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Chapter One

A letter is delivered to Kaiba's Home. It is for Joey Wheeler. Opening it and after reading it, Joey fainted.

Seto picked up the letter and read it. "Wheeler, if you want to see any of your friends again, you will do what I tell you. Here is proof that I have them." "Inside Seto found a photo and in it was, Tristan, Duke, Tea, Mai, and Serenity."

Seto turned white and sat down. Roland heard Seto scream his name, and came running. Seto handed the letter to Roland and he too became very sick. "We need to find out who sent this to Joey and as soon as possible" Seto told Roland.

"I'll look into it and get back to you as soon as possible." Roland said.

"Thank you" Seto said.

He then revived Joey and helped him to the couch.

"God, Seto what am I going to do?" Joey asked his lover.

"We need to get some help" Seto said and he called Yami.

After telling Yami everything, Yami told Seto "that he would get hold of both Marik and Bakura and they would come over and discuss what needed to be done."

Chapter Two Coming Up.

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