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Plot: AU. What happens if Harry Potter killed himself after he fulfilled the prophecy? Severus goes back in time to change Harry's Hogwarts years. Not HPSS but will have slash pairings. Harry won't be paired for a long time.

The Fates Intervene

Time stopped. Darkness has arrived. The savior is lost. The Light is lost forever. But is it? Can it be changed? The Fates have been sent for. A mission that has only one chance is given. Wrongness needs to be righted. Or all is lost. The savior needs his savior. A hero. The Darklight.

The Fates have been sent. All now wait anxiously for the plan to commence. Too much is riding on this. They all know that only one can save the Light. Amidst it all, whispers abound.

Can it be done?

It can. It nearly did so but HE was too late.

But HIS eyes are open now?

HE loves him.

And it has to be HIM?

HE is the savior's savior.

Will HE do it?

HE is already looking for a way to do it.

What do we do now?

We wait. All hope lies on HIM.


It was a cold and stormy night. Severus Snape sat in his favorite chair situated in front of the crackling fire. Severus lifted the glass of firewhiskey and tossed it back with careless abandon. Neither the firewhiskey nor fire can warm him up this night but it doesn't stop him from pouring out another glass. Former students of this Potion Master would be shocked at the look of deep sorrow on his face. They would be even more shocked if they knew that it was for the Boy Who Lived.

All around him, there was chaos. Parchment was scattered amidst the many piles of opened books. In amidst all of this, there should have been an answer to his prayers. He was sure that there had to be a way. He only needs to find the right one.

Necromancy: Why it's called the Dark Arts… souls can't reside in a dead shell, that is why there are spirits…necromancy doesn't bring back the person..

Changing Time: Do's & Don'ts...time turners are restricted by the ministry for a reason…changing time can have repercussions that as humans, we can't see...

Soul Catcher…souls and spirits have two distinctive flavors…

Why Magic Can't Solve Everything…death can be cheated, but there is a price. The magic of the person will be twisted…

Severus contemplated the fire yet not even noticing the beautiful flames that dance upon the room. Tonight the wizarding world grieves for a golden light that they failed. A boy who had the world's problem on his shoulder the moment he was conceived. A boy who did not want to be everything to everyone, just something to someone. They spent their years hiding and turned on their hero too many times to count. A world that didn't care if he lived or died as long as he did what they cannot do.

Harry Potter was gone, and the witches and wizards of the magical world had no one to blame but themselves. Of course, the ones who were the closest to him blame themselves. And they are all in Hogwarts tonight.

Tonight all around Hogwarts, there is sorrow. Even the castle herself is mourning her favorite. She has lost the luster she had during Harry's years in her embrace. She has lost the shine and brightness everyone associated her with and the inhabitants realized that she will never be the same.

Ron and Hermione are both grieving for the glue to their trio. Without him, they would never have been friends. They revolved around him and they always knew that. Without him, they are aimless. They, the closest one to him since he entered the wizarding world, knew him the best. They, like the rest of the world, never saw this coming.

The Headmaster is blaming himself for not seeing beyond Harry's act. He thought he had been protecting Harry and giving him the childhood he deserves but his best laid plans came for naught. He spent so many years trying to give him a childhood, never realizing that it disappeared that Halloween night so many years ago. It was only a year ago that he realized his mistakes but he thought that Harry had survived in spite of that. Harry did survive but not without a cost to him. That's why tonight they gather to mourn this shining light.

Minerva is blaming herself for not being there during his years in Hogwarts as she should have been. Yes, she did have misgivings that night but she never checked on him. Even when he entered Hogwarts, she always sent him on his way. She never ever let him come to him. The few times he did, she told him not to bother or told to keep his head down. She failed him every time. The few times he came for help, she proved him right that adults will never help him. Never noticing him until it's too late. It's too late because he's gone.

Severus blamed himself because he spent so many years not seeing Harry. It wasn't until Harry's sixth year that he saw beyond the word Potter but it wasn't until the summer after that he realized that nobody really saw Harry. Tonight he mourns for the Harry who was never a child. Tonight he mourns for the Harry who will never have a life without Voldemort. Tonight…he mourns for the Harry who eventually became like a son to him.

"It was too late. It was bloody too late!" Severus tossed his glass of firewhiskey into the fire where the flames fed on the alcohol. "Nobody saw. How can nobody have seen this coming?!"

Severus stormed out of his seat. "He saved us all but at what cost to him?" Severus reached his potions lab where he already had destroyed every thing breakable in his grief. "Why couldn't we have saved him?" He strides back toward the fireplace where he summoned another glass and poured himself another drink. "Why couldn't I have saved him?"

He tossed back the drink. "I should have been able to save him."

A flash of light disturbed his musings. Severus had his wand out and a curse on its way just as the light died. Severus hid his surprise when the curse was blocked. He finally noticed his uninvited guests.

"Who the hell are you and how did you get in here?"

There in his study, were three very different yet similar women. To his muddled mind, he realized that he should recognize who they are. There was something he was missing. His three visitors spoke in unison.

"We are the Moirés."

It didn't take that long for Severus to realize who they were. Of course, the name helped him a bit.

"You! You did this!"

To his shock, they had a look of deep sorrow on their face.

"We did not do this," Clotho said.

"This was wrong," Lachesis said.

"We are not to blame," Atropos said.

Severus looked at the closely. He lowered his head.

"I failed him."

The Fates gave a smirk which Severus did not notice and if he had, he would recognize the Headmaster in this look. No, not in the smirk but the look that went with it. The look that said, "You just fell into my web."

"How did you fail him?'

"I didn't see him…. he needed someone to see him… we all failed him.'

"Yes, you did."

Severus gave them the glare that his students would know to steer clear of.

"Is this why you're here? To tell me what I already know?

"We came here to give you a second chance."

Severus gave them a look of dawning.

"A second chance? I can save him?'

"If that is what you truly want."

"If that is your heart's wish."

"If that is your soul's desire."

Severus took a deep breath and looked at them clearly in the eyes. Here, was a dream come true. What he spent all day looking for. To save Harry, he would be willing to do anything. The Fates looked into his eyes, straight to his soul, his heart, his very being. Severus stood still as they measured him, hope blooming where there was once immeasurable grief. The Fates finished and looked at one another. They nodded as one.

"Yes. You were. You are. You will."

Severus looked at them closely. "What does that mean?"

"You were his savior. You should have been his savior. You will be."

Severus was shocked. How could he, someone who wasn't trusted by either side, be the one who is savior to The Boy-Who-Lived?

"Only you can do this."

"You love him as a father should."

"You will save him because only you can see him."

Severus was reeling with all this information. He knew that he saw Harry as a son but knowing that if he hasn't, Harry would have been lost forever. This realization is giving him tightness in the chest.

"What would you say if we offered to send you back to Harry's first year?"

Severus was about to demand they send him back now when a thought crossed his mind.

"What's the catch?" Severus looked at them suspiciously.

Twinkling laughter surrounded him.

"Ever the Slytherin."

They didn't look at each other but for some reason, Severus was sure that a message passed through the Three Fates. It was something that was proven when the middle Fate spoke for all three.

"We will send you back to the day Harry entered Hogwarts for the first time.."

"Why not when Harry was younger? He definitely needs to be saved from the Dursleys!" Severus interrupted.

"I'm sure that you know how the number seven has a power of its own. You did take Ancient Runes, if we remember correctly."

If it wasn't such an important conversation, the Terror of Gryffindors might actually have blushed. Instead he decided to be the Slytherin he was and bargained for what he wanted.

"Then how about to his birthday when he finds about this world? It's still seven years. In fact, it's exactly seven years."

"There are certain things you cannot change. That is one of them."

Severus glared at them while his mind works furiously to find out why they might not want to change that. Harry was there when Hagrid went to get the stone …so that means that he can't change that. It also was when Harry started to think that he shouldn't be sorted into Slytherin. That means Harry needs to be a Gryffindor. It would definitely be easier if Harry was to be sorted as a Slytherin.

Instead of worrying about that right now, he tries to find any problems or loopholes before they finalize this agreement. He thought any and all things that impacted Harry to this point. He wondered about Black and Diggory. Their deaths affected Harry the most.

"What about Black or Diggory? Will they still die?"

"This we cannot tell. But once we send you back, all events can and will change. Some cannot be changed no matter what you do but we will not be able to tell you which ones."

Severus digested this information. Does this mean the Dark Lord might not die? Can he save Harry if it means failure to the Light side? Severus didn't even have to think about this. There's no way he will not do this even if it meant that.

The Fates gave a genuine smile at his thoughts. The Gods were right about this one. If Severus was paying attention to them, he would realize that Occlumency was not able push the Gods away from his thoughts.

Severus straightened his shoulder and addressed his final point.

"Will I have the memories I have now?"

"Yes, but they mean nothing once we send you back."

Severus thought about that. Even with his memories intact, it doesn't mean he can change everything. But the most important change is being there for Harry. Hopefully that will be enough to save Harry. Severus sets his shoulder determinedly and gave a decisive nod to the women opposite him.

Here they started to speak in tandem in what Severus secretly refers as the Weasley twin speak.

"What was done…"

"Never should have been…"

"Never will pass…"

"As we will it, so shall it be."

"So it was written, it will be undone."

"To the past, to the future's hope."

Severus closed his eyes from the blinding light as his grandfather clock gonged the midnight hour. When the light and noise abated, Severus opened his eyes in time to see and hear a wondrous sight.

"Potter, Harry!"