Sasuke walked into the sterile white building and glanced around. It was cleaner then a hospital, though he personally did not enjoy the frisking at the door. He tried his best not to be annoyed, this was a security systems building after all. If it wasn't secure, then how could they keep other places secure?

Though Sasuke had to admit, the security guard at the door was a bit creepy, and very out of place in the sterile white office. He slightly wondered who in their right mind would wear a full body green workout suit. And the guard was a bit too touchy feely for his own good. Sasuke could have sworn the guy groped his butt. 'He must not have gotten much attention as a child.' Sasuke mused as the thought back to the exuberant guard. Checking his watch he saw he was five minutes early.

"Can I help you?" a voice suddenly spoke up from behind.

Slightly startled, Sasuke turned and glared at the woman who had spoken.

Unabashed, the woman simply glared back at Sasuke and spoke again, "I said can I help you? What are you doing here? If you don't have an appointment you'll have to leave."

Sasuke blinked and quickly assessed the woman, her voice was familiar, Neji's secretary that he had spoken to earlier. Tall, tan, thin and he assumed she had long hair, yet it was tied up onto her head in two neat buns so he could not be certain.

"I'm Dr. Uchiha. I have an appointment with Neji Hyuga." Sasuke said as he sat down on an office chair.

The woman frowned and walked to her desk. Picking up her phone she dialed a number.

"Neji? Your appointment is here. Okay, I'll let him know." Hanging up the phone she looked at Sasuke and said, "He's finishing up another meeting so you'll have to wait."

Sasuke frowned. Was he doing this on purpose? Neji knew Sasuke hated to wait around.

Picking up a magazine, Sasuke tried not to get pissed off. But it was becoming increasingly difficult to stay calm as he saw the minutes pass.

- - -

"Your father said no." Neji frowned at the young woman standing in his office.

"But you get to go! Why can't I?" She said as she glared at Neji. If looks could kill, she would have murdered him several times by now.

"Hanabi, that's different. He's your father, not mine." Neji said as he sat down at his desk.

"But she's MY sister, not yours." Hanabi said with a frown. "I just want to see my sister! Is that too much to ask?"

"Then I suggest you ask your father. Not me." Neji said as he looked at the clock on the wall. He was 20 minutes late for his appointment. Not that he cared if Dr. Uchiha was pissed, but personally Neji hated dealing with Hanabi.

"But he'll say no. Come on, just once, I want to see her." Hanabi whined.

"Hanabi, I'm going to call your father if you keep this up." Neji said, using his last resort.

The pale young woman turned a ghastly grey. Her father was as strict man, and he had strictly told her not to ask about her sister. "Fine, I'll leave. But I'm not giving up!" she said as she walked out of the office.

Sasuke brooded in the reception area as he stared at the clock. Maybe he was over obsessing over the time, but he couldn't help it. Being late really pissed him off.

The clicking of heels drew Sasuke's eyes from the clock as he saw a young woman, who had a striking resemblance to his patient. Sasuke stood, and from the corner of his eye he saw Neji following the woman, who was clearly irritated.

"I said I was going home, you don't have to follow me!" Hanabi said.

"If only I could trust you Hanabi. However, you've tried to dupe your father and I one too many times." Neji said.

Glancing to his secretary, Neji spoke, "Tenten, have Lee make sure Hanabi goes straight home."

"NO! Not the eyebrow guy!" Hanabi protested. "I can't be seen in public with that green freak! And he always holds my hand and says the stupidest things!"

"Good. If he's holding your hand, you can't run away." Neji said as he shoved the woman out the door.

Watching the guard Lee taking Hanabi's hand, Neji finally breathed a sigh of relief. At least she was out of his hair for today.

Walking to Sasuke, he noted the slightly curious look on the doctor's face. "I hope it amused you." Neji coldly said.

Sasuke's face hardened as he said, "Well I'm owed something for waiting so damn long."

Neji merely scoffed and turned to walk to his office.

Sasuke clenched his teeth tightly. This guy really pissed him off. Taking a deep breath, he reminded himself that he needed help from the asshole to help his patient. Standing up, Sasuke slowly walked to Neji's office.

Entering Neji's office, Sasuke could have sworn he saw the Hyuga smirking, because Neji Hyuga was at his desk, talking to someone on the phone.

Sitting down in front of Neji's desk, Sasuke took to glaring hard at the Hyuga.

Checking the time, Sasuke scowled when he saw that the hour for the appointment was almost over. Apparently the Hyuga asshole decided that instead of talking to Sasuke, he was going to talk to anyone on the phone.

Clearly pissed off, Sasuke violently stood up and started to walk out the door.

"By the way, Dr. Uchiha," Neji said, pausing his conversation, "Hinata loves animals and flowers."

Sasuke frowned at the wide grin on Neji's face. A whole fucking hour just to learn that? Sasuke was so very pissed off. With a huff, he stormed out of the building. Today was clearly a waste of his time.

Outside, Sasuke punched a nearby tree out of frustration. So much work for a patient and it was so very trying on his nerves. After dealing out quite a bit of anger to the poor tree, Sasuke felt much calmer. Unfortunately his hand was bloody again from the abuse. Frowning that he would have to go home and clean his hand again, Sasuke got in his car.

However, before he could close his door, he heard a small cry. Pausing, Sasuke looked around. Near the tree he spied a box. Going against his better judgment, Sasuke got out of his car and walked over.

A kitten.

It had clearly been abandoned. Sasuke frowned. He hated animals, especially cats. They reminded him of an awful childhood experience with this horrid cat that always ran away from its owner. Sasuke had been one of the children in the neighborhood employed to catch that awful cat. He never had so many scratches before. And ever since then he hated cats. Turning, Sasuke walked back to his car. Someone else will pick it up.

She likes animals and flowers…

Sasuke frowned. This patient…was too much work.

Walking back to the kitten, he bent down and said, "You better help me."

- - - - -

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