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Author's Notes – In the episode 'The Green Dream' which is basically three episodes before Tommy loses the Green Ranger powers for good he is thrown over a cliff, where he unfortunately is left.

Now I understand the others were fighting the monster but let's face it the poor boy was left with possible broken bones and unconscious near the bottom of a 50 foot cliff after being hurled off it. That's not cool people! And you know he didn't think so either as when he regained consciousness five min. later and tried to sit up he asked 'wha…I'm still here?', yeah you are, because yer friends didn't come get you, Zordon didn't teleport you and now wants you to get up and help beat the monster. Lovely.

Well you know what with as bad as Zedd wanted him (how many times did he say he was gonna make Tommy his heir?) I highly doubt he would have let such a golden opportunity slip through his fingers.

Summary – What if Tommy had been significantly hurt after being thrown off the cliff in 'Green Dream'? What if the others couldn't get to him before Zedd took advantage of the situation?


A Green Nightmare



I tried. I tried so hard to get the sword back. I didn't mean to do it. I didn't want to turn on my friends and steal the Sword of Power. Goldar was too fast, he put the spell on me too quickly; I couldn't fight it. I wasn't strong enough and this is what I get because of it. Thrown off a cliff, unable to move or really even breathe. It hurts, it hurts so much.

Opening my eyes and looking up the fifty feet of rocky terrain that'd I'd only minutes ago come tumbling down I feel a small shred of relief to not see the monster looking back down at me. If he was to come down here, realize that I'm still alive but unable to move he'd no doubt finish me off. He still might if I don't get help soon.

Speaking of help, where are the others? Why aren't they coming for me? Maybe they don't know the spell is broken. Maybe they're fighting and that's why I don't see the monster. Even if that's the case though why hasn't Zordon just teleported me back to the Command Center? It hurts, it hurts so much. Why aren't they here?

Dagger digging into my back, lungs burning with each breath, I feel like I'm drowning. It's getting harder to breathe. I don't want to die like this. This wasn't how it was supposed to be…or was it? It's funny I always knew there was a risk, a real risk of dying as a Ranger, but until now I don't think I ever fully let the realization of what that truly meant hit me. Oh god but it's hit me now.

Maybe, maybe I can teleport myself back to the Command Center. If I can just reach my communicator. Moaning as arm won't cooperate and a fresh wave of agony comes I force myself onto my side, eyes stinging with tears as my hand finds my damaged wrist, the bracelet nothing but broken metal as it apparently hit the rocks on my way down.

That's it then, that was my last chance. What little power I have left isn't going to be enough to keep me alive much longer and why should it be when it wasn't even enough to keep me safe during the fall.

Eyes closing against my will I nearly surrender to the darkness coming over me when I hear the sound of someone teleporting in, kicking the loose rocks further down into the gorge as they find their footing.

Struggling to see which one it is, I catch a flash of red in my now blurred vision and try my best to lift my hand to him. Jason, I knew he would come. He's my brother, my best friend, it was stupid to think he'd leave me here like this. Jason please, please hurry, can't breathe, getting so hard to breathe.

"Damn monster." As strong arms quickly but carefully pick me up I surrender sleep hearing only faint curses about Goldar and the latest monster before I'm out.

To be continued…..


I am sorry it was so short it wouldn't have sounded right to go further though for the first chapter. Next one will be longer I promise.