A/N: This was a challenge from blackmare, to get me writing again. Each is based on, and titled after, a song, and each is exactly 100 words. mjf

I Won't Back Down

House tosses the GameBoy to the coffee table, biting back an exasperated noise. If he'd been able, earlier, to toss his piano out the window, he'd have done that, too. Silencing the TV had been easy and satisfying; remote controls are aerodynamically sound, fly easily across the room.

He considers, and discards, a hot shower, his favorite call girl, a drive through the country. His eyes return, unwillingly, to the glass vial in his hand, that clear liquid magnet. "No!" he whispers fiercely to its contents. "Not today."

He sighs, puts down the vial, picks up a deck of cards.

That's What Friends Are For

Wilson turns away from House's office door, allows himself the luxury of an exasperated sigh. Cuddy is always telling him that House won't change, that House epitomizes selfishness, that House is… House.

Maybe Cuddy's right. One favor; a simple consult. And he behaves like I've just stolen his iPod. But he can't give up on House; he won't.

Later that night, Wilson enters his office, exhausted. The first thing he sees is a bag of chips. It's sitting atop two pages of a familiar scribble, and that scribble contains a diagnosis for his patient, and a detailed plan of care.

Life Ain't Always Beautiful

A/N: This one's based more on the lyrics than on the title. It's an incredible song; the pertinent lyric is "Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride." mjf

House threw the keys on the table, glaring disgustedly at Wilson. "You're a sissy."

"But I'm a living, breathing sissy. With an intact skull. I'd like to keep it that way."

"It's a motorcycle, not a hand grenade. And I know what I'm doing."

"I know what I'm not doing; I'm not getting on that bike with you."

House arched his brows. "And you're not living."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

House grew serious, looking intently at Wilson. "It's not always about the destination, you know. Sometimes, it's just about the ride."

Wilson thought, nodded, and tossed House the keys.