Chemical Awareness

Pairings: Sam/Daniel and Sam/Jack
Spoilers: The Broca Divide, Divide and Conquer, Meridian, Fallen
Summary: SG-1 is exposed to a chemical that has a considerable effect on the behaviour of Daniel and Jack.
Season: Season 7, before "Heroes"
Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate or anything related to it.
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Notes: Sam/Jack fans will have a problem with this story. You have been warned. Don't complain if you choose to read it anyway. Also, italicized text indicates thoughts, bold text indicates emphasis.

Thanks to my beta, Thraesja, for all of the amazing help with this story!

-- Chapter 1 --

SG-1 returned from a decidedly uneventful and uninteresting mission to P3C-527. Even Daniel had admitted to being bored. They went through their post-mission medical checkups and were due to give General Hammond a briefing.

Samantha Carter entered the briefing room to find Colonel O'Neill and Daniel Jackson waiting. "There's been an accident in one of the maintenance garages on level 24. I ran into General Hammond on my way here. He's going up there to survey the damage; he asked me to pass along that he'll be a little late."

She poured herself some coffee and sat down next to Daniel. Sam checked her watch and saw that there were still a few minutes before the meeting was scheduled to begin. Teal'c would no doubt arrive shortly.

"There's plenty of room over here, Carter."

Sam looked across the table at her commanding officer, confused.

"Back off, Jack," Daniel said coldly.

Sam turned to her friend in surprise.

"Or what?" demanded Colonel O'Neill.

"Just...knock it off. Leave her alone."

"Uh...guys? What's going on?"

Both men got up from their chairs and walked around the table until they were toe to toe. The Colonel poked Daniel's shoulder with two fingers. "What are you going to do about it?" He poked him again. "Nothing. That's what. So, why don't you take your geeky ass outta here and give me and Carter some time alone."

"Colonel! What has gotten into you?"

The men seemed completely oblivious to her. Daniel gave Colonel O'Neill a shove. The older man wasn't prepared and he stumbled backwards.

"I said 'back off', Jack." Daniel's fists clenched at his sides.

"Daniel! What is going on here?" Sam tried to get in between the two men but they ignored her. They glowered at each other.

"What would she want with a dweeb like you?"

"What would she want with an arrogant ass like you?" Daniel countered.

The Colonel took several menacing steps toward Daniel who settled into a fighting stance, clearly prepared to defend himself.

"Stop it! Both of you!" Sam shouted.

Daniel hesitated and looked at her; Colonel O'Neill took advantage of his distraction and landed a punch squarely on Daniel's jaw. Daniel spun around and fell in a heap on the floor.

Sam leapt on her commanding officer and they fell to the floor. She twisted his arm up behind his back, wondering if she was ending her career.

"About time you jumped my bones, Carter," he mumbled into the floor. "Didn't know you liked it rough."

Teal'c walked in at that moment and took in the scene quickly. "What has transpired here?"

"I don't know. They're acting crazy. Can you take him?" Sam nodded her head at the restrained man beneath her.

"I don't know, Carter. I kinda like this position," said the Colonel. She ignored him.

Colonel O'Neill protested loudly as Teal'c took her place and she scrambled next to Daniel. He was unconscious. She leaned over him and surveyed the damage to his jaw.

Sam looked over at Teal'c. "We need to get them to the infirmary."

Teal'c gave her a solemn nod and hauled Colonel O'Neill to his feet. He struggled uselessly against the Jaffa's tight grip. They headed out the door.

Sam turned back to Daniel and touched his shoulder.

"Daniel? Wake up, Daniel."

Deep blue eyes fluttered open and he gazed at her. "Sam?"

"Are you okay?"

Instead of answering, he reached his hand to the back of her neck and pulled her down into an intense kiss. Sam pulled away, staring at him in disbelief.

Daniel sat up and pulled Sam brusquely into his lap. He started kissing her neck, and she tried to squirm away without hurting him. He crushed his lips against hers in another heated kiss.

She pulled away breathlessly, trying to keep her composure. "Daniel, I'd like you to come with me to the infirmary."

"Are you sick?"

", I'm fine. Can you walk?"

"After that kiss, I think I could fly."

She laughed nervously and got to her feet. Daniel stood and wrapped his arm possessively around her waist. She tried to push him away but he held her tightly and nuzzled her ear.

Sam sighed in resignation. Well, at least this way I can get him to the come with me without needing to drag him, she thought.

"I guess brains do win over brawn," he said as they walked to the infirmary.

What has gotten into these two? Sam wondered.

They arrived at the infirmary. It was packed. The accident on level 24 had apparently caused a lot of problems. Several of the mechanics seemed to be sporting burns, and a few SFs had been put on oxygen. It took Sam a moment to spot Teal'c, who was still holding the struggling Colonel O'Neill firmly in his grip. When the Colonel saw Daniel enter with his arm wrapped around Sam's waist, he trembled with rage.

"Why you little—" Robbed of his ability to fight, Colonel O'Neill resorted to verbal attacks. "Get your hands off her. She's mine!"

"I beg to differ, Jack," crowed Daniel. He placed a confident hand on Sam's shoulder and pushed her backwards over his arm, dipping her into another fiery kiss.

The Colonel roared and Teal'c was obviously struggling to hold him at bay. Daniel set Sam back on her feet and grinned triumphantly at O'Neill. He still held her tightly against his body. His arms were wrapped around her waist and back with her arms tucked between them, palms against his chest. She was a little dazed.

"What is going on here?" Janet Frasier arrived just in time to catch the tail end of the kiss. She looked back and forth between the members of SG-1, obviously flabbergasted.

"I'm going to rip you to pieces," screamed Colonel O'Neill, straining against Teal'c.

"I don't know what's gotten in to them," Sam answered Janet.

"She's made her choice, Jack," Daniel said, tightening his grip on Sam. "And it's not you."

"Colonel, please calm down." Janet tried to soothe the agitated man. Instead of listening, he lunged desperately at Daniel and managed to break free of Teal'c's restraining grip.

Daniel let go of Sam as he braced himself for Colonel O'Neill's attack. Sam stepped between the two men, arms outstretched, her hands pressed flat against their chests.

"Stop!" she demanded. This is absolute insanity! Daniel's jaw clenched, but he took a step backwards. Sam turned her attention to Colonel O'Neill.

Her commanding officer grabbed her wrist and pulled her roughly towards him, catching her in his arms.

"You let her go," Daniel snarled, taking a step forward again.

Sam strained against the Colonel. "Will both of you knock it off?"

Colonel O'Neill pushed her behind him and took another step towards Daniel. Sam grabbed the Colonel's arm and pulled him backwards. Teal'c appeared at her side and restrained him. Sam again stepped between the two crazed men and looked around for Janet.

The doctor was nowhere to be seen. "Janet!" shouted Sam.

To be continued…
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