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A Line of Tears
Category: TV Shows » Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Censor: G Genre: Drama/Angst Chapters: 4 Reviews: 13
Author: Overglow Angel
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Dedications: This is dedicated to everyone in mourning for Freaky Links and, people like my math teacher Miss Machachek and people like the author Jay. Thanks for giving me something to accept.

I'm Crying on the Inside

By: Sarah Lightheart (a.k.a. Sarah Silver)

I'm screaming on the inside

Where no one can hear my cry.

No one can listen or look at me

No one can ask me why.

Why do you cry and care so deep

For something that wasn't true?

They would ask with their smiling eyes

Come on, tell us. Why do you?

Why do you care I cry so much?

What does it matter to you?

I would scream so void of hope

That's true. I know you do!

I'm shouting on the inside

From the pain within my heart

The news hit me like a billion volts

And it threatened to tear me apart.

How could something so cruel and so bad

Happen to something so great?

That is the question I now put to mind

But I find nothing for it to relate.

I'm hollering on the inside

Where my cry is only heard

By those who others have only called false

These people hear every word.

They hear and feel what others do not

Some even share my anger and pain

They could see what was hurting me as they felt my shock

And I could feel their strain.

I'm howling on the inside

Like a wolf in pain and despair

I see only wolves now in my mind

They are what's left in there.

They run through my forest searching for me

In hopes to ease my pain.

If they find me now then a battle may fall

And only their dead would be lain.

I'm screeching on the inside

Like an Eagle, Falcon, or Hawk

One of these three, I know I may be

Maybe I'm just a Hawk, but I talk.

I talk of things that may seem strange

But for me they're normal and true

They are what keep me sane in life

They are what keeps me from being too blue.

I'm crying on the inside

This pain is just too much

My fragile spirit I know will survive

But it may break with reality's touch.

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Title: A Line of Tears
Name: Overglow Angel (Signed Review)
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