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- - - - -

A shrill scream. The sounds of weeping. The scent of blood.

Mother? Mother? Mother?

The moon cast a crimson shadow in the cold room and the last thing pale eyes saw was the lifeless form of her mother.

Mother what happened?

- - -

Neji Hyuga frowned as he drove his car in to the institute's parking lot. Every month he paid a visit to his younger cousin, he was the only one in the family who bothered to visit her, though he doubted she even knew who he was. Hanabi had expressed the desire to visit her older sister as well, unfortunately it was too much of a danger to both girls.

Golden autumn leaves danced in the wind as Neji parked his car. It was a day like this when she was first brought here 4 years ago. It had been a traumatizing experience, one that no one really knew what had exactly happened, except that the wife of Hiashi and the mother of Hinata and Hanabi had been brutally murdered. The only witness was the eldest daughter, Hinata, who had become a shell of her former self, barely speaking and unable to move for the most part. Some had speculated that Hinata had some how snapped and murdered her mother, yet no charges were ever brought against her. It was heartbreaking for Hiashi to commit his daughter to the institute, yet it was for her own good and the good of Hanabi.

Neji sighed as he carried a bouquet of lilacs into the building. He missed his dear cousin and her gentle smile. He hoped that she would someday return to them and he could see that smile once again.

- - -

"So while you are here, I hope that you can help us with our more difficult patients." The platinum blond said as she handed a chart to the new doctor.

A smooth, pale hand grasped the chart and dark eyes squinted as he read the chart. "Dr. Yamanako…"

"Please cal me Ino, Dr. Uchiha, we are colleagues after all." The blond interrupted, a slight blush on her cheeks as her light blue eyes examined the handsome man sitting across from her.

"I see, Ino." He said as he looked back at the chart. "There is only one name on this chart. I only have one patient?"

A slight tic formed in her eye as her friendly gesture was not returned, she had hoped Dr. Uchiha would allow her to call him by his first name as well. Alas he did not, though she was quite aware of his cold exterior she had hoped she would be able to warm him up. Given time she was certain she could figure out what made him tick. She was a pretty damn good psychiatrist after all, though he was as well, hence why he was here.

"Yes, for now. She's our most docile "problem" patient. Once you become more accustomed to the place, I hope you can move on to our more violent ones." Ino said as she batted her eyelashes to no avail.

Dr. Uchiha glared at the woman who was shamelessly trying to flirt with him. Why did he transfer here? Oh that's right because that damn teacher of his, Dr. Kakashi Hatake had been assigned to his ward, and like hell he was going to work with that lazy pervert.

"You do know my previous position was the head psychiatrist at the state penitentiary, right? I can handle "violent" patients pretty well." He coldly said. If this is how it was at this institute, he would have been better off dealing with Kakashi. At least he didn't flirt with him, as he suspected ever female employed here would.

"Ah, no need to be offended," Ino said as she saw the signs of annoyance from the man before her, "It's just how we do things here to ease you in. That one hasn't spoken in years as her chart says."

Dark eyes glared at the woman before looking back at the chart. "Fine, I suppose I should go meet her then." He said as he stood up.

"Ah, wait, I'll go with you." Ino hastily said.

Dr. Uchiha coldly stared at the woman.

"Ah, it's just, her cousin is visiting today, and he's not a friendly person. He's rather protective of her," Ino explained.

Dr. Uchiha sneered as he walked off, not waiting for Ino.

- - -

"I brought you lilacs, they have the same color of your eyes Hinata." Neji softly said to the frail woman who sat on the ground. He was thankful the institute had its own gardens, Hinata seemed to like them a lot. She seemed a little bit like her former self when she sat in them.

"Your hair is getting so long, Hinata. Do you want to cut it? You look pretty with it long though. But you always liked your hair short when you were younger." Neji continued to talk. He hoped Hinata liked his voice, yet he knew she would never answer him. Perhaps he talked to make himself feel better.

The crunching of grass interrupted Neji, as he turned to see Dr. Yamanaka and a new man walking towards them.

"Hello Neji. Hinata looks happy that you are here." Ino said with a faint smile.

Neji's face hardened. Worthless doctor, none of them could help Hinata. If he could he would just take her from this place and care for her on his own. He was certain she would be happy with that. Unfortunately, it was up to Hiashi to have his daughter discharged, and he would never do such a thing.

Ino took a deep breath, Neji was harder to deal with then Hinata. "Ah, well Neji, I'd like to introduce a new doctor who will be looking after Hinata, Dr. Sasuke Uchiha. And Dr. Uchiha, this is Hinata's cousin Neji."

Both men looked at each other with disdain.

Turning back to Hinata, Neji patted her head, "Hinata I'll be leaving now, I'll come visit you soon though, with more pretty flowers." With that he walked away, not speaking to either doctor.

"Ah, sorry about that Dr. Uchiha," Ino said. "Like I said, Neji's not friendly He's only kind to Hinata it seems."

"Hn." Dr. Uchiha said as he looked at his new patient. His new female patient. His new gentle looking female patient. A pang of panic shot through him as he realized he wasn't quite sure how to handle this. All his other patients had been violent, angry men. His usual methods wouldn't work on this girl. In fact he was certain his usual methods would further traumatize this girl.

"Ino." He said. "I don't think I would be a good doctor for this patient."

"Hm?" Ino looked at him confused. "Don't worry, we don't expect you to cure her, we don't think she'll ever get better. She's just to help you get used to the place."

He frowned at that. They weren't trying to help her? They had given up on her? That seemed wrong. No wonder Neji was pissed at doctors. 'Might as well try,' he thought as he crouched down in front of his patient.

"Hello Hinata. My name is Sasuke. I'm going to help you."

- - - - -
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