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Yuki is kinda mean .

Kyo's P.O.V

List of things I hate.

!.Leeks 2.Yuki (Rat)

3.The rat. (Yuki)






"Oh so you hate me so much that you made me your number 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, And then put I hate Yuki. Tsk. Tsk. Kyo you need to learn how to let things lie." Yuki's voiced sounded from behind me. I turn to look at him and a look of amusement played across his face. When I look him in the eye he smiles and stares at me. "Kyo, you need to control your temper or you are gonna end up beating your wife." He says to me in a jocking voice. My face starts to redden in anger, but I try to hold it in and prove him wrong. I keep a steady glaze at him and keep a pocker face on. He just smiles bigger.
" Altho, who would love a tempermental, outcast anyway." He finishes looking at me.
I snap. "Shut the hell up you lazy, stupid, girly, wimpy rat or Im gonna kick your ass." I yell at him. He smiles. "Hey Shigure, I got him to snap in less then four minutes." He yell down stairs. I look at him with a confused expression. Shigure comes in and looks at me. I glare at him. "Why the hell did you have him do that." I yell angerly at him. He sighs. "Well we thought something was wrong because you really haven't yelled, screamed, challenge Yuki, or nothing but sulk up in this room of yours writing THINGS I HATE list and being all mopey." He says to me with a hopeful look. "I just don't feel good." I lie. The truth is I felt fine. I was better then fine. I was great. The only reason I haven't been fighting with Yuki is because something just wouldn't let me. A little voice told me not to. Every time I felt an urge to fight it told me not to. But he was right. Who would love me? I look at Yuki and sniffel. "You know what Yuki, who would love me. I'm an outcast. I'm a monster. But it is all your fault. The rat tricked the cat. It's not the cat's fault. It's not my fault I'm a cat eather." I look up at him and he has a look of hurt in his eyes. "You can look hurt all you want but that dosent change a thing. I'm done. We will still be rivals, but will not fight. If you are in my way I will pass you like I would a stranger. If you talk to me I will answer with short simple answers and nothing more." I finish and see a tear in his eye. Shigure look's at me then at Yuki and walks out. The tear rolled down the pale boys cheek and hit the floor. I turn away. The voice in my head tells me this is wrong. That I can't do this, but I ignore it. "I-I-I'm sorry Kyo." I hear him choke out but do not care. "Save it for someone who cares" I say to him. But I do care. I do. the little voice is arguing. You love him. But he don't love me, and never will. I walk over to the window. I glance down. The window was 3 storys off the ground. "Yuki I thought I loved you but..." I say sadly. I turn to look at him and he satres at me. He opens his mouth and says "I ..I...I...I lo...Love you to Kyo." More tears stream down his face.
I look at him again. "But I don't any more. I stick my body out the window and looked down. I jump. The last two words that I heared were " Kyo, Noooooooooooooooooooo."

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