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Four Months Later

It was bright and sunny in the outside world, the flowers had bloomed and the birds kept on singing...And the sun wouldn't quit shining. It was summer. And that meant that Roxas had to get a summer job. Where else would he go besides that old place right by his school?

"Hey Roxas!" Marluxia greeted him as he entered. "Your boy toy not with you?" He asked.

"Nah. I came to get a job, not to annoy all of you." Roxas smiled at him. "Naminé around anywhere?"

"Yeah, she's at the back waiting for my shift to end. God she's beautiful." Marluxia looked so silly at that moment, but Roxas supposed that was what love was about. "How's Axel doing?"

"Good, good. Hasn't burned anything in two weeks. I think he's starting to cave in to my puppy dog face." Roxas laughed. "Now where's an application?"

"No need for an application, Roxy boy." A heavy hand dropped on his shoulder.

Roxas gulped and looked up. Standing there was Xemnas in all of his brown-skinned glory. Why did he have to look to exotic, beautiful, and...scary? Roxas always wanted to pee his pants when his eyes laid on Xemnas. Xemnas grinned down at him.

"I trust you not to follow in your boyfriend's footsteps so you got yourself a job. As a waiter. None of that bus boy business before being promoted." Xemnas told him.

"Thank you so much sir!" Roxas shook his hand happily.

"You'll start...Friday. Five to close. That alright?"

"It's fine! Thank you!" Roxas was so happy he had gotten a job.

A scream was heard at the back.

"Demyx!" Naminé looked down at her wet, pink dress.

"I'm sorry, Nam! I'll go get some more napkins right away." Demyx hurriedly left.

Xemnas sighed. "My only mistake in promoting him to waiter...He's so clumsy!"

"Axel?" Roxas opened the apartment door. Now that Axel had gotten a new job he had been able to afford a much better apartment. It was in a better part of town and even had a watchman in the lobby! The watchman knew Roxas by now, seeing as how he was always coming and going. Axel had given him a key.

"Hello! Roxas!" Gizmo was still around, though. "Axel's here! He's taking a shower." The banana phone explained.

Roxas smiled and closed the door. "Alright. I guess I'll wait for him here." He set his skateboard down beside the door and sat on the couch. Axel even had enough money to afford a pleather couch! Roxas was glad for his boyfriend's success. It made everything so much better.

Roxas got bored just sitting on the couch and waiting for Axel to get out of the shower. Gizmo entertained him a bit, singing the banana phone song again and dancing to it. (Roxas had taught him the dance.) He turned on the tv, hoping something interesting was on. Nothing was, but he watched it anyway.

"Hey, babe." Axel was standing at the entrance to the hallway, dressed in only a towel. Roxas turned around and blushed.

"Hey." He smiled as Axel walked over to him.

"What have you been doing until now?" The redhead asked as he sat down next to him.

"I got a job as a waiter at the old restaurant." Roxas beamed at him.

"Really?" Axel cocked an eyebrow. He smiled anyway. Roxas did need a bit of money if he ever wanted that Corvette he had been eying.

"Yeah...How was your day at the office?" Roxas asked.

"Okay. It's so slow compared to how the restaurant was...but, I do get paid more and I get weekends off." Axel slung his arm around Roxas' shoulder.

"Hey, Axel?" Roxas asked, looking up at him.

"Yeah?" Axel smiled down at him. They had only gotten as far as making out and Axel had given him a handjob once. It was good, but Axel was craving sex he almost starting humping a chair the other day.

"I-I think I'm ready to take our relationship to the next level." Roxas blushed slightly as he said this.

The only thing going through Axel's mind at that moment was: Ohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshitohshit.