ran out the door and headed straight for the park where the blast of energy came from. When they got there, they found a squid like baby Usa and an identical one coming from Chibi-usa.

"Don't worry its not them," Ikuko cried from their limp bodies. They had already transformed they immediately attacked them as Tuxedo Kamen went over to his daughters.

"Go Sailor Moon!"

"Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" The squids not being very powerful were defeated easily. They splattered covering everyone within rage with a clear goo.

"Ugh its like snot," Hotaru groaned surprising them all and making them laugh even Hotaru started to laugh, but the reality of the situation returned to them.

"There's nothing we can do," Sailor Moon told them all. "Just leave it a lone, there's no proof. All I want to do is forget if that is even possible anymore." She hurried over to baby Usa and lifted her up gently before hurrying off. Tuxedo Kamen lifted Chibi-usa and left. Ikuko grabbed Hitomi and followed them to the shrine.

"Okaasan," Hitomi said running over. Usagi looked at her and hugged as she watched baby Usa who was lying next to Chibi-usa in much of the state she had been. Hitomi's hand glowed and she touched both of their foreheads. They didn't wake up, but soon it became obvious that they were now asleep.

"What's going on with you Usagi-chan?" Ikuko asked.

"It was nothing Tsukino-san," Mamoru told her. "It was no more than what we suspected." Everyone nodded their agreement.

"I'll sue him than."

"Don't, just let it be Okaasan, I just want this all to go away and it will if we stop bringing it up." Everyone nodded their head at her words though they didn't believe that was true at all. Usagi-chan would be haunted by it for the rest of her life and they knew it.

"All right fine, but let's get the children home."

"Hai." They helped her get them into the car before she left with Ikuko.

Later that night in Kyoto

"Yarou!" Usagi exclaimed to the General. He opened his eyes. He was in a full body cast except for his head, but his jaw was wired shut. He looked at her with recognition in his eyes, but for the first time he seemed frightened of her rather than she him. "That's right its me, I know you know what you were doing, and I know you're going to keep doing what you did to me to other girls." He said something, but obviously it came out in muffles. "But I won't let that happen, I am going to make sure you never hurt any girl again and more importantly me. She took his pillow from behind his head and held it above him just enough so that they could still one another. "Burn in hell you sick fuck!" She shoved the pillow down hard causing him pain. He could do nothing stop her as he tried to move only causing more pain throughout his body. Serena applied a little more pressure until finally the machine went off to alert people the fact he wasn't breathing. She quickly shut it off and held it down more. She held it so long she was only sure he was dead when he was cold. She left the pillow over him and walked back to the window. He was thirty stories up. She transformed and as Sailor Moon easily exited thirty story window. When she landed in the park among Kyoto she was surprised to find the scouts waiting for her.

"What did you do?" Uranus asked her.

"I stopped him from hurting more people," Sailor Moon told her before she ran off and they could do nothing, but follow her.


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