Like most RP fics, this starts where the last one ends, prettymuch. Excellion (SpiritPrime) has joined the RP to play as Optimus Prime, and will be bringing in her fancharacter, later on.

As for right now, here's the ones we've got:


the Kintaari Marauders (Autobot faction):

Driveby: Toyota Camry

Cable: Ford Festiva

Cap: Challenger II Tank

Gunlock: R.A.F. Avro-Vulcan B1 Stealth jet

Ty: Chevy Blazer

Beacon: MQ-1 Pretator (mini spy-plane)


other chars:

Hammertread: MA1 Abrams tank

Jade: F15E (strike) Eagle (seekerjet)

Rampage's girl (kittar):

Alpha: blue Ford F-150 pickup truck

Omega (black jet)

Kit (white tiger cub)

Terrablast (femmebat)

Cyberfin (shark)

DarkStatic (shadow)

the Decepticon Rangers:

DarkClaw: Griffen

Sky: Phoenix

Windwhisper: wolf

Saber: (sabertooth) tiger

other characters:

Shadow: red-on-black dragon (Was a Ranger, but left and became an autobot)

Bluestatic: Lamborgini Galleiro (Shadow's little brother)

SpiritPrime (excellion)

Blazestorm: silver/grey western dragon (winged american dragon)

(also does the part of Optimus Prime in chapter 2 on)

Other fanchars might appear later (this is still going, so none of us really know what's going to happen next.)

Their profiles will be added as they appear. Existing Fancharacter profiles can be found at the beginning of any of the RP fics, or at Shadow, Kittar, Excellion, and L.S.'s journals:

Shadow's journal: http:// darkstatic. livejournal. com

Kittar's journal: http:// kittar. livejournal. com (Rampage's girl over here)

Excellion's journal: http:// excellion. livejournal. com (SpiritPrime over here)

LadyStarscream's journal: http:// jadeseeker. livejournal. com

Just take out the spaces after the dots.

I'll add the full profiles as soon as I find them. :-)