So I'm taking a little break from Fallen and was going to post a chapter of this idea that's been floating around in my head for a while, but the words wouldn't come. Thursday night at the airport (it's pathetic how a seven hour wait at the airport doesn't faze me at all) I started jotting down the main plot and all the subplots and filled up five pages. That's when I gave up on getting a chapter done and started panicking about what I would do. After an hour or so, images, music, and scattered scenes began popping up in my head so I ended up writing a trailer. Think of it as a sneak peak at the actual story, which will take me much longer to write. So far there are five subplots and to keep everything organized, I'm going to be making charts to keep everything straight.

"I just wanted a world with no hatred."

"Humans live on hatred. Such a world cannot exist."

They thought they were ending the feudal era of the Aquarian Age...

"Finally. It's over."

"It's just going to be small battles from now on."

Instead, they began the bloody era.

"Two Mind Breaker groups dead and numerous casualties within the factions. What does the master say?"

"I don't know! I don't know what to do anymore! I'm not a great war strategist, how can I know what to do?"

"Perhaps we can help."


When nobody supports them...

"The factions are hunting us."

And loyalties are questioned...

"I don't know if her group can be trusted."

"How about him?"

The most unlikely alliances are made...

"Hey. I'm Tracer."

"Kaoru and my soldiers Kuga, Mizunagi, Ama-Inu, and Kasei."

And the dead return.

"Lafayel. I am your servant."

Now they must face the Polestar Empire...

"They leave behind bodies mutilated beyond recognition. Other than that we know next to nothing."

"We can still fight them even with limited knowledge."

"We can fight them, but we can not win. Their strength is in our lack of knowledge."

The fear in the factions...

"They discovered us! There was blood everywhere and I couldn't do a thing to save Mother!"

"I've been disowned by my faction. All my honor has been stripped."

And themselves.

"What do you want?"

"Your cooperation. Or the others' blood."

Hunted by the factions and plagued by inner turmoil….

"I can't help what I feel! I may be able to control peoples' actions, but I can't control my emotions!"

"It's been so long. Maybe what we had was just an illusion we shared."

This is….


"I'm sorry."


The Red Scent


So what do you think? Shall I start after Fallen is done or should I be consistent for once and do one story at a time? I can say right now that chapters for Fallen with come out more easily and more regularly, but my writing style for RS will be more conversational than pretentious language, though I may use a few big words out of habit.