Ironhide glanced at the dragonic femme, and decided not to say anything in reply. He hadn't meant it offensively. He did understand that someone she cared about was in trouble, and he'd be upset if he were in her position, too.


Jade tried to say something between coughs, but couldn't manage. By the time the local fire department arrived, the blaze had been put out. She emerged from the smoking building to see brawn and cliffjumper a small distance away, both holding their heads. From being knocked out, she guessed. The jet finally caught her breath. "others... inside.." she coughed, realizing they may have allready found them.

She glanced at the building, and the humans from the fire department and emergency squad scampering about. Two humans, who were wrapped in blankets, were sitting in the back of the ambulance. But where was the third?

Cold dread struck. Then she remembered hearing something, sounds like yelling from the next room.

Megatron had planned for the humans he had on display to be rescued, and had others.

So he had finally created a plan with a backup?

She glanced back at the building, and caught a glance from a very peeved-looking dragoness, and looked away quickly.

Oh, Primus. They had failed!

And now the Decepticons had Bluestatic!

Shadow started to keen quietly at the loss of her brother and after that look DarkClaw had given her, it took everything she had to stop her from taking off after them. She couldn't fight all them at once; her armour wasn't that tough. With a small hiss she made the most difficult decision she'd ever had to make, and walked back in to help with the clean up. All the while she appeared uptight and as though she was barely holding back her emotions. Her wings were curled protectively around her and her tail never stayed still.

As she assisted with the clean up Shadow's thoughts were constantly on her brother; she had to trust that the autobots would help her retrieve him ; then again she thought as she uncovered a familliar and fairly unliked red form; if they dislike me as much as he does there really isn't a hope in hell. With a rather world weary sigh Shadow gently picked up the minibot and carried him outside to where the others being either being repaired or waiting and with the upmost care laid Cliffjumper with the others.

With a longing look at the horizon where her brother had been taken Shadow picked her way through the rubble and over to Jade.

"Look I...I just want you to know that I don't blame you or the others okay?" Shadow felt the need to express that she truly didn't blame Jade or even Cliffjumper (whom she disliked the most) if anything Shadow thought it was her fault, she should have been with her brother.
The jet nodded, still looking at the burning building.

Shadow gave Jade a careful look "don't worry we'll get them out. Some of them already are," the jet was obviously not feeling alright. Shadow wasn't too sure what to do; she wasn't good at being emotional or helping people who needed comfort. Instead she merey gently squeezed Jade's hand "It's okay" she whispered.

The femmejet just nodded back mutely. she hadn't meant for the 'Cons to get away with Static. none of the autobots had. Now the people from the fire department were yelling to one another.

Shadow noticed Prime coming and mentally steeled herself for whatever was to come, but instead of admonishing Shadow, gave her an understanding look. "We "WILL get him back." he gave the dragoness a decided look.

The red and blue Autobot leader looked up at the now-clear sky where the Decepticons had retreated. They would get Bluestatic back... somehow.

Shadow nodded. however, what he did say caught her off guard for a bit, untill, she finnally managed to pull herself together and answer "I know sir" in a voice so quiet that it was difficult to tell whether she had spoken or not.

The jet just nodded, and wandered over to the others who were still walking around, pausing momentarily to look at the firefighters and inferno, who were finishing the last few licks of flames. One of the humans shouted to one of the others. The jet paused, looking at the scorch marks on the ground, and what she had previously thought was just some rubble from the building. Realisation struck when she caught a glimpse of some fabric.

Something red, it wasn't really an identifiable mass under the tarp one of the rescue workers had thrown over it. She caight site of something something whiteish. She looked up at the Autobots, and where the humans had been imprisoned. So they had tried to rescue them. It seemed one of them wasn't so lucky.

The jet stared at the unrecognisable lump in horrow, then turned away, cold panic written across her features She realized with a shock she'd been staring at the half-burned lump of what was one of the humans workers from the building.

Slagit all to the PIT! why did the humans have to be the ones to get hurt for all their efforts? They hadn't asked to be a part of this!

She distantly heard the rescue workers yelling something about more humans inside, but didn't hear. Her fuel cells heaved and threatened to turn against her, and she took to the air, engines screaming at not having the chance to warm up properly.

She flew higher, faster, so much the earth below became a blur. If there was one thing she couldn't stand, it was to see humans get hurt in the crossfire. And that was exactly what Megatron had done. The one human had been incinerated on the spot with one blast from his fusion cannon.

The bastard!!!

She turned her afterburners a bit higher, excellerating more, trying to do a barrel roll to get her mind off it. Spike and Sparkplug were the same way about humans and getting sick at the sight of blood, yet didn't get sick at the sight of a heavily damaged Autobot dripping fluids and whatnot everywhere, but some of the autobots would get sick at the sight of it. Funny. Cybertronians had the same calm detatched reaction to humans that way. She cursed inwardly, and wished they could have been just a little more carefull about things, or at least WAITED UNTILL THE HUMANS WERE FREED TO START FIGHTING!!

She passed the Ark and went out over the ocean. Maybe she'd turn around in a couple hundred miles and come back.

But there was no excuse for the sloppy way they had handled things! Prowl knew damnwell what the situation was, and he could strategise better than that!!!

so why the hell didn't he!!

Anger crept up, pushing her faster yet. She only paused when her comm radio came on.


Meanwhile, the Decepticons were headed back to the Nemesis when the stungun's effects were starting to wear off; and Bluestatic was decidedly starting to be a bit of a pain.

"Let me go!" he cried out as his electricity started to build again. Though it would take a while, soon enough he'd be able to give some well deserved payback to these guys. Too bad his comm wasn't working yet though; Because once Shadow knew where he was and that he was still okay then they could both take these guys out together!

The Decepticons who had a hold of Bluestatic swerved slightly to keep their grip on him. Megatron smirked. His plan was coming together perfectly! The docking tower of the Nemesis rose out of the ocean, sending a large spray of water into the air around it, and the door opened, like a huge, dark maw, ready to swallow them up. They flew in, and the door shut with a loud clang behind them, and started to descend.


"Jade!" Shadow called as the Jet flew off...damn things weren't going all that well today. The dragoness felt her very spark weigh heavy in her systems; the effect of seeing those humans was not a severe on Shadow as it was on Jade. Nevertheless she did feel some revulsion at what the native race on earth had to deal with. With a sigh Shadow realised that maybe Jade needed some alone time and left her to it for a while; her own emotional unstableness was bad enough she didn't want to risk anyone else getting hurt because of it.

When the rescue workers asked her for assistance Shadow agreed and transformed into her dragon mode; using her claws and her body she helped to dig out some of the survivors and some of those that hadn't made it. She would sometimes allow one of the other autobots to use the fluff on the end of her tail to clear away dust and dirt. 'heh I've been reduced to a feather duster' Shadow thought as they did so.

All the while a part of her mind was focused on Bluestatic...and evidently the Rangers weren't showing her where they had taken him. Now she was wondering why.


Bluestatic however was not liking where he was going and he disliked the docking tower even more...but his electicity was slowly building he just hoped he could swim as well as he thought he could...becuase from what he could see that was the only way he was getting out.

Remaining resolutely silent the whole time he meerly strugled and tried to be a general pain. after all he couldn't do much else. Especially after the door closed; And boy did that clang sound like a death knell.

The lift descended, and Megatron started to come up with the beginnins of various ways he could trick Shadow into surrendering, or force her to surrender to them. Then he would erase her memory, and make her completely loyal to him once more!

His imagination voiced the possibility of forcing all the autobots to surrender, but knew that would be too much to ask. Besides, This entire plan was built around getting shadow back. Once the lift doors opened and they were in the control room, Megatron turned to Soundwave and the Rangers.

"Make sure he does not escape. Keep him unconcious if you have to, I don't care. Just make sure someone is with him at all times. I don't want him to get away." he growled, giving the Autobot a glare.

Soundwave entoned "As you command, Megatron."

He got two steps, and turned to DarkClaw. "Oh, and I want him to remain functional. Do I make myself clear?"

Bluestatic glared back with as much defiance as he could muster. What most autobots and most decepticons didn't know was the Bluestatic wasn't as sweet and as innocent as he often appeared. Shadow knew; oh boy did she know, but no one else did. So a rather nasty plan started to form in his mind; still he was smart enough to keep it hidden right down in the darkest recesses of his mind. So if Soundwave were to scan him he wouldn't find it; still he needed to remain conscious so he decided now would be a good time to comply meekly; even if he didn't feel like it.


DarkClaw nodded "As you wish" he replied to the first question his fingers started to dig into Bluestatic's shoulder armour. Illiciting a small whimper of pain from the autobot. To which it seemed Megatron dissagreed. "Crystal sir" he replied. To which Beedrill gave a sour look; she'd wanted to play with the autobot first; nevertheless she'd obey DarkClaw...the rangers always did. Windwhisper just looked at the state of his fellows and gave a mental sigh he'd have to repair them and make sure the pathetic excuse for an autobot stayed alive. oh joy...

Saber herself didn't give a damn about what happened to Bluestatic as long as they got Shadow back. Saber wasn't dumb enough to think that Megatron would continue to do this; sure if they managed to catch the dragon on the battlefield maybe then he'd wipe her memory but only for his own interests. Otherwise he might not think she was worth the effort.

Sky however did spare a thought for the Autobot brother of their sixth. Since in a way thanks to the geasult bond he was their brother too; perhaps there was a way they could all be happy...


After a while Shadow contacted Jade Hey you okay? You're worrying me...and honestly that isn't normally easy. She continued to help but without her brother to keep her stable she was well aware her mentality was a tad unstable. Meaning no-one should try to irritate her right now; well unless they liked pain a lot.

"I'm fine."

The jet's voice wavered, though.

The autobots transformed and headed back to the Ark, and the rest of Autobot the rescue team were awake and complaining. Even though Ratchet's complaining could be heard much more clearly than theirs.

Prime and Prowl stayed to talk things over with the humans, and explain what had happened.

Shadow sighed No you're not and I can tell...come on, you can tell me whats wrong; I won't tell anyone else. Shadow had taken off and was currently flying in a rather lazily upset manner behind the airialbots. She didn't look down because she knew that the fact that the bright blue form of her brother wasn't there. And right now she knew she couldn't handle it.


Meanwhile, back at the Decepticon base, the jets threw Bluestatic in a small room and shut the door. They doubted he'd be getting out of there anytime soon. But Megatron had assigned Thundercracker and Skywarp to gaurd him, just in case he tried something.

Bluestatic meerly let out an "ooof" when he landed inside the cell his door wings shuddered by the force of the impact. He glared daggers at the two jets even though they couldn't see him doing so. He was going to kill them if they hurt Shadow; this thought he kept repeating in his mind. She'd be worried; he knew that, but she'd probably also be either panicking or keeping her emotions under wraps. Bluestatic wasn't sure which was worse.

Right now though he had to concentrate on building up his electricity levels...and since metal was a great conductor he could pick up on every bit of static electricity produced in the base and gather it all into himself. Oh yeah there was going to be a rather big shock throughout the whole complex when he gained enough power.

Megatron stared at the computer screen in front of him. He wasn't really looking at it, though. He was thinking. He knew Shadow wass unpredictable, and how she had fought against the gestalt merger, even with a hypno-chip in place, just at the mere sight of her brother. So how was he going to get around that? sure, he could simply erase her memories. But why was he getting the feeling that would last about five seconds once she caught sight of her brother? He could shoot the Autobot weakling, so there'd never be that risk.

No. That wouldn't work either. what if she found out? If he hadn't erased her memory first, she'd go ballistic and try to kill everyone.


Unless he altered her memories. Megatron suddenly smirked. Nobody knew what a Cybertronian's mind was like. and even if Soundwave tried, he doubted the cassette host would be able to worm his way all the way into her mind. He remebered even as a Decepticon she had been somewhat strong-willed.
He didn't even notice the reflection in the monitor, as a scowling Starscream passed behind him, going out on patrol.

The only person that might even come close to understanding the dynamics of a combined mechanism was the person who had worked on the Pathfinder project. A certain Decepticon with a Blackhawk Helicopter alt. mode. Megatron grinned. That might just work. Now, if he could just get a hold of Shockwave...