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A/N: So this is my first attempt at 'The Lost Boys' fanfiction. I love the movie but I'm going to have to change a little of it to fit my story. Basically it's the same thing, just that none of the Lost Boys got killed durning the fight (well Max got killed but yeah, since all the vamps but Star, Michael and Laddie had fed on blood already, they stayed vampires) and they sort of retreated into their cave, keeping out of the lives of Santa Carla. Star and Michael are together still, and Laddie is under Star's guardianship. Michael left his grandfather's house and lives with Star and Laddie in an appartment on the boardwalk. Sam is now seventeen and helps out Lucy in her newly owned shop (used to be the movie place Max worked at). Uh...yeah so that's all you need to know at the moment, but figured I'd just give a brief background. Anyways, thanks to anyone who gives this a try!

Chapter One: Welcome to Santa Carla

"Sweetie! Sweetie! Would you come down please?"

Eva Jones rolled her eyes at her mother's earpiercingly happy voice. She had just gotten home from the last day of school and was looking forward to a summer with her best friends. With a sigh, she got up from her desk and walked down the maroon carpeted stairs. Her mother was sitting in the living room, her legs crossed neatly as she sat on the couch.

"I swear Eva, I have never seen such a depressed seventeen year old on her last day of school before summer," Lisa Jones said to her daughter.

Eva rolled her eyes. "I just hope you won't make me do anything this summer, Mom. I want to spend some time with my friends."

"Sorry to disapoint you, sweetie, but I'm sorry to say you iwilli be going somewhere."


"I'm sorry, dear. You're going to spend the summer in Santa Carla."

"Where's that?" Eva asked, even though she dreaded knowing in the first place.

"Two hours north. It's not very far," Lisa assured her. "And it has a beach, sweetie!"

Eva couldn't believe it. She was going to have to spend her summer before senior year in some little beach town two hours away from all her friends. "Great. Just perfect, Mom."


Eva sat alone on a Greyhound bus, headphones plugged into her walkman.

If he could hold her
So close in his arms again
If she could show him
The letter her heart forgot to send

They're living dreams on their own
Ooh, they'll never stop running

The girl can't help it, she needs more
He hasn't found what he's looking for
They're still standing in the rain
He can't help it, and she's just that way

And when he calls her
She tells him that she still cares
Under the moonlight
He wonders why she can't be there

Why do they go on alone
When they're missing each other

The girl can't help it, she needs more
He hasn't found what he's looking for
They're still standing in the rain
He can't help it, and she's just that way

There's a fire
Ooh, there's a fire in his eyes for you
Don't you know she still cries
Ooh, do you know she still cries for you

Ooh, there's a fire in his eyes for you
For you she cries
Ooh, do you know she still cries for you

Ooh, there's a fire in his eyes for you
Ooh, nothing stands between love and you

She sighed as the song ended. Why did she have to go to Santa Carla? What stupid thought made Lisa get the idea of sending Eva away? And why did it have to be some little town that probably was boring and besides, it was away from her friends. Eva was quite in her little corner, a little redheaded teenager unnoticed by the bus full of traveling companions. Her batteries in her walkman died just a few minutes before the bus driver announced that they were almost to Santa Carla.

"Splendid," Eva said under her breath. "Santa Carla." When she got outside, the driver gave all the bags out to the people stopping in Santa Carla, which was all of Eva and one thirty-something year old man. Lisa had said that her brother, Edward, would be waiting for Eva, but as the bus pulled away, she didn't see anyone like her uncle.

"Oh, even more perfect," she said sarcastically. As she looked around helplessly for her uncle, she couldn't help but feel somwhat out of place. She was somewhere between fitting in and standing out, with her jean mini skirt, black fishnet stockings, a pink fishnet shirt under a plain black tanktop, and black lowtop Converse. Most people walking around where either in little bikinis or had more of a punk/rock look.

"Is that my little Eva?"

She whirled around to see her uncle there in a pair of kahki shorts and a hawiian shirt. "Uncle Ed!" she exclaimed, running over to him and throwing her arms around his neck.

"Wow, you have grown!" Edward said, holding Eva out at arms length. "You look so much like your mom."

"I see," Eva said without enthusiasim.

"Oh I'm sorry, you don't get along with your mom right now," he stated.

She smiled. "Exactly."

They walked back over to her bag. "Well, lets get you home."

She stopped short. "Home?"

"Oh right," he said, picking up the bag. "How about, your summer home?"

"Okay, that's better."

"My truck is over here," he said, walking toward an old blue Chevy. "Welcome to Santa Carla, Eva-beva."

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